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hi I’m Dom and this is Jim and we arehere with the Google Nest mini and the Amazon echo dot with clock and we wantedto set these two sort of entry levels smart speakers side-by-side head-to-headsee which one is better which one makes the better entry point for therespective Google on Amazon smart home ecosystems and with that talked a littlebit about those two systems and maybe which one you’re better off buying intoif you’re kind new to all this smart home stuff so Jim what have you gotthere so this is the new echoed up with clock and it’s basically an echo dotthree but with a clock so there’s a display hopefully you can see that onthe front and it makes it a much better product if you’re going to put it onyour nightstand your bedside table without a clock on there you can’t seethe time so one of the things that people always ask a lecture is what’sthe time and so it makes sense to have that display on there yep and then thisis the Google Nest Mini which is the follow up to the Google home Mini ifthat sounds confusing Google’s basically decided to slowly rebrand all of itsGoogle home products into Google Nest so you’ll see a bit of a mix on themarket right now some things are home some things a nest some things havechanged name the Google home hub became a Google Nest hub this is basicallyGoogle home Mini two very similar to the first time mini though and so this is at49 pounds or $49 us at the regular echo 3 is the exact same price and our clockmodel here is 10 bucks more 10 bucks more yeah so you get your display andthat’s the that’s the only difference just to get that little screen whichmakes sense so price-wise they’re really similar other than paying an extra 10 ifyou want the clock model but you can use of 50 dollars versus 50 dollars for thetwo sort of entry-level speakers and it’s worth noting as well they arealways less than that I mean because there’s kind of especially the nest miniis brand new so it’s still around 50 but Black Friday it’s definitely gonna drawthe original home in he spent a lot of its time at 35 or 40 dollars the echodot is often around the 3035 mark yeah shocking yeah generally speaking don’tbuy them at full price wave them to drop because they 100% willso what is it in them I mean as we look side by side they are pretty similarthings that about the same size the Google clocks in a little bit smallerit’s just a little bit shorter but no all in it they’re both things that willhappily sit on a bedside table tucked on the top of some shelves in your livingroom sitting on a little shelf or like cabinet in a hallway anything like thatexactly yeah they’re pretty much go anywhere that you need them to as longas they’ve got that socket power socket nearby yeah that’s one thing they’re notbattery-powered so you can see we’ve got our trailing power cables you do needthem to be plugged in all the time one that alleged actually the nest mini hasnow I don’t think that dot has but correct me if I’m wrong is where thenest mini Google has introduced a little wall mounting bit on the bottom which isvery simple it’s just in an indentation so that if you put a nail in the wallyou can hang it on the nail that’s all it comes down to you with thewith the echo dot you’ll often find for sale on Amazon third-party mounts whichallows you to sort of sit it on yeah either on the wall or directly on thesocket yeah it’s interesting actually I will mention at this point that Amazonyes kind of addressed that by releasing an entirely new model called the echoflex which is even cheaper and that will plug directly into a socket yeahjust sits in the socket there this is not really meant for wall mounting it’smeant for a shelf yeah right other than that they both have this kind of fabrickey finish with Google it goes all over the top on the amazon it just runsaround the side and so it’s a kind of plastic ease silicone atop I don’t likewhere it is yeah it’s plastic but it feels nice and smooth and yeah you gotyour buttons on there so we’ll just show the camera yep you’ve got your standardfour buttons you’ve got volume we’ve we’ve got the mics muted because wedon’t want the assistants piping up which is why there’s the red ring allthe way when normally be there so that’s it yeah very