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Amazon’s a massive company.

And there’stons of ways to earn money working from home with Amazon and have them pay youmoney.

And I’m going to be going over 5 of the best ways that you can make moneyworking from home with Amazon.

The 5 ways I’m going to go over our surveysselling on Amazon, handmade crafts, writing and marketing Amazon products.

And I’ll be going over all of these on my computer and showing you where youcan find and sign up and start doing this to make money from home and have anAmazon pay it.

Let’s get into it.

Boom! Amazon is like.



I think it’s like atrillion dollar company now and there’s a lot of ways you can work with Amazon.

Most of the products they’re selling on their site are not their own.

And I’llshow you how you can make money working with Amazon.

Now, the first is prettyinteresting.

It’s surveys.

I’ll be going on my computer and showing you all ofthese.

The second is selling products.

All of the products on Amazon.

Almost all ofthem like 90 some percent are from other third-party sellers and I’ll show youhow you can sign up to do that.

You can also make money doing handmade craftsand posting them on Amazon.

Really cool new opportunity to make money withAmazon.

The fourth method is writing.

Writing books for the Kindle andpublishing them through Amazon.

You don’t need to have a big literary agent to dothis and also marketing Amazon’s products.

Amazon’saffiliate program called Amazon Associates is one of the biggestaffiliate programs in the world.

If not, the biggest.

And it’s actually one that Iuse.

And I’ll explain how you can use this in a little bit when we get tonumber 5.

Let’s get into it.

Cool! So, here we are on Amazon.

And to find theseways of making money, you can go down.

If you actually scroll down to the footerhere, we scroll all the way down on Amazon.

You’ll see there’s an entiresection that says “Make Money with Us”, okay? Make Money with Us right here.

Andthese are all ways that you can make money with Amazon.

And these are thethings that we’ll be discussing of how you can make money with Amazon.

Now, thefirst method of making money with Amazon is called Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Andthis is.



This is actually pretty interesting.

It’s actually totallyseparate from their marketplace.

But it’s a way you can dosurveys and other very basic tasks to earn money from Amazon.

So, Amazon hastens of thousands of people signed up to be their internet workforce.

Now, this isreally the best method if you are from a very foreign country and you have noskills or you just want to make a little extra money on the side.

You won’t makemuch but you can sign up as worker right here.

See? Looking to work on tasks.

Right up there and you have flexibility and you can work for you know do surveysand whatnot for lots of companies.

So, let’s click sign in as a worker.

So, hereI am on Amazon Mechanical Turk.

And as you see, it’s really small up here andyou get a worker ID and you do very basic tasks.

As you see, here all thedifferent tasks you can do.

And they don’t pay much.

Here’s a task that pays apenny or 9 cents or 4 cents, 5 cents, 8 cents, 25 cents.

And youhonestly can’t make much but it’s easy.

And you don’t need any skills whatsoeverto do this.

Now, here’s an example.

Image title description.

So let’s click on.



Let’s find.



Let’s do this one.

Just the very basic one.

Oh, here’s one that pays10 cents, okay? So, 10 cents and it says, “Draw a 3d shapes.

“So, let’s say accept and work.

So, here you get a bunch of instructions it says youmust pass this quiz in order to proceed to real annotations.

There’s instructionshere and it’s they’re called hits.

So they’re called human intelligence tasks.

These are tasks that require human intelligence.

So now, it gives you theinstruction for each tasks.

It says you will earn $1 uponpassing the tutorial.

And upon completing one real annotation task, you can retakethe quiz and fail up to 3 times.

And for each annotation task, you will earn10 cents to 70 cents per task.

So you can make a little extra money on theside.

And as you see here, what it tells you to do is to make 3d shapes aroundobjects.

So, basically, you just trace the objects and you’re creating 3d shapesaround them.

Like so.

So again, it doesn’t require much.



You know, it doesn’t requiremuch intelligence but there is.



You know, they have tutorials and they show youhow you can do these things and they have a few videos for you tooto show you exactly how to do the task.

Now, I’m not actually going to do thetask here.

If you’re interested in doing these tasks, you can sign on toMechanical Turk and start doing them.

It’s free, it’s easy and there’sthousands and thousands and thousands.

