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– Hey, how’s it going guys? I hope you’re having a great day so far.

So in this video today we aregoing to be doing a review of Amazon Prime.

Now I’m sure a lot of youalready have Amazon Prime but even if you already do, what we’re gonna talk aboutlater on in this video are hidden benefits to Amazon Prime that most people do not knowthat they have access to.

Now I considered myself to be somebody who maximized the benefits of Amazon Prime but after doing theresearch for this video I found out about abunch of other benefits that I just did not know about that you aren’t going tohear about anywhere else.

So stay tuned until the end of the video and we’ll talk about someof these hidden benefits that are included with yourAmazon Prime membership.

Now first of all, let’s talk about howmuch Amazon Prime costs.

They raised their price last year in May and now it costs $119 peryear on an annual basis or $59 per year as a student.

Now if you don’t have the moneyup front to pay for Amazon for the entire year, you also have the option to pay for on a monthly basisand that pricing is $12.

99 for a standard Amazon Prime membership and if you are a student you can get that for $6.

49 per month.

So personally I’ve had anAmazon Prime membership for the better part of three years.

I run my own business fromhome if you guys can’t tell.

I have a blog as well as a YouTube channel and some other stuff that I do online so I am constantly orderingsupplies for my business as well as household products.

So personally, I probablydo 10 or 15 orders every single month on Amazon so I have a never-ending stream of boxes and packages showing up on my doorstep.

So for me, because of howoften I’m ordering on Amazon it’s a no-brainer that is cost effective forme to have this membership and despite the priceincreases I have stuck with it and I plan to hold on tomy Amazon Prime membership for the foreseeable future.

Now that being said, if you guys don’t yet havean Amazon Prime membership and you are interested in trying it out if you use the link inthe description below it is an affiliate link butyou will get a completely free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime.

And if you’re a student you’re going to be asix-month free trial of Amazon just to try it out and see ifyou’re actually going to use the benefits providedwith this membership.

Now a good amount ofresearch went into this video so I certainly would appreciateyour use of the links in the description as it’sa way to give back to me at no additional cost to you.

But obviously that’s completely up to you and no hard feelings if youdecide not to use those links.

At the end of the day, I just want to see peopletaking full advantage of something that they arealready paying for in most cases.

So first of all, let’s coverthe main three benefits that we are all familiar with when it comes to use Amazon Prime.

Number one, the main one isthe free two-day shipping in the US and now thereare millions of items that now qualify forfree one-day shipping.

So that’s the main reasonwhy people go out there and get an Amazon Prime membership.

You’re ordering stuff online, you want it to show up in arelatively quick period of time, and you don’t wanna haveto pay for shipping.

So that is why I personallydecided to use Amazon Prime.

But there are two other key benefits that people are taking advantage of.

One is Amazon Video, which is essentially like awatered-down version of Netflix.

It’s not going to be as good as Netflix, I’m gonna be honest with you guys, but there are a ton ofreally good videos and shows that are included with that membership, my favorite being the Jack Ryan series.

So if you haven’t seen that, highly recommend that on Amazon Prime.

That alone makes themembership worth it for me, in my opinion.

As far as Amazon Music goes, again it’s like a watered-downversion of Apple Music or Spotify.

You’re not gonna get every possible artist and song out there butit’s a decent selection and if you’re looking to just stream music while you’re in your car or while you’re working around the house you’re already paying for Amazon Music as part of your Prime subscription so you might as well use it if you’re looking to play some tunes.

But now we’re gonna getinto the interesting part of this video and talkabout these hidden benefits of Amazon Prime that mostpeople are unaware of and they’re not takingadvantage of in most cases.

Okay so number one on the list here is something called Release Day Shipping.

Now it might not be a huge deal to you but if you are a videogame nerd or a book nerd and you are super into gettingstuff on the day of release if you pre-order stuff online it will show up on yourdoor on that release date, not two days after, not one day after.

You will get it the day it is released with the feature knownas Release Day Shipping.

Number two, the second hiddenbenefit, is Amazon Smile.

Now this is one of thecoolest things in my opinion because I like to give back to charities and I consider myself tobe a pretty giving person.

But you just have to go to Amazon and type in smile.


com and Amazon will automatically donate to the charity of your choice every time you shop with Amazon.

The only caveat here isyou have to always include smile.


com when youare doing your shopping and then you can automatically be donating to a charity of your choiceevery time you shop on Amazon.

The third benefit hasbeen a game changer for me because I like to rent movies on Amazon and do like movie nights once in a while and it is somethingcalled No Rush Shipping.

So obviously if you’rebuying something on Amazon that qualifies for the Prime shipping you’re going to get it atyour door in one to two days but let’s say for exampleit’s something you’re ordering that you don’t need in two days, well you can select somethingcalled No Rush Shipping and in exchange Amazon is going to giveyou a free media credit.

Now it’s usually $1 butdepending on what the item is I’ve seen it range up to ashigh as a $5 media credit by simply delaying theshipping until a later date.