simple for microphones forfar for your microphone so I’ll pick up your voice from yeah across the roomeven when there’s music playing and what’s that that the select button is sothat you can actually sort of talk to Alexa invoke Alexaout saying I like loud music you’re buying you can just press it yeahautomatically listen to you cool so your mode then the nest mini is comparativelybutton free there’s not a lot going on there there’s one physical switch whichis here which is the microphone mute as with the electric we’ve got a mutedright now and then there’s little side LEDs for the volume controls yes asmoother look isn’t it I think this is slightly more practical because you canactually just see them if you want the the more yeah I think minimal look thenthis looks nicer but there’s maybe a user friendliness exactly that’s whatthe echo has basically you know exactly where you’re going you’re not standingout in the dark the next movie now has a thing where if you sort of wave yourhand over it it sort of half works that it should light up the volume LEDs youcan see them but it’s not doing it right now it’s just showing those red LEDsshow the mic is muted right and the other feature which is brand new on thisis that you can because it’s an alarm clock you can just tap the top to justmove nice give you an extra five minutes but because it uses the mics to hearwhen you’ve hit it it means that if I were muted that feature doesn’t workshe’s not actually touch sense it’s not touch sensitive it’s lit using the micsI like that’s quite clever yeah this is other than that physically speak interms of the controls yet they’re pretty similar there’s one thing that I can seefrom here that you guys can’t that the echo dot has that the nest mini doesn’twhich is an aux out pool so you can do hey we can just turn it round yet sothere’s a little port about there is no comparable portman as mini all thatmeans is if you want to plug the echo dot into another speaker for music youcan do both of them will do that over Bluetooth both of them will also do itover sort of Wi-Fi two speakers with other speakers within their smartspeaker ecosystem you can do sort of speaker groups and stuff and also youcan do multi room playback on your system so if you wanted to play musicfrom whichever service you’re streaming it from you would be able to play thatin sync on the different devices but they both support that yeahand then the only other physical difference are two other physicaluntil I can think of between these two in terms of hardware really one you kindof mentioned already Jim you said that the dot has four mics in it forlistening to your voice yeah the nest mini only has three and in factthe whole mini only had two so in theory the echo thought might be a little bitbetter about picking your voice up as you’re sort of in an odd bit of the rooma bit further away around a corner other noise in the room that sort ofthing I’ve generally found actually the nest mini has been very good for that soI wouldn’t worry about that too much if you know your house is really noisy orif you know you’ve got a spot where you like to stand in the kitchen and shoutround the corner to the smart speaker that might be an edge for the echo dotand the other small thing is the nest mini now has a machine-learning chipinside so it’s doing a lot of the language processing on device ratherthan in the cloud there’s a couple things there one it means it’s a littlebit faster to if your privacy conscious I mean these probably aren’t the rightproducts for you if you’re super privacy conscious if you are it means that thelanguage processing is being done on device rather than sent up into thecloud now so you’re you know the clips are your your voice on but I still thinkthey get sent to Google anyway so I don’t think it makes a huge difference can you actually ask this where it won’tsend it out to Google I think the difference is that it will alwaysprocess your language offline figures out what you’re saying offline obviouslyif you’re asking about the time or the weather or for what something isanything it needs to check the internet to get the answer for it’s just thatI’ll recheck the internet to do that but it figures out what you mean on deviceright well it’s pretty impressive for $49.