There’s tons of tasks which you can do.

And you can do many of these tasks over and over and over again.

When they say, “They’ll pay 3 cents for each task, usually you can do that tasks hundredsof times and earn that money.

” But again, you’re not going to get paid a lot.

So, it’s it’s not a great way to make money but it is still a way to makemoney with Amazon.

Now, the second way to earn money with Amazon is a huge way.

Andthat’s selling on Amazon.

What’s called Amazon or Amazon FBA.

Now, if we look onAmazon, the number one way to make money with Amazon is selling on Amazon righthere, okay? So, great way to sell on Amazon.

And if we look here, you know, a lot ofbusinesses make a lot of money selling on Amazon.

Now, to start selling on Amazon, you need to pay a little bit of money.

You have to pay $39 a month, okay? $39 amonth if you see that right here.

$39 a month is the bare minimumthat just goes to Amazon.

I think that’s to verify you’re a real person.

And youcan reach.



I mean the benefits are obvious.

You reach hundreds of millionsof users.

They will.



You even fulfill.

Its called fulfillment by Amazonwhat’s called F-B-A.

So you can simply ship all of the products to one ofAmazon’s warehouses and they will send out.



They will do the shipping thelabeling, everything for you very easily.

Okay? And that’s I believe an additionalcost of something like $99 per month.

And yeah, you’ll justget your product seen by hundreds of millions of people on Amazon.

So, this isa great way to start selling.

If you are interested in learning more aboutselling on Amazon, I have a free playlist a free mini course on how to start anAmazon FBA business on my channel homepage.

Make sure to go to my channeland subscribe and check out this playlist from my friend Tanner J Foxabout how he sells on Amazon it makes over something like a hundred thousanddollars a month or something crazy selling products on Amazon.

He’ll go overkind of how to select products to sell how to find competitive niches thataren’t saturated.

How to price your products and all the different settingsyou can do to start really making big money selling on Amazon.

But it’s.



It’s a complex business model.

But to make the big money, but there are ways todo it and you can learn a lot of them online and on YouTube for free.

The third way to sell on Amazon is handcrafted goods.

Now, that’s prettyinteresting.

You can sell just personalized customized handcraftedproducts on Amazon.

Now, what this is called is this is called Amazon handmade.

And again, it’s for artisans.

If you can create you know sweaters or wool caps orwhatever it is you want, you can sell those goods online.

Now, what you do tostart selling Amazon handmade goods is you simply go down to the footer.

Again, where it says Make Money with Us.

And you click on sell on Amazon handmade rightthere.

Okay? So, right over there is where you click and you’ll be taken to thispage which is Amazon services handmade.

You can reach once again, millions ofcustomers with Amazon handmade.

You can click to apply to sell right there toget started, creating an account and filling out theinformation of you know.



And uploading pictures of the products that you wouldwant to be selling.

Choose your category and all that good stuff.

So, now the wayit works is you are basically charged 15% fee of whatever you sell online.

Let’s say you sell a sweater for $100, Amazon will take 15% of that.

That’s howmy Amazon makes money.

So, you will receive $85.

Now, additionally, if you want Amazon to actually ship and you know label and doall the packaging and the processing for whatever goods that you’re selling, youcan also work with Amazon FBA which is fulfillment by Amazon.

And literally letthem just handle all parts of the business so you can just make sweaters, send them to Amazon and have Amazon do all of the dirty work behind the scenesof shipping and writing labels.

So really, you get focused on doing what you dobest as an artisan creating handmade goods.

This is a really easy way.

Amazon makes more money.

You know they make a higherpercentage when they do the fulfillment.

Again, there’s a reason that Jeff Bezosis like worth 100 million.



100 billion, sorry.

100 billion dollars even after his divorce but that’s because Amazon youknow, it works.

And it helps you reach customers so they can charge for it.

Now, the fourth way to make money with Amazon is writing books and publishing themdigitally on the Amazon Kindle platform.

Simply being a writer.

And what’s reallygreat is there ways to be a writer on Amazon without actually even having tohave a big following as an author yet.

I don’t know all the tips and tricks tocreate you know ebooks and getting them to rankhigher.

