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you know and even like at school all day and you’re just like losing it that’s what’s happening in my head right now today I thought it’d be cool to do Amazon gift finder I’m trying to buy gifts for other people with this Amazon suggested thing so on this

page you put a gender or age group and then it like suggests a whole bunch of gifts that they think would be good for that category they have like even further it’s like funny tanking gadgets I mean there’s like a bunch of stuff let’s mix it up a

little bit I’m not going to be picking I’m going to be using a number generator choose which one on that page that I actually buy and see if it’s actually a good product so I’m gonna stuff on here is interesting okay so to start let’s just go teen

girl let’s see if they have something a teen girl would want so generate one to one hundred fifty to count 50 no so I think they’re in groups of 4 4 times 12 is 48 I think oh it is right okay so that’s the closest thing alright step

so we’re gonna count 12 and then plus 2 1 2 3 4 5 pull em in 12 okay so this is 48 49 50 okay this is what we’ve got actually okay so I have it something just like this I actually wore it yesterday it is called women’s

cozy tart tin you ready to know what the tartness Tartan blanket it can be a classic drape a shawl a belted poncho an infinity scarf and a handkerchief or side handkerchief so I don’t know what most the differences of that are but I probably just use it as

like a like that whatever that is right there I’m going to pick the color that I want it there’s so many options let’s just go with the original one that I picked this time 92% of people said it fits as expected so feel pretty confident in this so

I put that on my cart we really want to narrow it down to this time okay I’m going to shop for my dad and I’m actually I think I’m gonna put funny just because he always gets gag gifts so alright our number is I’m just gonna keep mixing

in stop okay 7 1 + floor 7 oh wait that’s actually kind of cool so it’s sushi socks but looks like sushi but it sucks like that’s it that’s a cute idea that’s a good gift my dad would actually like that it has four and a half out

of five stars pretty good okay so we’re gonna add that to cart okay moving on to the next person okay let’s do Brooklyn Thunder Tech let’s do taking gadgets that seems like something Brooklyn like right okay our number is 46 that’s gonna need to be 12 no 11

plus 2 you’re really just seeing my horrible math skills right now like that’s all that this is it’s 11 plus 2 what is this I am not paying that much I’m not paying $700 sorry L about all the other ones too are like 20 bucks all right our

number is 20 I know that math is five one two three four five why is this LED glove finger light toys with lights for party why is the point of this that’s Brooklyn’s Christmas kiss kiss Rylan is next so Rylan is a girl fashion and accessory beauty and

makeup unique pop-culture inspirational ok generate 71 that’s going to be 17 plus see nature’s blossom bonsai trinket again it’s actually kind of cool Rylan might be a do this I don’t know you can grow herbal tea pumpkins bonsai exotic vegetables I feel like the woman old row the

best is the succulents okay add the card she is a kid 8 to 12 oh she’s in the older kid group now yeah well let’s just leave it open cuz she likes everything is that okay for you so that’s 10 plus 1 7 8 9 10 plus 1

my remote control car and I can drive over rocks I think but I’m not sure Paisley was really like this question mark yeah she might like it let’s go with it Add to Cart no I don’t want a protection plan for a toy car Dax for sure is

going to be liking building toys education and science gave them puzzles geeky 89 21 22 plus one Oh glow-in-the-dark slime lab I’d like something taksim I like oh wait I forgot mom okay yeah so my mom is like really hard to shop for all right sighs that’s easy

enough so four five my mom would not like it he’s just but right they’re like we’re gonna get them anyway because this is what Amazon so make it so sure that’s good okay we are done those are our items so you know wait for them to get here

I should get your in a couple days because all them are prime we’ll see all right so it is been about a week since I order and I finally have them all the mail so I’m gonna go through and kind of look at them do my first impressions

and then we’re actually gonna go downstairs and give them your actual people alright so to start this one first women stop this is our so and grow seed starter kit this is the one that I ordered for the Ryland I feel like we pretty similar taste so if

I like this and Ryland right okay you see in a couple different box is some fertilizer it’s like these are your seeds something else I don’t know what that is you also get a chance to win a prize you’re feeling lucky everything was pretty nicely labeled the solid

product as far as the Brownells like this I think she definitely would she was into she’s really into succulents and this is a succulent yeah this is something she was like to go okay dad says no this is Paisley’s right yeah no this is stately he’s was totally

and dogs kind of stuff so the acts are totally like both of these and honestly Paisley will love both I mean if I was only buying them for one person not sure which one they would rather prefer it came a lot bigger than I thought I was going

to I thought he’s gonna be a lot smaller dogs kind of shocked and I opened the box my mom’s present this is the one I wasn’t sure about I definitely know that my mom truly wouldn’t like this as a gift and I mean I think if I gave

them to her she would probably like pretend to like them and she might do that on the video but like if I was gonna buy her something I would not buy her these okay my dad I actually think he’s gonna like this like this is probably the best

present it’s so cute in real life too I would enjoy this as a present these are sushi socks I think he’s really gonna like those actually so I only had one back so we’re just gonna take turns so let’s start with you have to tell me if you

like it and like if you’d actually like a pink as a present like okay are you ready yeah oh my you know that’s gonna happen next good do you like it yes so so what I did is Amazon picked that for you so you do think do you

think Amazon did a good job yeah what do you mean what’s yours I didn’t get you a present this is mine yep what do you think yes would you rather have jackson’s or yours so they picked right Amazon then good job yes okay that is it or you

get to tell me your first impressions of the president and if you would actually like it as a president what in the heck are these soft juicy socks I think it’s a cute gag gift I probably wouldn’t wear it no I don’t first of all I’m not a

big sushi fan other sides are cool I think they I thought they are goes ooh I bet you like this little bottle it’s something that comes in sushi I don’t know I thought you’d love this doesn’t always give me news presents like that yeah you know I don’t

really love fishy things Amazon picked this present for you do you think they were accurate I love socks so yeah I give it a half star out of once okay okay mom I’m your president okay I didn’t pick this president if I was gonna invite you something it

would not be this because it’s already no I’m not I know you’re not gonna like it it’s just not practical love no what no there are more words there’s no but they they’re gloves I mean that’s not practical yeah oh it has a thumb hole okay okay so

I mean I can see this this is kind of cute but you wouldn’t ever wear you wouldn’t wear it outside if you were worried why I don’t think you would ever wear that like if you’re at your computer yeah if you’re in the office you’re such a lie

you would never use it it’s so Amazon did a bad job I’m going to start wearing them and see if I can create a trend okay I’m [Music] technology so I set like all the settings for that and that’s what it did a horrible job for you yeah

it’s in your press person oh I forgot like oh like those seven different things or something in the picture that’s what it said I really like out of anyone in the family I would be the one I know it’s like was the most accurate purchase oh wow game

is on picked well yeah would you actually like that present real life I mean like maybe this one like something else you know just one yeah I’m not start but yeah this is great okay so when I went okay so overall I think the general consensus was it’s

better just to pick your own gifts based on what you think people like rather than going off Amazon it does come up with some good ideas but they weren’t completely accurate for every person they had some good presents in there I’m still shocked at my guy didn’t like

his socks cuz I thought that was so good it was fine to test but I don’t think it worked as well so I was going to so coulda just been the number generator thing like if I was just going through those pages of looking for something for Brooklyn

I probably could have found something a lot better because I was using that I’m generator and it was already picked that kind of smite up and what was wrong with this thank you guys so much for watching this video hopefully you enjoyed if you did make sure you

subscribe and I’ll see you guys next week



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