99 yeah I suppose we should talkvery briefly about sound quality yes obviously we can’t play them to youbecause you’ll just be hearing them through our microphones so that doesn’treally tell you about how good they sound but is I can tell you that the theecho dot is very good if you want to listen to music and you’re not toodemanding in an audiophile then you’re going to be pretty happy listening tomusic streaming through this podcasts radio yeah it sounds pretty good for thesize and I’d say it’s the same with the nest mini I think that wasn’t the casefor the original home mini it was pretty lackluster from an audioperspective the whole mini is much better so the nest mini the new modelthat we got here is much better again it’s not for an audiophile it’s notgonna fill a large bedroom and if you have other speakers in the house you’reprobably going to prefer to hook it up to them over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi orwhatever ah if it’s for a small room or if you’re someone who’s just not reallythat fussy an audio quality it will do the job it is more than loud enough andit sounds fine isn’t there’s not a lot of bass understandably there’s smallproducts but they sound okay yeah exactly yeah but in a way the somehelpful advice because basically there’s not much to choose from between them Ithink if you know you want a wider audio out that’s a good reason to go with anecho dot or a clock or the echo dot will clock and if you know you prefer thosephysical buttons that’s an edge there yeah I think aesthetically it’s gonna bepreference I prefer the way the nest because this comes in different colorsyeah you get sort of they’ve got city names but they’re basically pod on tosort of white light gray thing a very dark gray almost black this orangeypinky coral and then a light blue that’s called sky and against it sort of all inthat finish interesting enough with the echo dot with clock there is but onechoice at the moment this is the only color it comes in if you go for the echodot three with with no clock then you do have a choice of three colors this kindof I think this is called sandstone is great there’s also the charcoal onewhich is basically great yeah and there’s no real adventurous colors likelike that way to be honest I think it’s just gonna sit fairly unobtrusively onyour shelf or on your table so they’re both designed to be tucked away so it’sjust which one you think will look nicer tucked away and whatever corner if yourroom you want to do it so in a way then the actual decision isn’t which of thesetwo by its which ecosystem you wanna be part of do you want to go buy intoGoogle or into Amazon so we’re gonna break that down a little bit and justquickly run through the pros and cons of the different sides of it and whatyou’re looking at so first up is the rest of the product range on Googlethat’s fairly simple there actually aren’t that many nest or home devicesthere’s a larger Google home and they google her max that’s evenbigger and louder and then there’s the nest hub and the nest hub max whichabout smart displays they’ve got the same voice assistant but they also havea touchscreen which you can use to watch YouTube see sort of step by step recipeinstructions stuff like that there’s then also the nest thermostat stuffthough it doesn’t actually have the voice assistant built-in so the brandingwise it’s confusing I’m confident there’s gonna be a nest thermostat withthe Google assistant built-in before long but not yet Jim the echo range is abit more expensive well I almost need this like a big cheatsheet here but yeah easy way so many different models however obviously youcan go and look at Amazon’s website to see the whole range in its glory but itgoes right from that $24.

99 echo flex yes it’s the one that plugs straightinto the wall through to the echo dot then the echo dot with clock then you’vegot the regular echo yep echo 3 now yep which is basically last year’s echo pluswith yep without the built-in ZigBee hub yeah you don’t have the Smart Hub thenyou’ve got the echo cloth yep but alongside this you’ve got the echo showsso you’ve got a bigger studio coming and the echo studio so the echo studio isthere I suppose it’s the the closest rival is the no max I’m max you’ve alsogot the ones with screens so you’ve got three sizes of echo show to choose fromfrom the five and a half inch which is good for your bedside table sort of abit like an alternative to this and not very much more money then you’ve got the8 inch one which is the new the latest one and then you’ve got the 10 inch oneyep and the audio quality improves as you go up as green as your screen yesyeah and then you get thrown into like Amazon just has a huge range of otherecho stuff you can get in like echo microwave you can get an echo wall clockand it you can get all sorts and it’s only gonna keep expanding I mean at thatset time event they unveiled so many echo fueled products and if we’re tobelieve that they’re gonna actually make it then there’s a ring with Alexa B insmart glasses yeah the range is enormous so if you are if you’re consideringwhich system to go for and certainly in terms of breath ofchoice yep and hammerstone has it there there’s a lot more products to opt intothough one other note to note on that is that there’s also more