There are videos from friends of mine like Stefan James and what have youthat show you how you can create you know, the real dirty tricks to create aKindle business.

But one of the big things is you want to do them aroundkeywords that people search for.

You know, whether that’s you know how to build adesert garden or how to be a truck driver or how to make money online orhow to invest your money, etc.

You know, things that people are searching for isthe key to really getting those self-published books on Kindle.

Andyou’ll see right here, you don’t even need to pay for a print a printer toprint out books free.

You can literally just self publish with Amazon and it’sall digital and you just sit back and you write books and you make money withAmazon.

And that’s Amazon.



What does it called? Something like that –Amazon Kindleor Amazon printing.

So, you can publish to Kindle and you can earn royalties up to70%.

So now, if you’re selling books for $10, you would make$7 of that and Amazon would make 3.

But you can also do withAmazon is you can do what’s called publish to print or publish to audio.

So, you can actually have Amazon you know, if you write a book, you can have Amazonprint the book for you on-demand.

So they’ll do all the you know, they’llput the cover on, they’ll print it on two pages like this.

And they’ll actuallyship the book for you.

They’ll do everything.

So, it’s very easy to be awriter and self-published nowadays.

And you can even create audio versions ofyour book which is really exciting and a great way to get started as a writer.

It’s never been easier to start as a writer.

Now, the fifth way to make moneywith Amazon working from home is actually marketing Amazon’s products.

Now, Amazon will pay you up to 10% referral fee if you get people using or buyingproducts from their site.

Just simply by marketing a link.

Now, you’ll find theAmazon affiliate program at the bottom.

And it says, Becomean Affiliate”.

Once again, it’s under the heading Make Money with Us.

You just godown and right there become an affiliate.

You click on that and you can get accessto Amazon.



What’s called Amazon Associates.

Now, what you’ll see on AmazonAssociates is you know, some information.

You can join for free.

Now, I’m not aware.



I’m not sure if Amazon Associates is available to all countries around theworld.

But it is available and I just haven’t tested in all countries, right?But you would join for free.

They don’t charge them anything to advertise theirproducts and you can earn up to 10% advertising fees with the most trustedplatform online.

10% is a great deal of money.

And I’m going to show you someexamples of how people earn money with this.

And it’s very simple.

You join, youget a link and you advertise that link and earn money.

Now, how AmazonAssociates works is you know, you would search for something in Amazon and I’mjust going to find a book that I’m actually currently reading called by my favoriteauthor Neal Stephenson Fall Or Dodge In Hell.

A novel.

I’ll click on that and wewill see.

Here’s the book.

It’s about a thousand pages long.

Like, you know, if anyof you read this book, I mean my hats off to you.

You are awesome.

But I’m notactually going to buy it.

You’ll see it retails for $19.

I’m going to to go uphere.

And when you are an associate of Amazon affiliate you get this thingcalled site strike.

See that right here Amazon site Strike.

And you click thisbutton which says, Get Link, okay? And you will get your affiliate link right here.

I’m going to highlight it, copy.

And now it’s my job to market it.

And if people buyfrom my link, if they click on my link and buy the book, then I will earn up to10% commissions so up to $2.

Because it’s a $20.

You see it’s a $20book.

Now, how I would market it, I’d market it through the samechannels everybody else would.

You know, Facebook, Instagram, Google.

Youmight put up a blog post on Google.

Put up a a post on Facebook.

I could put up ayou know.



Put the link in my description on the Instagram profile.

Or I could putit underneath a YouTube video.

Let’s say we’re to do a review or something likethat of this book.

I put the link and I’d say, “Hey, if you’re interested inbuying this book, you know, click the link in the description.

” So, there’s a lot ofways to market this link.

That’s what your job as a marketer if you’re goingto do this business model.

Now, let me show you an example real quick of alarge affiliate of Amazon.

So, anybody here followed Peter McKinnon? Let me knowif you do.

He’s a.



He’s a big YouTuber.

As you see, he focuses on the photographyniche.

He focuses on photography and videography.

And as you see, he’s gotbeautiful visuals in all of his.



In all of his videos.

And he also helps teachpeople how to do interesting editing, tricks and whatnot.

You really.



