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Hello hello one and all and welcome back tothis insane day of war in Aeternum.

Before we jump into the recently announceddelay for New World that I’m sure is on ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE’s mind, Today’s topic is solely going to be focusing on the invasions as we just recently had adev blog drop on what exactly we’re going to be expecting from the hordesof corrupted in Aeternum.

I was really anticipating this one as wellbecause during 2 different previous videos for New World, one called the Dark Side ofAeternum and my Corrupted Breach dev blog breakdown, we went over the full system ofinvasions in-depth based off of an interview that amedia website had with 3 staff members from Amazon Game Studios.

It turns out that the information we talkedabout in those videos are correct and that what we’re going to be talking about todayis already widely known.

But we do have a couple small new detailsthat are worth covering as well as a visual showcase of what we’ll be diving into.

The blog starts off by describing Aeternumas a mysterious and hostile land where we will fight to get a foothold and must defendit against the invading forces of the corrupted.

When the corrupted get to a certain pointof strength they will begin to attack us in force and this is what’s known as aninvasion.

These invasions go on a 4 day cycle whichmeans after we beat back or lose to one of them, in 4 days time another one will begin.

And to combine information that we’ve learnedbefore hand, it’s very important to know that both invasions and territorywars cannot happen on the same day.

This means that if a company is intendingto attack you or you them, they must plan around these invasions or you might just endup getting saved by the bell, as they say.

Fromthis article it appears that the invasion itself takes place on the same map that weconduct our territory wars on, and it consists of escalating waves of enemies that featuredifferent types of monsters and creatures that we’ll have to go toe to toe against.

If we are able to successfully beat back thezerg, then life will go on and we can continue upgrading and defending our settlements.

However if we ultimately lose the invasion, we will then be subject to penalties such as loss of upgrades.

This will include ourcrafting stations, fort gates, and our siege engines.

And the higher the level of our territory, the more it will downgrade as a result.

Now for the day before the invasion we getsome information that calls all the way back to the german article mein-mmo.


To participate in these activites we willhave to sign up on a warboard and it looks like only the first 10 slots are reservedfor the company that owns the territory.

These players are chosen by the governors.

And for the other 40 they are randomly selectedby the players that are signed up to take part.

This is something that I think the playerbasemight ultimately end up liking a lot because unlike the territory wars – everybody willhave an equal chance to get in and take part when these invasions are going on.

Aslong as you meet the proper requirements that is, which is being level 50.

I do remember players also being slightlyworried that this was going to be a sort of lottery system based off of territory contributionlike how the german article mentioned it, soperhaps this will put everyone’s minds at ease knowing that everyone will get an opportunityto participate in them at one point or another.

It’s also important to note that each territoryshould have their own individual invasion so if we have 3 or 5 territories with invasionsall on the same days, that’s 150 to 250 players that get the opportunity to take part in themas opposed to only 50.

So when the invasion begins, we’re going toget automatically transferred into the fort with our other teammates and we’ll be providedwith 50 battle tokens.

Take a mental note for this currency becausenot only do we now know we’ll be getting this forthe invasion, but this currency was also included in multiple pieces of footage related to theterritory war as well.

Which means what we spend it on might justbe available when we fight other players too.

We use this currency in what’s called theArmory, and judging by the screenshot it looks likewe have quite the arsenal to choose from.

Going left to right it appears we have AzothBullets as the first one, most likely to be used with our musket weapons and since ithas the same coloring as the orichalcum material I would imagine this as being a more enhancedversion of Tier 5 weaponry, if they still follow the same model.

After that we have the inferno trap whichwe do get a more in-depth look at in the next screenshot, this one bursts into flames themoment a enemy steps over it and might prove extremely useful for taking down bosses orbrute type corrupted.

Then for allyou wonderful mage types, we have the mana elixir.

Which might come in handy since we know thatwe’ll have access to Fire Magic and especially Life Magic.

which means that those of youthat want to go for the healing route, you might just need somethinglike this to keep the spells flowing.

Afterwards we have the azoth arrows whichseem comparable to the bullets, except being for bows instead of course.

Turret ammo kit which will probably be usedfor these engines we see mounted on the walls, and for thoseof you that may end up being lower level early on, definitely take note for these.

If we can use these in territory wars as well, then even if you can’t fight against people that are higher level than you, having peopleto man these siege engines can still make allthe difference.

After that we have the cleansing elixir whichI would imagine might be mainly used for getting rid of a burning effect if we accidentallystep into fire or maybe even damage over time debuffs or curses.

I would imagine something like that mightcome from the corrupted priest entities so be sure to stay vigilantagainst them, we aren’t the only ones who will have access to magic.

For the last 3 we have the haste elixir, healingelixir, and powder keg.