partnerships withother companies so you can look outside of the existing product ranges andactually say when we talk about Google only having two sides of smart displaythat’s true but there’s also the Lenovo smart display and the no very smartclock so between that’s another three sizes and they just run Google systemand then there are lots of smart speakers now that come with either Alexaor Google assistant or sometimes both built-in so you can you you you shouldlook to other audio manufacturers especially it’s more prominent on thespeaker front you don’t have to buy the first party one to get a speaker thathas the voice assistant go in it is also worth bearing in mind that you don’talways get exactly the same no features so one of the things I’ve noticedparticularly with devices who have Alexa built in is that they may notnecessarily be able to be joined as part of the multi-room Oh bitch I have thesame iris on us that runs the Google assistant but you can’t form a speakergroup between the Sonos and the main Google home speakers so you gotta watchout for the old captures that when you go for those third party you can’t beguaranteed the exact same experience and I would say to be fairAmazon also has a little edge there in terms of those partnerships becausethings like you look at so nas right now so Niles supports both Alexa and Googleassistant but it got the Alexa support about six months earlier something likethat even though they were announced at the same time and I think that’s whatwe’ll see I mean as we’ll talk now about the rest of the sort of kin battles momstuff but they both companies have been very aggressive in forming partnershipswith other companies to build a lecture and Google assistant support right intosmart home products and they’re almost neck and neck but I think maybe there’sjust a few more out there with Alexa or maybe more of them put a lecture infirst in Google and second that kind of thing there seem to be the case and theway that Amazon has done it with Alexa is by skills so developers can choose tobuild their own compatibility with a lecture if you like yep and so thatmeans that they can often do it quicker yeah I’m not exactly sure how it workswe with Google but I’ve certainly foundthat there is there seems to be a bigger range of products that are compatiblewith the lexer and even if it isn’t bigger you tend to find thatcompatibility first there are also more sort of Alexa skills you can get theUntied to products yeah you can sort of add new functionality onto a lexer andsort of say lots of media companies and new services using a lexer to do specialbroadcasts and things like that that you just don’t get with the Google assistantexperience where it’s really much more product lead they have a lot ofpartnerships with smart home companies so you know you can link up your robotvacuum you can link up your smart light bulbs you can link up your almostanything else pretty much your cat or whatever but that kind of having othercompanies that having other things you can add to yield of your smart assistantthat aren’t tied to a thing you ought yes also wins with yeah with Alexa andthe skills you can enable games so you can play games on a lexer yep a lot ofdifferent things and yeah because they effectively like little apps the qualitydoes vary they’re not they’re not Amazon’s own so you might try somebarrels they’re pretty much all free although that some of them now do havein skill purchasing yet so you got to watch out for that but you the kidsmight have been free you can try them out if you don’t like him just disablethem again so if probably a good chance to actuallytalk about the assistance in general what how they compared because that’sgonna be a main port sort of all the way through is basically you’re talking toeither the Google assistant or to Alexa so is there any difference between themthere is a difference between them and the main difference is that Googleassisting ties into all of Google services yes so it can be better whenyou ask her certain things with with Alexa she’s not as good at generalknowledge okay um she can answer questions which are effectively kind ofWikipedia pages yep and she’s pretty hot on local opening and closing times yeahum your you’ll be a little bit frustrated sometimes when you think oh Icould just ask Alexa this and she just says I don’t know that yeah I can’t helpyou I shall convert centimeters into in and all sorts of other things for youyeah we’re as good was the edge of being tied into the Google search engine intoall of the data that’s in Google Maps stuff like that so there yeah there aresometimes Google with the edge I think also that also ties into like part ofwhy I personally as Google I actually had an echo dot I think the 2nd gen echodot and I switched to the Google home stuff just because it ties into all theGoogle Apps better I use Gmail I use Google Calendar I use Google music andhaving the Google assistant just links all those things together reallyseamlessly so Google has that software ecosystem that’s a big edge and there’snothing comparable for Amazon no one’s using Amazon email they’re examples ofmusic but most people aren’t using it or if they do it’s only because it’s whatcomes with the echo so there’s not quite the same sense of it tying into all