You know, really for people who are interested in photography and videography as a youknow, as a business or a hobby.

Now, he has 3 million subscribers.

But what’s ofinterest to us is how he makes money.

And we’re going to click on this video righthere.

And we’re going to look in the description.

We’re going to click show morein the description of this video which has over one and a half million views.

Now, as you see, he shows all of the equipment that he uses to makethis beautiful.

Beautiful videos.

And let’s check this out.

My main camera.

Now, if youlook at this, he’s talking about his main camera.

And look at this price.

$5, 500.

Now, 10% of that, okay? 10% ofthat is $549, okay?That’s a lot of commissions.

And most of his audience are people aspiring to dosort of you know, YouTube videos or videography or photography.

So, the factis he reaches a an audience of people who are looking how to do thisthemselves.

And some of those people will eventually buythe camera equipment that he recommends because they want to do it the exactsame stuff he does.

All 3 million of his subscribers.

So, he’ll make acommission, a big fat one on every camera that is sold as an affiliate.

Let’s checkout what else he recommends.

The vlog cam, the backup camera, my favorite lens ever.

The lens I’m using right now to do everything.

The magic Canon lens of life.

All of this equipment that he uses for photography.

Because he’s a professional, cost a lot of money.

$1, 000.

$2, 7000.

$1, 500.

$1, 800.


So, for people that really are looking toget started in this industry, these are products that are selling often anyways.

He’s just showing people his gear and some of them are buying off of it.

Ibought off of his links because I stopped wanted to start a YouTubechannel.

So, I bought products.

He probably made over $1, 000 Commission just from meclicking on his links.

Pretty cool, right? And all he has to focus on is doing coolvideos, okay? Of just what he likes to do.

Let me show you another example of howan affiliate is promoting Amazon links.

So, here I am in Google and I just typedin best baby diapers 2019.

You see that right there? I’m going to zoom in on this soyou can see.

And let’s go down to the first listing, okay? Baby lists.

7 bestdisposable diapers of 2019, okay? So, this is.



You know, targeting moms who areinterested in you know, baby diapers, I guess.

So, it’s got a bunch of information.

You know, it’s dirty business but keeping your little ones happy and comfy makesyou happy.

And they give a lot of seeing information.

You know, just thefactors they reviewed amount cause softness absorbency fragrance, etc.

Anddown here below, you can see their all-time faith.

Pampers Swaddlers diapers.

Now, once again, they have their Amazon affiliate link and here’s the price forit.

Now, if you click on that link or any of the other links on this page forAmazon, they will end up making anywhere from 5 to 10 percent commission onthis product which is a cool $5.

40, okay?Simply by putting up a blog post helping other mothers figure out what diapers touse.

And notice every other diaper, they have, you know, they probably aren’taffiliate there.

But they have a lot of affiliate links all throughout oftheir site.

Another Amazon affiliate link.

A target affiliate link.

Target hasanother affiliate program.

So, that’s another way to make money with Amazon.

Now, I hope you got some useful information out of this and have abetter understanding of how you can make money working at home with Amazon.

Again, this takes work.

And my job here is not just to show you how you can make money.

But encourage you to go out there and do it.

Because watching this video, hate to break it to you, not going to make you a single dime unless you dosomething about.

Now, if you want to see more videos about tactics of how you canyou know, do more marketing and make money online, make sure to hit thesubscribe button up.

Bang it and click the notifications bell so that you’renotified if when I do live streams from time to time.

And also, comment below.

Which of these methods of making money with Amazon.

Surveys, selling products, handmade crafts, writing books or marketing Amazon’s products is the mostinteresting to you.

Let me know in the comments.

And also if you want let meknow what you’d like to see me talk about more in the future.

Now, I’m not anexpert on all of these category of making money online.

But I am anexpert on affiliate marketing.

If you are looking to learn how to better marketyour products or being an affiliate and make money marketing Amazon’s products, make sure to check out my free webinar where I show you how you can get startedas an affiliate marketer.

That’s my expertise and I’ve trained thousands ofstudents.

Someone, they’ve become millionaires even.

Learning how to get into this particular industry.

But either way, I look for a seeing you on futurevideos of my channel and see you soon.



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