With the first two seeming equally importantand self explanatory, I am interested to see what uses we’ll be getting out of thepowder keg.

In the invasions I don’t know if it’ll beas useful as something like an inferno trap but the fact that it’s in the shop makes methink that it’s something we’ll be using in territory wars as well.

Specifically to dishout loads of siege damage on the enemy fortifications.

Now after this armory showcase we get intothe nitty gritty of the Battle itself.

After the preparation period we get when wefirst start the invasions, scores upon scores of enemies start pouring out of these corruptedportals to attack us.

The battle lasts over thecourse of eight waves and during that time we’ll be getting multiple different typesof enemies coming to our doorsteps.

For these we’ll see creatures like the grunts- who seem to pose little threat but when they swarm, they can quickly take down anytarget.

Whichsounds like the corrupted humanoids we’ve seen in previous diaries.

The raiders who act as shock troops for theinvading force who focus on attacking the player before our structures but they willfocus the buildings if no other players are around.

Then we havethe snipers who hang back and take shots at us from afar, prioritizing targets on ourramparts or maybe even our siege engines themselves and ultimately distabilizing our backlinesso that the infantry on the ground can push up to take us on.

Sounds likesomething I would personally attempt to take out first or would love to have a squad ofpeople dedicated to focusing on.

And then we have the bombers, which I do believeget showcased later in this blog.

These little buggers are die-hard runnerswith huge explosives strapped to their back, we all know exactly what they aim to do withthose and how we should deal with them.

Shoot, on, sight.

Along with them we have the brutes and theboss type monsters which I am honestly excited to see more of.

The brutes are big hulking beasts who focusspecifically on structure damage but will end up focusing us too if we start agitatingthem too much, and the bosses themselves can apparently vary.

Some might focus more on structure damagewhile others may go for us as the players, and on top of that they might even apply debuffsto us or their own buffs to the invading force that we’re dealing with.

Soit’s safe to say that we’ll have our hands full with various types of creatures in theseinvasions and we will have to utilize strategy and coordinate with our teammates to win theday.

These corrupted are going to be gunning forour fortress gates first by any way that they can, and after that goesdown they are going straight for our fortress claim.

Which I believe is the flag based point capturethat we’ve seen in previous diary videos.

But on our side we wont be completely leftin the dark when it comes to defenses and tools to use against them in the fight.

Just like we’ve seen in previous blogs, we’re going to have access to all sorts of toys to dismantle the army of corrupted.

These will include turrets, like balistas, repeaters, and explosives like the powder kegs.

And for those of you who like to use siegeengines I could imagine these being huge fan favorites.

Along with that we have the droppers, whichis known as the molten liquid pots that we saw during my combat analysis video, I’m gladto see that it was actually a boiling pot and not just my weird imagination.

Oh, and also we’ve got thisamazing sounding Horn of Resilience that they mention in this blog which sounds completelyinsane, what it does is just like the name says, provides a defensive buff to all playersin the area so we may be able to take on a boss or get out of a tough situation.

Be sure to use this one only when absolutelyneccessary, and never forget to include some Horn of Gondor jokes in there, we’re goingto need them.

And there we have our invasion system.

Once we hold out until the time limit is overwe will have claimed victory over the invasion, at which point we willreceive rewards in the form XP, ingame currency, and some loot.

And even if we lose, the players that contributedto the fight will still have a chance at something which is a nice incentive.

But we will get more rewards depending onhow many waves we burn through or if we survive all of them.

And that is the invasion system as a whole, hands down has remained as my one of two favorite mechanics in the entire game of New Worldand is one that I seriously can’t wait to get my hands on.

Since we’ll have to be at level 50 to takepart in them, you guys better be ready to level your butts off tomake it into them.

One thing I’d love to see in the future isif they expand on these invasions to feature different maps or even NPCs to fight alongwith us.

That would be something to also assist withmaking the game truly feel like a living breathing world.

And not to mention, they’ve already said thatAeternum itself will rise up to fight the corruption, so why not put us on the sameteam as the Ancients and let them bring out the guardians to completely wreck havoc halfwaythrough the invasion waves? Or give us NPC settlers from wherever we camefrom to stand with us in defense of the island.

Honestly the sky is the limit with what theycould do with this system.

I’m really interested to see where it goesbut first we’ll have to get our hands on it to see how it truly works and be ready togive suggestions afterwards.

In the meantime, let me know how you guysfeel about this invasion system and if you think it’s something that will make up a bigpart of your weekly activites in the game.

I have a strong feeling that it’s going tobe a big part of mine.

And with that folks, thank you very very muchfor taking the time to check out this video and I hope you all have a wonderful nightor day.

And farewell.



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