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– Welcome to a tutorial video for our Review Request Automator.

This is a wonderfultool that allows you to reach out to customersand request for reviews, but this is key here, withinAmazon’s terms of service using the platform that they provide inside of Seller Central to reach out to yourcustomers for reviews.

This is a wonderful toolthat you should be using in conjunction with Email Automator.

Email Automator is gonna allow you to reach out to customers, start a conversation, provide them withmaterials they might need, and then the Review Request Automator is going to allow you toautomate the review request that you send to yourcustomers on past orders within the custom setup that you choose inside of Seller Central.

We’re gonna see how it works, jump into the tool right now.

Let’s check it out.

Now one interesting thing aboutthis tool that you’ll notice is that it’s actually notinside of your ZonGuru account.

What is cool about this is ifyou have the Chrome extension you automatically have access to the Review Request Automator.

So you’re definitely gonna wanna make sure if you don’t have it yet that you download the Chrome extension.

Because once you do so, when you go into yourSeller Central account and you go into your Manage Orders page, you’re gonna see specificbuttons built into the page seamlessly that will allowyou to bulk Review Request to your customers withincertain parameters.

So let’s go ahead and see how it works on a more minute detail.

As you can see here, we’reinside of our Manage Orders page for just a dummy selleraccount that we have set up.

We’re selling pretty lowvolume products for this, but it’s just a way for us toshow the product in action.

And what you can see here is up at the top a few different buttons.

The Auto Request Reviews, which if you click on this it’s going to send reviewrequests within Amazon’s platform, within their Review Request platform on all of the orders that we have selected inside of this time period.

So we have the last 30 days selected.

If we hit this button, it’sgoing to auto request reviews for all 30 days worth of order, which it looks like we have 34 here.

You also have the abilityto request a review on individual orders.

And all you would needto do is, of course, is click on “Request aReview” for that one order.

And you’re gonna see herethat we’ve already sent a review request for this order.

What’s really cool about this tool is that you try to request a reviewa second or third time, we’re not gonna send it, we’re only gonna send it once, which is within Amazon’s terms of service.

Really important to note here, there’s a couple instanceswhere we’re not going to send a review request and it’sin your best interest.

And that is for refunded orders.

If somebody issues a refund, they weren’t happy with their product, you certainly don’twanna ask for a review.

And then also for orders that maybe haven’t beenshipped yet, are pending, or were sent from a differentfulfillment channel.

Where you’re probably gonna wanna start is by doing this at a bulk level, not clicking each individual order’s “Review Request” button.

To do that, it’s really simple, you just select the timeperiod that you want, like I’ve done here, the last 30 days.

I’m gonna click “Auto Request Reviews” and you’re gonna see it’sjust going down the line, each individual order, clicking the button for us and just saving us a bunch of time.

This is really, really importantif say you do, you know, do large volumes across multiple skews, you don’t have time even to pay a VA, to click these buttonsfor you individually.

We do it for you.

So as you can see, we’ve already completed all 34 of these Review Requests.

As we scroll down, itlooks like many of them were successful or we’ve already sent, or perhaps we’re skippingbecause of a refund.

You can always see thereasons why we did or did not send the Review Request email.

And this tool right now is available in all marketplaces thatwe currently support.

All North American, all European, and the Australian marketplaceswhich is very, very cool.

So get in there right now, go ahead and start reaching out to your customers for reviews.

It’s gonna lead to a higher review rate for your products absolutely.

And you should one hundredpercent be using this side by side with Email Automator.

Use Email Automator in a wayto reach our to your customers, communicate to them.

Any materials that you think is necessary, that falls withinAmazon’s terms of service, but really get across your company’s tone, contact information for your company, and just begin to tell your story and let your customer know that you’re happy that they order from you and maybe some deliveryoptions or timelines or any other relevant information.

But then make sure to usethe Review Request Automator to request those reviews automatically inside of Seller Central withinAmazon’s terms of service.

If you have any questions about this tool, go ahead and reach outto [email protected]

com and we’ll be happy to help you there.

Good luck, and happy selling.



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