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Accused Vishnu of Cab DriverMurder Case is getting parole Tomorrow there’s an interviewfor hiring lawyers in your firm Whoever is appointedwill get that case.

You know that right? First, let’s see whogets appointed Then we’ll decide, OK? Good Morning everyone, Welcome to Hegde Associates All of you are here tojoin our legal firm.

but there’s good newsand bad news The good news is one of you willsurely get the Job And the bad news is only one individualwill get that job I have an orange in my hand, I’ll give this to you You should pass it to theperson sitting next to you But I want to see, how youpass it as a lawyer Let me see how you’llgive it as a lawyer I’m passing this fruitwhich is in my control to you.

According to me Sorry.

You shouldn’t brag about giving I have already passed it sir I need Basic advantage is thatit’s good for the skin.

I have a lot of problemsat home Before passing it to the nextperson, I’ll take a photo of it Bigger advantage is that itis good for cancer treatment Give me 2 minutes I’ll think and give youa perfect answer You can prepare juice withit and cook a dish with the peel According to IPC Sec 171E Give me 5 minutes sir.

I’ll answer My Mom is admittedin hospital Sir If someone gives me something without any reason, I’ll prove it to be a bribe First, I want a declaration whyyou gave this fruit to me This orange, Your co-workers.



Then I’ll pass it to next person after I get adeclaration from them I want a Bond paper and.



What I intend to notify thepeople present here is.



This fruit is my interest and property Me having the complete rightsof its peel, pulp, juice, seed to drink, eat or use it as I wish.

Would like to pass this fruit with orwithout the Peel, pulp, juice, seed To the person sitting nextto me, to use it anytime anywhere, for any need withmy complete permission Ok, lets move tothe second round An MLA takes funds from the Govtstating he’ll construct 10 Buildings Later he constructs only 1 Building Then he blackmails the siteengineer who visited the location And gets the NOC, stating 10buildings are constructed But, there is no proof that hehas blackmailed the site engineer.

After 5 Years A PIL is registered againstthe site engineer Now that siteengineer is my client what sort ofcase can we register So that the MLA is punished and the site engineeris not punished Very simple Sir We should file a case askinghim to show the 10 Buildings We should treat the constructionworkers as evidence We should contact thecement and sand suppliers Sir we request for raw materialbills and send it for audit Sir let’s calculate the time necessaryfor construction of 10 Buildings and compare it with the time they tookfor construction and then prove it Sir, we can treat theneighbours as witnesses If we do this, our clientwill also be punished.

He threatened meto sign the NOC What if we make the siteengineer to speak the truth? Sir, with all the call recordsof MLA & site engineer we can prove that he hasthreatened our client Sir let’s file a case stating MLAhad constructed all 10 Buildings But.


Within 3 Months of construction, due to poor quality the buildings have collapsed.

Why? Now The MLA has to give the money even if heagrees or disagrees for the constructionof the building What’s your name? Sir actually, he’s my fiancé Really!?You never told me! You better take care.

He’s too good.

Now Both of you work, in the same office Sir, he is intelligentbut not mature enough Boys & winetake time to mature.

Hello Sir Mister?- Mahesh Das Your way of thinking was too good.

– Thank you so much I’m quite impressed- Thank you Sir.


Actually, We have thought ofgiving him a new case right? Our firm is thinking ofstarting a free legal service OK.


So that it helps the poorand backward class people I’ll give you the detailsof it, Shastri.




Yes Sir What is it sir ? Shastri, He is Mahesh Give him the details of.


That family Case sir?- Yes.

Let him study and go through it.


You take that file &meet the family tomorrow Sure sir.


– Then you let me know.

Sure Welcome to Hegde &Hegde Associates Good luck to you- Thank you Sir.

See you later, bye Office! – You said that you’lltalk to your Dad, if I get the case Now that I got the case After you get a big case What is happening here?- what is it Sir? I am asking about the thingthat happened here now.

How can you lie so easily- Lie! Is this an office?- Yes Sir! Oh Shit.

Is this a park? No sir, – this is an office ! I won’t tolerate it, if Isee such behaviour.

Ok? OK Sir.


I don’t like it.

I’m very strict.

Take the file.

– Thank you Sir Don’t make me angry.

Follow me.

He’s confusing me.



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