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oh my god hiya Spencer hi I’m destiny and this week we’re gonna be trying the best and worst reviewed beauty gadgets from the internet so for these products the criteria that we’re judging them based off of is practicality price point and does it actually the first product we’re

gonna be using this week is a blackhead remover tool I have the worst rated blackhead remover tool and according to the internet this is gonna give me hickeys all over my face I have the best rated blackhead remover and according to the reviews it’s the holy grail of

tools oh my god next product is the face massager mine is the best rated one it is gold-plated and according to the ratings it takes a boatload of years off of your face a boatload boatload so I’m gonna look 18 I know I look 19 but 18 I’ll

take it I have the worst reviewed facial massager it’s not gold plated and according to the internet this may pinch my face or neck so I’ve excited during class we’ve got some disco balls at the end and I’m not gonna lie that looks like a sex toy just

a little bit our next product is some under eye patches you know erase the day eraser you will which we need how Haggard are you well you can get rid of it with these however according to my lowest rated eye patches they are leaving a burning sensation I

just put that really close to my eye so let’s hope it does it my eye patches are actually 24 karat gold oh it was like a wet noodle so the next tool we’ll be looking at is the facial hair remover mine is this cute little like pretty lip

tiffany blue the reviews were saying but this is perfect for in-between waxes and also gets rid of that mustache because like it’s time to let her go – stays maybe that’s horrifying what in the I know mine kima cuttin hair off oh the last product we’re gonna be

testing out this week is a foot peel mask I have again the worst rated brookfield asked according to the reviews it just doesn’t work hopefully something peels off my foot and I don’t know that I’ve ever said that mine comes in this nice like box you yours just

came in a little bit like this like it’s lavender and according to some of the reviews feet will feel brand new like a baby’s butt right on like a baby’s bootie are you nervous about besides that one are you like nervous about but I’m a little nervous for

this guy the like facial hair remover even though this is like really nice it’s still like plastic like what am I like what if it pulls your hair it will to get it off well I have reason to be purpose over here you do thank you come on

you do your no I’m just I’m so happy for you I know you are I really couldn’t be any happier I don’t worry I know good morning I just woke up I couldn’t tell but this is when I feel the most tired and I feel like I have

the most bags under my eyes and I’m gonna use these I’m ass wow they’re so pretty it says I can burn her eye I just put that really close to my eye so let’s hope it does it these are kind of slangy I’m really struggling there needs a

slippery little sucker I mean it feels really good Oh feel so mm-hm I have to leave these on for 10 to 15 minutes it’s like cooling and they’re gold I feel so rich there’s a little bit of a sensation underneath my eyes but I don’t know if it’s

burning so much is like cooling sorry confusing I don’t know if I’m thinking too much about it because of the reviews these bad boys off I mean I feel like I look a little more refreshed I would definitely rate these like a media eight out of ten so

far so good it doesn’t feel bad at all like you I’m gonna be trying a golden pulse facial massager why would you massage your face do you ask because it’s not official and honestly that’s enough for me while I’m here I’m just gonna massage my face you know

that’s intense the jawline who gets snapped why [Music] you know what I like to use this for maybe I’m crazy but it feels like my skin like the blood flows already kind of getting better my skin already become more even in this little area honestly if I could

pay someone to do this for me Andre that feels really cut it definitely would rate this ten out of ten it is worth the $19 I love this I will be using this every morning I guess I’m gonna try this now I have had this mustache for 25

years and I do not plan on removing it anytime soon we’re not touching the stache the stache stays maybe well maybe like a sideburn I drove from sideburns [Music] okay so it doesn’t work but getting rid of all the hair wait I think it works I didn’t do

anything bad to my skin Spencer says she shaves her face and I don’t know how or why but and I’ve gotten a closer like shaved before for sure we definitely rate this probably like a 10 out of 10 I really like that that’s a great tool to have

it’s uh before I go to bed I think I’m gonna try our lovely expensive foot mask I can’t read that and I just open this and so wet how am I supposed to wear this on my feet isn’t gonna make my feet like everything else wet oh wow

it smells so good I can smell the lavender all the way from here and so I’m just gonna cut this part and just stick my foot in all right there on I don’t know I’m gonna try to go sit down let’s try to sit down oh so now

I’m just posed to here for an hour while I wait for the nutrients to soak into my feet more efficiently thirty minutes in and look at that I think the one Spencer got were like $7 I wonder how she’s doing it’s been a full 60 minutes I’ve been

laying here on the couch with my dog falling asleep watching TV so let’s take them off and see what we’re working with [Music] it says the dead skin will begin to peel in 3 to 7 days this feeling is I’m gonna take these guys off wash my feet

and then I guess over the next few days I’ll kind of keep you guys updated on like if my feet are peeling so the foot peeling came out of nowhere I took my socks off sat on my couch in my feet felt weird so I started kind of

rubbing them together and when I was rubbing them together I noticed something was coming off and I was like what is that and at first I thought it was lint from my sock and then I looked closer and it was my skin but the skin that is peeling

underneath is like baby soft definitely would break this like s7 attitude the dramatics and the you know were did you fancy this head that’s already touched is designed for blackhead extraction for lines and wrinkles but you know black don’t crack so we don’t have that problem apply blackhead

derived liquid on makeup cotton and put on to nose for 3 to 5 minutes Oh purple magic I don’t know a blackhead derived liquid is blackhead remover cream horse should be open we’re gonna try this this doesn’t seem like a positive experience for my face oh my god

not her I’m not getting anything oh my god that better go away I have a lot of blackheads it’s not sucking anything up believe me I get blackheads but I don’t have me right now unless we can find one I’m gonna play spot the black hairs not taking

any of my black cats out definitely giving this one like a five out of ten I understand the benefits and I could see how it works but it’s just not working for me right now but it’s really strong and powerful so if you have some black kids I’m

pretty sure this thing would suck them right now when it comes to blackhead doesn’t work which is upsetting because I love getting black heads up



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