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Hey guys! As you all know product images play a huge part of the success of your listings on Amazon, the main image especially.

Now one of the requirements of your main product image is that the entire background is white and that you only see the product.

It can be quite expensive to get professional photos done, however today I’m going to show you a few tips on how you can do this at home with a couple of desk lamps as well as an iPhone.

Ok so I’ll run through the set up that I’ve got here.

So firstly of course I’ve got the white sheet; this is just a plain white bed sheet.

I just have a box which is propping the back up.

What that does is, that gives a background for our product here.

Our product is the little hair gel so you’ll see because I’ve got the box there, we’ve got white all around the base and then also behind it.

Now I’ve got two lights on either side.

I know they don’t quite look like normal lights but you could just do this with any old lights, desk lights or lights that you’ve got sitting around the house.

It just so happens these are the only ones I’ve got access to which is kind of the point – you can do this with any lights you’ve got access to.

The only thing is, to try and find these two lights with the same color light.

So as soon as you turn them on you’ll see that they’re both pretty similar which is what you want.

So now the idea is, you’ll notice if I turn off one light you’ve got this kind of harsh shadow on this side and when you take the photo you want all of this white – to go really really white so it essentially disappears, but the problem is that this part here is still kind of dark so that is going to stand out in the photo.

So what we do is, if you have the light on each side, so you’ve got one light on each side, it actually makes the shadow a lot less harsh and it sort of cancels out the shadow.

So now I’ll show you what I’m seeing on my phone that I’m going to take the photo on.

I’d recommend installing the Amazon seller app.

Once you’ve got the app, you can actually come down to product photo studio and it gives you the option of taking a photo directly within your Amazon account.

So let’s line it up! We’ve already got the light setup and there we go! Now you get these cool little sliders here where we can basically play with the exposure, the background, and you see that basically just by using this background slider – and let’s try this one.

See how they differ.

I think this one looks a little bit better, maintains a little bit more of the image.

We’ll crop it in.

There you go – very easily you get a usable product shot! And that was just with setting up the lights very very basically.

As you can see here it gives you some checks ; is the background white? Is the photo in focus? The resolution etc And you know is the cropping good so you can see they’re all ticked and this is ticked off as a good product image! So let’s run through another example.

I like avocados so let’s shoot an avocado! Now again let’s just kind of line it up take the shot and we go to background, and again eliminate that background.

That works pretty well! And now we can crop that one down.

Done! Okay it says that the cropping is too wide.

Easy fix! We can go back, crop and then it says it’s too wide – so let’s just bring it in a little bit.

Keep in mind as well, the closer in your product is cropped, the bigger it’s going to appear on Amazon.

So let’s crop, maybe it want us to crop the top down even more.

Let’s see if it’s happy with that! Ok so the cropping for that one is good and I agree – it fills up the image quite a lot which is what you want! So i hope you guys found that little tutorial helpful! If you can afford professional photography, I’d certainly recommend that however perhaps when you’re just starting out or you don’t have much of a budget to begin with, this is one way you can go about getting some reasonably good images to get your listing started.

All the best with your product listing! Thanks for watching!.



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