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– Today, I’m going to show youthe truth about free shipping and why sometimes paying alittle bit more can score you a much better product delivered faster.

Hey guys, I’m The Deal Guy, Matt Granite, from mattsdailydeals.


I’m an advocate for you all the time, but especially during this, very tough period thatwe are all in together.

We’re cooped up at home, we have our essentials, we need our deliveries, we’ve got stock issues.

A couple of weeks ago, Ishowcased the major changes that affected your Primeaccount at that point.

And I’ve actually heardfrom a lot of you saying, “should you cancel yourAmazon Prime account?” And my answer is well, ifyou’re Prime account is mostly to satisfy that freesame-day or two-day shipping that was promised when they were able to provide that service, you might not need your Prime membership.

If you are someone rightnow that’s taking advantage of the Prime Video, thefree photo storage and many of the other benefitsthat are otherwise tied to the membership, which costs roughly the same thing as a full Netflix account, and you get the Prime Videobuilt-in and the music benefits, well then maybe you should keep it going.

I wanna let you guys answerthose questions in the comments.

I got so many interesting andinsightful comments last time.

But right now, I wanna giveyou a couple of examples on why shipping free can lead to all sorts of problems these days.

On mattsdailydeals.

com I have all of the essentials you need, reminder I do use affiliate links, which means I benefitmonetarily by a few cents, if you’re kind enoughto use one of my links, but, for whatever essentialit is that you need, I have you covered here.

With that being said, you’re going to see free shipping from allof your favorite merchants.

Just an example, a lot ofpeople like bubbly water they like San Pellegrino, Perrier, and there’s no way they’re gonna be paying any per bottle fee, and Soda Stream, has resurgedin terms of popularity.

They’ve got free shipping.

But if you look right here, all orders are experiencing up to 15business days processing time.

That’s just processing timeto wait for your product.

If you were to go to another website and pay four or five dollars for shipping, I grantee you you’regoing to get it in three to five days versus that15 business day allowance.

I’m not saying that retailers are hiding behind what’sgoing on right now, but the free shipping isan allowance that they have by basically saying, “listen, we’re getting it “to you for free, we’regonna take as much time “as we possibly need to do that.

” And I’m gonna show youthe examples right now, where you pay a couple dollars more and you’re gonna do well.

Let’s start with an Amazon example.

The 100 piece disposable glove set, that you see on your screen right now, will ship to you betweenApril 20th and April 23rd if you pay a seven dollarand 50 cent shipping fee.

Now I realize that’s a higher shipping fee but, you’re getting a gooddeal on some gloves that may be a necessity right now.

If you were to go to a Primedeal for this specific product, you’re going to get aslightly better deal, but if you look at thefree shipping that they are offering you, it will bedelivered by May 18th to 21st at the earliest, or June 3rd to June 24th and that’s with free shipping.

I know we are all accustomedto gravitating toward free shipping, we almostfeel it’s out right.

It’s interesting, a lot ofpeople will actually get mad at me when their free shipping products don’t arrive in time.

If it is offset by three or four days, I usually hear about it from subscribers, as though I’m selling theproducts from my basement.

The interesting thing isbecause we’re all programmed “free shipping, freeshipping, free shipping”, which is kind of the Amazon effect, we need to get beyondthat, especially right now.

Let’s use cooking oil as an example and there’s all differenttypes of cooking oils right now that havedifferent delays depending on the same type of the week, I’m not gonna compare apple for apples because I can’t find the same sizes of the exact same type available.

But let’s look at canolaoil as an example.

You’ll see right now, that if I take the paidshipping option off of Amazon, six dollar shipping fee, I get a very large container delivered around April 16th and 21st, which I can live with, that is like right around the corner at the time I’m uploading.

But, if I were to search forthe free shipping version of any other type of oil, I’m going to get adelivery time of around one to three weeks from now, at the earliest.

And that’s free shippingversus paid shipping.

Another example, on alantern that I featured not too long ago from IntelliShopper, there is a four dollarand 99 cent shipping fee tied to these lighting capsules, which are great for allsorts of emergencies.

If you go onto Amazon and yousearch for a free equivalent, at least at the time I’m recording this, 19 dollars and 99 cents, I get a slightly better price but this won’t deliver until May sixth, and there’s only eight left in stock of a product that is verysimilar to what I featured.

So for four dollars and 99cents, if my power goes out, I actually have somethingthat will work now, rather than wait until possiblyMother’s Day or mid-May.

And I realize that it’s a difficult time, I realize that we’re all programmed, and I realize that a lot of us have these expectations where, “I’mpaying a membership fee, “I should get freeshipping, I’ve never paid “for shipping there before, I deserve free shipping.

” It’s a different world right now, and I feel the same way you do.

And I understand where you’re coming from on that Amazon Prime membership issue.

I’m gonna let you guys answerthe questions to each other, I’m gonna let you guyshave that conversation in discourse, in the comments section.

Should you cancel? I don’t know, who here uses Prime Video? I happen to like Prime Videoas an alternative to Netflix, but some people, PrimeVideo is an afterthought and you’re heavily embeddedin other platforms.

So, let me know, I’m gonna let you guysanswer that question today, but more importantly, areminder that as we navigate through these very difficult times, paying a little bit for shipping will get your products a lot faster.

That also means as faras a store is concerned, that they’re boxing up your product, they’re taking money for that postage that they are going to prioritize for your order in many casesbecause no one really wants to lose the amount of moneypeople are losing right now on the retail side of things.

So, there you are, thank you for listening, hope you guys stay safe and healthy.

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Bye, bye.



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