therest of your digital life seriously on that last point I’d actually slightlydisagree about Amazon music because Amazon music comes as part of AmazonPrime so as part of your Prime subscription that’s trueyou get Amazon music so it’s kind of like your if you if you like primarylight love getting your amaz and stuff delivered quickly then it’s you couldconsider that the Amazon music comes free on top of that yeah and while itisn’t the same as the Amazon Music Unlimited subscription which is the full40 or 50 million tracks it’s still a good subset and it’s certainly I thinkone of the things that people use these type of devices for most is listening tomusic and people love just being able to say Alexa play yep whatever music theywant to listen to so that is a music is definitely a big part of it yeah forsure it’s super important and that is literally the reason I switch to Googlewas I use google play music I needed a small speaker that would do it like theecho dot will not play off Google Play Music new Google but the whole minionnow nest mini will and that was a massive deal-breaker for meyeah with you to music I am expecting that to be the exact same fear they doboth support Spotify though which I appreciate is probably how most peopleare listening to their music if they’re streaming so if you’re on Spotify it’skind of platform ambivalent they’re both totally friendly with Spotifyso the the echo will also play Apple music yes true I actually don’t know ifthe Google does I don’t believe it the Google how manyor any Google home support Apple music and if you happen to be a kind of splitbetween Apple and Alexa devices echo devices then it’s a friendlier fit withall the serious stuff the exact yeah so obviously music is what you’re tryingto hear but then there’s also things like video content that you’ve got tothink about because if you’re going to go into one of these ecosystems you thenmay eventually want something with a screen on it and you may want to be ableto watch stuff on that so that’s the last little bit of the subscriptionservice puzzle to really think about is where you sit in that space which thingslike well if you already have Amazon Prime so you watch lots through AmazonPrime and use that for your TV then maybe it makes more sense to go intoEcco because then when you get an echo show it will play nicely with that onthe other hand YouTube is the big sort of edge that Google has because there’sif there’s one thing you can be guaranteed it’s that any Google productwill always happily play YouTube as long as it’s got a screen it has been veryup-and-down for Amazon it has and confusingly even though YouTube is nowback on fire TV yeah it is not on the show sure yeah so you can watch it in akind of a very convoluted way by using the web browser yeah it’s really notworth it I mean you cannot compare it with the convenience of it on the nesthub which so that is a big edge because especially because I think for thosesmall displays you’re not really gonna watch TV on them except maybe I don’tknow putting a soap opera on while you cook or something like that but forYouTube that’s a that’s a big thing being able to look up recipe videosbeing able to watch music videos well while you cook or just like on yourbedside table or whatever that’s a big use case for those displays and Googlehas a massive edge there so if you think that’s something you might want to do inthe future that’s maybe a reason to go down the Google path because it’s alwaysgonna be a better for that basically I think the point we’re trying to make issimply that you you do have to think a little bit beyond the devices themselvesso this is as we said the entry point into the ranges but once you’ve decidedon which sort of range you’re going to pick then you have to stick with thatrange you can’t really mix and match it’s quite expensive to go back yeahtrying to do both is a nightmare you’ve got to be one of the other andof course it does like Dom said depend on the services you currently use yeahand which is a better fit for everything you use do you already subscribe toAmazon Prime are you going to keep subscribing for the next few years yeahand do you keep you know with are you more of a a Netflix guy or do you haveAmazon Prime videos yeah yeah so it’s a mess I think it is the one of the upshotof that is they’re both very good you’ll probably be pretty happy whichever oneyou go for as long as you make sure those big services you know you lovewhether that Amazon Prime TV whether that’s YouTube whether that’s Googleplay music or Amazon music or Apple music then make sure you get the thingthat supports those big services you know you use you know you can’t livewithout the rest of it will fall into place and you’d be happy with eitherplatform I think so if you want an answer to the question which one isbetter from these two devices then actually it’s a much bigger questionyeah but they’re both basically as good as each other but you have to thinkbeyond that into the services as we’ve said so honey if you ask me here’s thenest I’m gonna Lex a guy like and subscribe hit the notification bell tomake sure you see all the latest videos from us and thanks for watching let usknow in the comments if you got any questions.



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