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Hello cloud gurus.

How y’all doing? This is Scott Pletcher coming to youagain from the confines of my underground bunker.

This week, AWS offersup some Amazon Workspaces love.

It’s time to register foryour online summit experience, and AWS DeepComposer isreleased unto the masses.

It’s all right here on AWS This Week.

[inaudible] Welcome back my friends.

Last timeI introduced you to my friend Kevin.

Kevin got lots of love on socialmedia from all of you and, well, Kevin’s gotten a little emboldened byhis new found popularity and he took it upon himself to invite overhis uncle and so this is Chet.

Chet’s a little, shall we say, twitchy, so we mostly just let him do his ownthing and try not to look him in the eye.

He’s a talker.

Anyway, onto the news.

Well, web GUIs are all well and good, sometimes you just need thatfull desktop experience.

I’m looking at youMicrosoft Office Online.

For those that want the flexibility andfreedom of the cloud but still need that full desktop experience, Desktopas a service is where it’s at.

When AWS announced Amazon WorkSpacesback in 2014 I was all over it.

I’m a big fan of WorkSpaces and reallyhappy to see how it’s grown over the years.

Now for many enterprises, they still require software installedlocally like ERP clients or graphic intensive engineering software andoftentimes it’s not feasible to provide everybody with a laptop due tosecurity concerns or simple cost.

Enter Amazon WorkSpaces.

Workspaces is a fully managed desktop asa service that you can provision within minutes.

The cool thing about WorkSpaces is thatall the data is kept in your control, locked down in yourVPC or on prem network.

Now there are clientsavailable for PC, Mac, Linux, Chromebooks, iOSand Android platforms.

There’s even a client that runs rightin your web browser so your remote employees can access their work desktopsfrom whatever personal devices they have at home and you don’t have to worryabout what sort of personal computer hygiene they might or mightnot have practiced.

This week, AWS announced that from April 1st throughJune 30th you can provision up to 50 workspace desktops and no charge.

WorkSpaces comes in both Windows and Linuxdesktop flavors and also a variety of hardware configurations all the wayup to serious GPU powered workstations suitable for engineeringapplications or even video editing.

Now the AWS Summits may becanceled for the time being, but AWS is lining up the next best thingand opening registration for the AWS Summits online.

The next online summit istaking place on May 13th.

Now each region has their ownregistration page and they do seem to have different tracks and agendas, butthrough the magic of technology, all summits seem to have booked Amazon’svery own Dr.

Werner Vogels as the keynote speaker, no word yet on whether or not AWS willbe shipping out those delicious box lunches to all virtual attendees.

Announced at reinvent2019 AWS DeepComposer is acreative way to learn about machine learning, specificallygenerative adversarial networks.

With DeepComposer, you can provide your own little musicalcreation and the machine learning process will attempt to create a brandnew tune inspired by your version.

Just like DeepRacer introduced thousandsof people to reinforcement learning.

DeepComposer is hoping to do the sameby giving people an accessible way to learn about generativeadversarial networks.

Ganz as they’re called are specialarrangements of neural networks where one network called a generator is tryingtirelessly to produce something worth a darn.

The other network called a discriminatoris harshly judging the output of the poor generator.

Eventually the generator learns what thediscriminator likes to see or hear in this case and you’ll get this new uniquecreation born purely from Silicon and electrons.

Gans are the same technology that wasalso used to create those eerily realistic synthetic people over at thewebsite Generated Photos.

Speaking of shameless self promotion, be sure to check out my new course, hot off the presses, Introduction to Machine Learning.

I set out to create anintroductory machine learningcourse that was casual and accessible.

Even ifyou’re starting from zero We even have a whole chapter on deeplearning where we cover Gans and more.

And without further ado, it is time toannounce this week’s guru of the week.

Kevin, may I please have the envelope.

This week’s winner is Kevin Kassim-Slaney, a cloud solutions architectfrom Johannesburg, South Africa.

A well-deserved swag packis on its way to you, and you’ve also been entered for adrawing to win a ticket to reinvent 2020.

If you too would like towin your very own swag pack, swagger on over to thisweek’s question, linked below.

That my friends is all the newsthat’s fit to print this week.

So from Kevin, Chet, and myself, have a great week and keepbeing awesome cloud gurus.



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