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Climate change.

It’s once again the top issuefor many people in America, partly because of thedevastation of Hurricane Dorian, which is such a crazy stormthat it somehow hit the Bahamas, the Carolinas and then, thanks to President Trump’sSharpie pen, also Alabama.


Trump basically thinkshis Sharpie can bend reality to be whateverhe wants it to be, which I guess is why all hisfamily photos look like this.

But the conversationabout climate change is happening all over the world more than ever, right now.

And the focusis on another major disaster unfolding in Brazil.

Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, the world’s largest, is burning at a record rate.

There have been morethan 74, 000 fires this year, up 84% from last year.

WOMAN: For weeks now, the Amazon rainforest, one of earth’s most valuable resources, has been ravaged by fires.

MAN: The collection of tens of thousands of blazes engulfing an area two-thirds the size of the continental United States.

The fire is burning from the equivalent of Detroit to Los Angeles.

MAN 2: Brazil has deployed 44, 000 troops, but most fires go unfought here.

WOMAN 2: On the front lines at one fire twice the size of New Jersey, only 30 men are fighting the flames with no hoses, sometimes just kicking the fire.

Just kicking the fire? They’re dealingwith a forest fire the same way I deal with anice cube that fell on the floor? Just like, “Aah! Go away!Go under the fridge! Aah!” (laughter) I mean, I guessit sort of makes sense because Brazil isthe soccer capital of the world, so they probably tryto solve everything through kicking, you know? I bet instead of CPR, they just kick the person in the chestuntil he breathes again.

Just like, “Granddad, stay with me! Come on, Granddad! Come on!” So this is a big problemfor Brazil, but their real problem, the real problem isthat it’s the world’s issue, right, because the Amazonisn’t just some random forest nobody cares about, like Forest Whitaker.

No, the rainforest is critical to keeping carbon dioxideout of the atmosphere.

It mitigates climate change, and it’s the world’smost diverse ecosystem, which is why, all around the world, people are demandingsomething be done.

-MAN: The political heat.



-(people chanting) getting hotter at home and around the world.

Protests in Canada, France, Germany, England.

I’m just really scaredthat when I’m older, the worldI’m living in isn’t gonna be as nice as it is now.

MAN 2: The outcry on social media has been huge, with the hashtag #prayfortheamazon trending.

Oscar winner and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio speaking out in a series of posts on Instagram.

“The lungs of the earth are in flames.

” Yes, from young peoplein Europe all the way to Hollywood starslike Leonardo DiCaprio, everyone has come together toraise awareness for the Amazon.

And can I just sayhow impressed I am that Leonardo DiCaprio isso dedicated to fighting climate change? I mean, the guy raised, like, five million dollars for this.

He’s out there every day.

And don’t forget, he diedbecause of an iceberg, right? (laughter) But he’s still out therefighting to protect them.

That is dedication, my friends.

(laughter) Now, look, as part of nature’s cycle, the Amazon rainforestexperiences fires every single year, but the reason these fires have gottenso much attention is because it lookslike Brazil’s new president, Jair Bolsonaro, is quiteliterally fanning the flames.

WOMAN: Brazil’s president didn’t strike the match that lit these flames, but many say, given his policies and his response to the crisis, he might as well have.

MAN: It is believed that many of the fires were started by farmers trying to clear land.

MAN 2: Bolsonaro’s seeming support for the development of the Amazon may have emboldened farmers to burn land.

WOMAN 2: He campaigned on the idea that economic development was being stifled because of unnecessary affection for the Amazon.

MAN 3: He’s delighted his supporters by saying too much of the forest is protected.

Since he’s come into power, he’s been stripping protections from the Amazonand other forests in Brazil and encouraging farmers to set fire to landand clear it.

Okay, that is insane, man.

Running for presidenton a promise of destroying the Amazon forest? It doesn’t sound like real life.

It sounds like somethingthe Joker would say.

And then even when he getsto office, he’d be like, “Burn down the Amazon? Come on, that was just something I said.

“I was joking.

I’m the Joker.

“It’s not funny when you haveto explain the joke.

Come on, guys.

” But yes, it turns out Brazil’spresident is more interested in the commercial potentialof the Amazon rainforest than the life it protects.

Which might explainwhy he’s so resistant to accepting helpfrom the rest of the world.

NEWSMAN: Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro is refusing $20 million in emergency aid from G7 countries to fight those fires, calling it part of a “colonial mentality.

” Bolsonaro adding he didn’t trust the motivation behind the money, telling reporters early this week.



“What do they want there?” They want the Amazonto not burn down.

Just because you want to exploitthe Amazon rainforest doesn’t mean everyone else does.

Can you imagine livingnext-door to this guy? His house would be on fire, and then when you come with a bucket of water to help, he’d be like, “Whoa, whoa, whoa.

“Why are you tryingto save my house? Are you tryingto sleep with my wife?” And you’d be like, “No, uh, it’s just your house is on fire, so it might come to me.

“”Like my wife?” -“No! Hey!”-(laughter) Now, many leaders, many leadersof the world’s biggest nations have criticized the Brazilianpresident for his inaction, but no one has been more vocal than French presidentEmmanuel Macron.

Which is why Bolsonaroand his government have decided to light his ass up.

NEWSWOMAN: The rhetoric between France and Brazil really heating up as these fires continue to burn.

Bolsonaro’s chief of staff brought the recent Notre Dame fire into the fight, saying, “Macron cannot even avoid a predictable fire “in a church that is part of world heritage, and wants to give lessons to our country.

” NEWSMAN: On Monday, Bolsonaro endorsed a Facebook post mocking the appearance of Macron’s wife.

Bolsonaro joined in on a meme on Facebook about the French first lady Brigitte Macron’s appearance compared to his own wife, and he said, “Don’t humiliate the guy.

” -(audience groans)-Goddamn.

That’s one of the most pettythings I’ve ever seen.

Macron said the world needsto save the Amazon, and in response, Bolsonaro came for Notre Dame and Macron’s wife.


This is gonna make thenext U.


meeting so awkward.


They’re gonna have to putIsrael and Palestine between Brazil and Francejust to ease the tension.

They’ll be like, “All right, you guys just calm them down.

” So as it stands, the situation seems pretty bad.

The world’s most precious forestis on fire, Brazil’s leadersaren’t doing enough to stop it, and its presidentmight even want this to happen.

So I’m gonna be honest, folks.

It seems like there’sonly one man who can stop this.

-Donald J.


-(laughter) You see, what we need to do is, we need to get the presidentto pull out that Magic Mark.



that magic sharpie of his, and we need to get him to sendthat hurricane down from Alabama all the way to Brazil to fan out the flames.

Come on, Mr.

Trump, use your power for good! Do it now, Donald! Do it now



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