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hi I’m Alex I’m a tasty producer and I love trying random kitchen gadgets today I’m going to be testing and reviewing he’s – rapid egg cooker I’m really testing three different kinds of egg preparations a poached egg a boiled egg and an omelet I’m excited let’s crack this

thing open okay we got some ooh get cooking good looking geez there’s lots of instructions on this thing so it looks like it has like a little dome top some more pieces inside here let’s open this all up so we got like our little trays for the eggs

I’m assuming this does feel a little small though I don’t know what kind of egg you’re putting in here what is this an egg tray for ants I’m assuming you would put water in here and this would heat up but like a minimal amount of water so then

it kind of steams everything you’re cooking but maybe we should just read the instructions should I should I read these warnings note do not place the lid in the locked position when the appliance is in use may because you need to be able to wrap it I put

it in my locker kitchen I haven’t broken it yet and hopefully it lives up to all its crap to be we’re gonna get started with poached eggs now poached eggs are notoriously hard to make so we’ll see how this goes cubes oil to grease the poaching tray you

break an egg into each section of the poaching tray fill water up to the omelet poached mark and pour into the heating plates so now we’re gonna put our egg tray on this the top right on there I’m not gonna lock it because it said know what to

lock it and I’m scared why and now we have the rest of us are you ready we’re lit I don’t know how long this is supposed to take before the buzzer goes off so I’m just gonna start a timer but things are already starting to happen I mean

the latest starting to cloud up there is a little vent on top here for clock speed it sets so we aren’t essentially steaming our X which isn’t really classic dopost egg it’s starting to get white over the top of the yolk here’s the thing though it’s not round

like it’s supposed to eat it’s more of like an oval Halfmoon overall I’d say this hasn’t taken too much that was so cute okay whew that was about six minutes total oh my gosh these are overcooked there’s a little bit of like water but I’m kind of drinking

off of this okay I’m just gonna try to like slide one of these off here oh well look at her and then for a little color gonna top with some chives we’re ready to try it so you can tell what I made probably eggs benedict yeah oh oh

nice right you know looks can be deceiving that’s good it’s almost like a boiled egg I would say that the egg itself is a little tougher than a host egg should be I mean this gets it close if you want to give this poached egg a letter grade

what would you give it c-minus because it’s not porch yeah I expect Brown from soft portrait yeah all right thanks Ryan thank you although I gave you food so you should be thanking me oh thank you thank you for the delicious meal all right on to the next

so we’re gonna do our boiled eggs hopefully they taste good and hopefully we can use them to make some deviled eggs I assume that we’re just going to be using our boiling tray cuz it seems like perfectly fitted for yes but let me still read the instructions here’s

the larger end of the egg with the attached pin at the bottom of the measuring cup okay so we’ve got a pin oh jeez so there’s a sharp pin on the end of the measuring cup I’m worried that I never noticed that before just gonna give that a

little purse I’m worried I’m gonna break it I only I went as far as like I can oh oh there we go well now we have a total of six we can cook at one time which is pretty nice you have to press a little bit hard I

need to put our handle in here we’re able to like pick it up nicely Oh interesting so this Cup has a line for soft medium and hard for deviled eggs they tend to use more of like a harder yolk so I’m gonna go for the heart okay so

I’m gonna pour this right in here again then we’re gonna put our cute little boiling tray right on there run it upwards I’m gonna put our lid on oh there goes and now we wait is it much faster than actually just boiling an egg maybe here’s the point

you don’t have to wait for your water to heat up which takes a while I assume this is gonna hit around eleven minutes ten thirty maybe you could get three every time oh I’m just gonna transfer these into our cold water so that they can stopped cooking for

some reason Oh create a cake you know actually it’s peeling fairly well it feels firm feels exactly like a hard-boiled egg some water legit just squirted through that little hole well I’m really gonna smell like eggs up there so now to make our deviled eggs I am just

going to cut each of these in half so now I’m just going to dump all of our yolks into this bowl you can also play up on the flavors you could like throw a little jalapeno in there you can do some bacon I’m gonna mix it with about

three tablespoons of mayonnaise a couple of teaspoons of sweet pickle relish Dijon mustard then I’m gonna add a little bit of salt some pepper this is a massive pepper grinder a little bit of cayenne just for an added kick I’m just gonna mix this up real good with

a fork transfer it to a piping bag so now for a little added extra color I’m gonna top these with a little bit of paprika and then lastly with some of our chives can’t wait to eat them so Katy actually has one of these egg cookers at home

yes so we could call her an expert so you use this I like all the time but mostly my husband cuz he loves hard-boiled eggs cheers Cheers mmm okay so have you ever used like the other cooks on it well the medium does it really does do pretty

well I think okay well that’s awesome what letter grade would you give to I heard it here from our expert all right so last but not least we are gonna make an omelet so I’m just gonna make a basic omelet with a few of my favorite veggies and

then we’ll get to a rapid cooking so we’re pouring it up to our omelet line which is the same exact line as the poached line okay so I’m gonna put it right on our heating tray which is a little dirty you might a hat so I’m gonna grease

our little dish again whisk the eggs in a separate bowl before you put them in an omelet bowl I wonder if it says how many eggs are supposed to use which one to do eggs I’m gonna do 2x so I’m just gonna give this a whisk a little

salt a little pepper green onions red bell pepper some spinach Wow so healthy and then I’m gonna add some bacon and cheese so a little bit of cooked bacon a little bit of shredded cheddar cheese that is a jam-packed omelet now I’m gonna pour this all right North

tray that fit pretty well once again I’m gonna put the lid on our cooker all right we’re ready to go double-double rapid boiling trouble turning white it’s we’re essentially making like an egg pad rather than a classic omelet it tastes like an omelet I’m not gonna complain oh

it’s growing in a weird way it’s coming out of the side whoa smells good it seems seems very loose let’s just try it [Music] it’s losing I don’t think it’s raw egg like I initially thought I think it’s water it collects some of that condensation and it makes

sperm more like a watery omelet let’s see how it days if you can get around the wetness it’s not that bad is this an omelet no it’s possible that you weren’t supposed to fill it with anything but who wants an omelet with no filling it doesn’t say that

you can’t anything in there but the picture is of just X I’m gonna give this a deep all right we did it overall I’d say this was sort of a mixed experience did the – rapid a cooker do its job it did a job all in all if

you like boiled eggs a lot this could be good for you it’s pretty easy to use it’s quick and pretty cute if you make any of these recipes let me know you know where to find me and comment down below on what you want us to review next

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