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You look ridiculous.

– Actually guys, it (laughs) (dramatic booming) Okay.

Hey guys this is Austinand today on Mystery Tech, we’re looking at Moon Shoes! – [Matt] Moon shoes.

– Max weight, 130 pounds.

Max shoe size, men’s size 10.

Are you just trying tokill me at this point? This is not meant for like, grown men.

It’s actually very simple.


(laughing) Step one, slot one, hook one band to each post marked A on the diagram.

Do you see how many bandsare on this diagram? And then I guess because I’m in the 130 to 160 pound weight, I have to use four bands forevery single slot.

(laughs) You better get over hereand help me with this.

This was your idea.

(laughing) Oh my god.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

– What? – What I.

– This is, we’re backwards.

You guys were backwards, right? This is.

– No.

– This is what it should look like.

– No! (laughs) – These are treads! – No.

We were so close! (screen beeping) – So after about 20 minutes of threading rubber bandsthrough the Moon Shoes, it’s time to actually give them a try.

Oh dude, look how small that is! My shoe is definitelynot gonna fit in here.

I’m gonna have to do this barefoot.

– [Ken] First, you gota trust fall system.

(laughing) – Like I trust either of you guys.

– [Ken] Alright, alright.

– Alright, okay.

– [Ken] You got it? – I got it.

Yeah, see I told you I got it.

Jesus (laughs) I can’t even stand on it.

Ah, thank you, alright.

This is actually not so bad.

Whoa (laughing) Whoo! (laughs) Dude, my feet are so, so sore immediately cause I’m using all these muscles that I never use in my feet so I constantly have to correct.

– [Matt] You don’t wearMoon Shoes to the gym? – No, I don’t.

You know what, I’m gonna wear these for the rest of the video.

(box slamming) What, is this just a phone? A phone with a built-in headset, what? Alright, I gotta catchmy breath (wheezing) What? (laughs) I thought it was likea little feature phone.

This thing is enormous.

So this looks like a feature phone but it works as a power bank and a radio but it has a stereo headset? How much was this? – [Matt] So it’s on Prime for $162.

– Okay.

– [Matt] But there are several other offers for $50 like $50 to $60.

– Oh! – [Matt] But none of them are Prime.

– Oh, well that’s fine.

Oh, so it’s actually likea $50 phone not a $160.

– [Matt] I guess? – Okay, that sounds alittle bit more reasonable.

(relaxing ringtone playing) Well that’s very pleasant.

So wait, so I shouldtry to pair this headset with an iPhone or somethingto see if it actually works cause it supports, supposedly, Bluetooth 5.


Okay, so in theory, Ihave the headphones paired with my phone which can alsobe charged by the Servo.

So let’s see if it actually works.

(finger snapping) I’m weirdly impressed.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was not as good as this.

I mean, they just sound fine.

This is a rare kudos my friend.

This is actually not total garbage town like I expected it to be.

(plastic slapping) Headphones, Venture Electronics, the next step in earbuds.

These don’t look great.

Aw what the.

Dude, I mean these look straightup like they cost $0.


Were these expensive, what’sso special about these? – [Ken] So, I got them for $7.

– $7 I mean, that looks about right.

– [Ken] Apparently, they’re one of the best sounding headphones that you can get for under $100.

– You’re telling me that this cheap set of weird-looking headphones sound as good as a $100 pair of headphones? – [Ken] Well, let’s not go that far but it’s definitely one ofthe better values under $100.

– Oh, you’re actually not kidding.

These are actually not bad.

I was ready to totally tear them apart.

I mean look, these are notgonna blow you away, right? If you’ve listened to decent headphones, these are not going to be anything that’s gonna completelychange your mind about it but $7 is ridiculous for these.

There’s literally no downside.

They sound so muchbetter than anything else at this kind of price point.

– [Ken] Alright, so.

– Hello.

– Hi, so.

– I’m much taller now.

I like this.

Oh, come on, let me be tall with my Moon Shoes for a second, man.

– Ugh, okay.

– You don’t even fit on A Cam anymore.

Your heads cut off.

– [Matt] Well we got B Cam.

– It’s time for an intervention.

– Why, what did I do? – Whoa, whoa whoa.

You wanna try to get this video removed? It’s a bikini, man? I’m not doing that.

– No, no no no, it well– – What, what are you doing? – Well, this is the best one we can find.

– Oh no, no no no.

– [Matt] Yeah, it’s time.

– Are you really wantingme to shave right now? – [Ken] Yes.

– With a bikini trimmer? – [Ken] Yes.

– No but like real talk.

– [Matt] Yeah.

We all want this.

– Is this how I have to find out? (device slamming) ♪ I will remember you ♪ Payback’s a (bleep) Every single comment I’ve read is incredibly positive about the mustache.

I challenge you to find a single person who does not like this facial hair.

– [Ken] He also doesn’t read the comments.

– Every comment, everycomment is positive.

Every video, everyone’s like, “Oh Austin, you look soattractive with your mustache.

Oh Austin, you’re so cool.

Oh Austin, I wish I could be like you cause you have a mustache.

” – [Ken] Were they all on the playground? (laughing) It’s so much worse that you’re wearing Moon Shoes.

(loud laughing) – Hey kids, you wanna rideon the mustache? (laughs) (deep breathing) (trimmer buzzing) Am I done? (laughs) – [Matt] Yep, you’re done.

(laughing) (trimmer buzzing) – There, we’re good, right? – [Matt] No, you gotsomething on your lip, boy.

– Really?- [Matt] Yep.

– Am I really doing this? (trimmer buzzing) (cackling) You guys suck.

– [Matt] Alright, that’s a wrap.

– Go ahead, take a photoof my shame, it’s fine.

– [Matt] Alright, well we’re gonna keep you for the rest of the video.

– No, I gotta finish it now! – [Matt] Naw naw naw, you’re good.

– I look ridiculous.

I have half of a mustache.

This is worse thathaving a whole mustache.

(trimmer buzzing) – [Ken] Got you a presentthough for all that hard work.

And you’re such a goodsport about it today.

– It’s just Oreos, DJ Mixer.

I will say, about the only thing that’s gonna cheer me up right now is a giant bag of Oreos butsomething tells me that, oh, oh it is Oreos.

We bought a pack of Oreos.

Oh okay whatever that’s fine.

– [Ken] It’s not just Oreos.

– Hey what is this? Okay, we have a black box and a white box.

Holy what? I shaved for this I get to eat my Oreos.

Alright, so if I put this here.

(slow techno music) Alright, that’s kinda cool.

(piano music) (acoustic music) (banjo music) (slow somber music) – [Ken] Thanks for shaving.



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