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hey guys so I said I wasn’tgoing to do this again and I probably won’t do that again buthere we are I am going to be doing another video on buying pet supplies offof Amazon this time I have a couple of things I’ve learned try not to buy itemsthat don’t say prime underneath because then they’ll take like seven months toget to your house and yeah so hopefully everything is going to arrive this timeso let’s get shopping okay so there are a couple of things I already know that Iwant so one the first thing is oat sprays then a couple of different spraysthat I want for the hamsters so these are oat sprays it’s basically what it isso I’m going to get some of those so I’m gonna try and find stuff for thehamsters and the rabbits so let’s see how successful we can be I really reallywant this it’s a 7 pack but it’s $24.

99 and I’m not about to spend that much onthese toys cuz it’s just I don’t know it’s not like a good enough deal for meI’m not seeing a lot of good items today a lot of this stuff like I have or it’slike not that great of a deal I think I want to get one of these it’s very smallso it’s going to be for tatertot I know that cuz it’s tinythat is obviously Photoshop that Syrian would not fit through there but it is alittle bit expensive it also has a one-star mm why do you only have onestar this person gave one star this person gave five so there’s no inbetween well I’m gonna put it in my cart I alsowanted to get some of these chews but again they’re like really expensive I’mnot sure why like $16.

99 for apple orchard sticks it’s kind of a lot ofmoney you know what I wanted to get I wanted to get like some new dishes forthe rabbit ra ra rabbits this is $32 for two dishesmaybe actually Oh but these be really small I’m trying tofigure out a diameter 4 inches those are like tiny dishes dollars so Ionly have five things in my cart and I’m at eighty one dollars so I’m probablygoing to buy one more thing and then pay because that is quite a bit of money4 to 6 days later l so I got both of my packages here I just opened everythingup to save some time everything did come because I ordered with prime this timeso here are the two boxes there’s this one and then there’s this one so I’mprobably gonna start with opening this one it has boxes inside of a box sothere are two like boxes like this so I guess I’ll start with this one I’mpretty sure I know what this is because it does say fragile, fragile on theside of it so I’m pretty sure this is the bowl that I ordered.

styrofoam *throws* it is! sohere is the bowl that I ordered when I was ordering this I did order the setof two and then it was just too expensive so I found a single one withpattern but I’m kind of regretting that I didn’t get the matching ones cuz thispattern is just so adorable if it like focuses and you can see but it’s superadorable it’s my favorite color with paw prints I absolutely love it and this isfor the rabbits so the next package inside of the package is this one and itmakes a lot of noise so inside of here is actually the um what is that set that Iordered I’m not sure it was that wooden set that I ordered and it comes with allthese things so it has this really cute dumbbell thing and these are going to befor the rabbits as well so this is just a dumbbell , there is this jingle dinglebell there’s another jingle dingle ball but bigger and like more woody there’slike a roller wooden roller and then there’s like one of these type of rollerones and then there’s a mini jingle dingle ball it’s like so cute it’s justso tiny and then and then there is Applewooden apple-orchard sticks Ithink these are but when I was looking on Amazon I wanted to buy just like apack of sticks of these they were all like fifteen to twenty dollars just soexpensive so I’m really happy it came with these I didn’t even know it wasgonna come with these but there’s a ton of them so now we can move on to theother box so inside of this box I see the tunnel that I ordered this isactually a good size I don’t know why I thought this was gonna be really smalldon’t know why but this is a perfect size for tatertot obviously not any ofmy Syrians are gonna fit in this, this is more of a dwarf thing but and it’s alsovery sheddy wood is just falling everywhere but as you can see there are holes everywhere on this so it’sawesome Tater Tot is gonna love it then the next thing you guys already know Iordered these oats sprays I saw so I ordered oat sprays and then I alsoordered the wheat sprays by tropical carnival I am gonna be using these inthe hamsters cages for their German foraging cages whichshould be coming soon the updates hopefully but these look decent I’m alittle bit scared to open them because I feel like all of the little like they havethese oat things and I feel like all of them fell off but the thing hopefullynot but I got those then the next thing I got was this baby toy um this isnot what I was really expecting I was expecting this to be a hard plastic butthis is a very nice soft baby toy so the plastics not the greatest becauseI don’t want my rabbits to like chew it to death so I’m going to test this withthem to make sure they’re not gonna try and eat it or something but basically Igot it because it’s good for throwing it’s really light and hopefully therabbits don’t try and chew it and they just like to play with it and the last thing that I got was theRose wood the activity suspension bridge I got this for honey because she doesenjoy climbing a bit so I thought this would be good to get for her um let’sopen it up hopefully this doesn’t have to be put together like the last time Iordered something from Rosewood that was not fun uh hmm let’s seeI don’t wood just fell on me okay this does not need to be set up or anythinglike that but it just looks like this which it kind of is really tall to meit’s just like I thought it would be a little bit closer together so now I’mactually thinking instead of using this how it is so you’re supposed to hang itlike this I’m thinking about taking all of these chains off and suchand creating my own type of hanging thing using these so we’ll see what Ican maybe come up with so yeah guys that is everything that I ordered off ofAmazon this time it was a good time not like the last time and I had a goodexperience so I hope you guys enjoyed watching this video thank you forwatching bye.



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