So it’s a way for youto rack up media credits that you can use to buy rentalsand other digital products on the Amazon platform and it’s pretty much aneasy way to get a free movie every once in a while by delayingsome of your Amazon orders and having them shippedat a slightly later date.

The next hidden benefit that most people are not aware of is that you can actually shareyour Amazon Prime membership with another adult in the household as long as you guys have youraccounts linked together.

So if you and your bestfriend who live together or you and your spousewanna shop Amazon together you can link your accountstogether and both take advantage of that same Amazon Prime membership.

You do not need two separate accounts if you both want to be ordering on Amazon.

Now the fifth hidden benefitis an absolute game changer for people who like to take advantage of credit card rewards.

Now I’m just going topreface this by saying it’s not for everybody.

If you’re not responsiblewith credit card use you don’t wanna go outthere and get credit cards to try to get two orthree or even 5% cashback because if you end up carryinga balance on that card you’re gonna be paying, inmost cases, 20+% interest but if you’re familiar withhow the credit card game works you should definitely be interested in the Amazon Prime RewardsSignature Visa Card.

So what it’s going to get you is 5% cashback on any purchasesthat you make on Amazon and this is limited toAmazon Prime members only.

There is a version of thiscard for non Prime members but you only get 3%cashback with that card.

So with the Amazon Primemembership tied in with this card it bumps you up to 5% cashback.

And as an added bonus if you guys don’t alreadyhave this credit card and you’re interested in opening one they are going to give you a completely free $80 Amazon gift card if you are approved for that card.

So if you guys wanna give that a shot and apply for this credit card, that’s going to be linkedup in the description below and if you are approvedfor this credit card you’re going to get that$80 Amazon store credit just as a thank you foropening up that card and then any purchases you make on Amazon you’re gonna get 5% cashback on them.

Okay, so the next benefithas to do with Whole Foods.

A lot of people don’t realize this but Amazon actually owns Whole Foods.

So if you go to a WholeFoods grocery store you’re going to see certainAmazon Prime specials.

There’s going to be a Primelogo next to the price tag and at the checkout you simply have to pullup the app on your phone and have them scan the app and you will get Amazon Primeexclusive deals on groceries that you’re buying at aWhole Foods grocery store.

The next two benefits arenothing to write home about but they are worth noting.

I’m not sure if you guys haveever seen the lightening deals on the Amazon homepage.

They are deals that are offered for a very short period of time but Amazon Prime membersget access to these deals 30 minutes before anybodyelse does on the platform.

And then the other benefitis the Amazon Prime Wardrobe if you are interested inbuying clothing online.

They will essentiallysend you a box of clothes, you try on whatever you want, you mail back what you don’t want, and they’re only going to charge you for whatever you take out of that box.

So it’s a great way totry stuff on at home in the comfort of your own home without going to a department store and seeing if it matcheswith your other clothes or if it fits your style.

The next benefit has todo with cloud storage.

Again, a lot of people donot know this about Amazon but they are a massivecloud storage company and it is one of the waysthat they are making money outside of their traditionalmeans through e-commerce.

So as part of your Amazon Prime membership they offer you completelyunlimited photo storage online.

So if you’re somebodywho has a lot of photos on your computer or youtake a lot of photos you can store all of themin the Amazon Cloud for free and not only that, theyalso give you five gigabytes of completely free storage for your video or other media or documents that you wanna store that are not photos.

So you get free cloud storage for photos and five gigabytes for anything else that you want to store in the cloud.

Another benefit is theAmazon Prime reading.

This is a selection of completelyfree books and magazines that are available foryou to take a look at.

Now the selection ishonestly pretty limited but I have seen occasionallylike Men’s Health Magazine or Good Housekeeping.

So if you are somebody whoreads that type of material this might be a benefit thatyou want to take advantage of.

And then there is Amazon First Reads.

This is a collection of unpublished books that they put out every single month and every Amazon Prime memberis allowed to select one that they get to keep as a digital copy of a book that they canread completely free.

And then through Audible, which is also a company owned by Amazon, there is a selection of audiobooks that you get access to completely free as an Amazon Prime member and you don’t even have tohave an Audible membership to listen to these.

Now it is kinda difficult to find these.

You have to download the Audible app and then link your accounttogether, but once you do that you can listen to theseaudiobooks completely free so it’s another perk youcan take advantage of.

And then finally for peoplewho are interested in gaming, Twitch is another company owned by Amazon and through Twitch, if youhave an Amazon Prime membership you will get access to free games as well as free in-game content and loot not available to anybody else.

But anyways guys, that’sgonna wrap up this video.

Those are the benefits of Amazon Prime including some lesser known benefits that you may have not known about already.

If you didn’t hear aboutsome of these before, drop me a comment down below.

I’m just curious howmany people actually knew about all of these hiddenbenefits to Amazon Prime.

And then as I mentioned earlier, if you do wanna get a free trial just to see if it’sgonna be worth it for you the top link is for a30-day trial of Amazon Prime and if you’re a student makesure you use the student link because you’re going toget a six-month free trial of Amazon Prime.

But thank you guys so muchfor watching this video, I hope you enjoyed it and Iwill see you in the next video.



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