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Honest Amazon Prime Reviews is Amazon Prime membership subscription benefits and perks worth the money plus free trial code link! Hey looking for Honest Amazon Prime reviews Wondering is Amazon Prime membership subscription perks and benefits worth the money Would you try it out if you got a little bit more information and a free Amazon Prime trial code or link? Stay tuned this was made for you.

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There’s a reason why YouTube loves him! Hi, my name is Marvin from Everyday Marvin on YouTube.

I do reactions reviews and commentaries to random things Make sure you like and subscribe to my channel and hit that little notification Bell down there so you don’t miss out on any future videos that I release Since I pretty much release them when I feel like it my review of the day is Amazon Prime now This video was made to help you learn more about this very popular Amazon service and answer several common questions that seem to keep popping Up again and again for many of those who are interested in this but don’t know where to go to get real answers plus I have an exclusive bonus package at the end of the video just for you Not only this but I’ll be sharing my own personal and honest reviews of this service from a real user I say reviews because I’ve had Amazon Prime several times over and I’ll explain more about that later Now I’ve seen several online reviews for Amazon prime on YouTube But not a lot for just everyday people who aren’t already probably banking a lot of money So I want to provide this review to really help more of the average Joes and Josephines out there As a quick disclaimer any offers mentioned in this video that you decide to take action on I will receive commissions or compensation on I want to be totally clear about that before we get started.

Are we Okay? Good so let’s cover some of the basics first like What is Amazon Prime in the first place? Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service offered by Amazon that gives users access to services That would not be available otherwise or would cost a considerable amount of money by itself if purchased separately These are offers like free two-day shipping on Prime eligible items.

There are lots of prime eligible items on amazon.

com Streaming music and Amazon Prime instant video which is similar to Netflix and Hulu and several other perks and benefits You’re like, okay, so I basically get access to several services So while there are main things you can do with Amazon Prime right now I’m gonna go over how I personally use Amazon Prime and is Amazon Prime membership subscription benefits and perks worth the money in my own humble opinion Whoo, that’s a lot to say let’s start off with this other disclaimer as well I have NOT ALWAYS had Amazon Prime let me repeat this I have NOT ALWAYS had Amazon Prime I believe I started off with a free membership to get my feet wet Then once I realized at the time, I wasn’t really ordering or using it’s services that much I cancelled it Not only did I cancel it once but many times over the last few years when I felt like I wasn’t really using the service As much as I thought I would so you’re like, okay, you’re doing a video about Amazon Prime But you cancelled the services not once but several times yet you think it’s worth it.

Yes, I do Let me tell you why because I always end up returning back to Amazon Prime! It’s like a love affair I can’t quite seem to end but seriously the general reason I cancelled at first was because I wasn’t really taking full advantage of the many services that it offered and I just thought of the service as a cool way to get free and fast shipping on items I really wanted to get from Amazon at the time Once I would get the item I wanted I would simply cancel and move on with my day Which is good for those who don’t like being locked into long-term contracts if you think about it, though through the years Amazon Prime has expanded from not just providing fast and free shipping on many items But to also offer music streaming of over 2 million songs Not just 2 day shipping, but also one-day shipping which I recently took advantage of on my last Amazon order I was very happy about the speed at which I received my inflatable teton cushion and the complete series of 90s classic sitcom Sister Sister with Tia and Tamera Morey and prime instant video Which I use almost religiously as an alternative to Netflix and Hulu as for amazon prime instant video I will admit Prime Instant Video doesn’t have quite selection of content like Netflix or Hulu But it does provide access to tons of video content and It’s getting bigger every day, which is all included in your 1 Prime membership subscription Amazon has it’s shows and other popular shows from other networks I have watched several shows on Amazon like The Tick, Z the beginning of everything which unfortunately got cancelled before concluding I will miss you Christina Ricci.

Fleabag, a very underrated series and the New Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, and old Popeye cartoons you see my tastes are very eclectic and you can download the Amazon Prime instant video app on your smartphone to stream anywhere as Well as download movies and TV shows and watch them in places where your phone service may be spotty One of the very popular series is Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan starring John Krasinski from The Office Another one is Homecoming starring Julia Roberts.

Sneaky Pete, Bosch, Hannah and lots more that you can watch with your membership at no extra cost special Shout out to Lisa Kudrow You know the woman who played Phoebe on friends her series The Comeback which I enjoyed a lot has its first season currently Available on prime Lisa I hope you appreciate that :-] We love you Phoebe! Prime Instant video also has classics such as Melrose Place , Growing Pain, Dawson’s Creek, 90210 and lots more There’s a lot of fun stuff available for kids to watch too if you have children TV shows like Tumble Leaf, Shaun the Sheep and more And also movies new and old like a quiet place Beetlejuice , Iron Man 2, and so on it is one of the most used features on my membership I can generally find something I want to watch that is on Prime and enjoy hours and hours of great content while still only paying one overall fee for prime instant video 2 day free shipping Early access to special pricing on Amazon and unlimited photo storage if I need it, which I don’t at the moment But it’s nice that they offer it to me they most recently added Amazon day Where you can schedule deliveries too.

This is where you can tell Amazon to deliver all your items on a certain day of the week like Wednesday and you will have it delivered for free with your Prime Membership.

So yes scheduled deliveries, which is great if you know you’re not going to be home on certain days Before I answer the following question, if you’re watching this on YouTube go ahead and give this video a like if you haven’t already It’s free and helps me out a lot thanks in advance Your next question is probably how much does Amazon prime cost or how much is Amazon Prime Annually or Monthly? Well you could pay $119 a year and receive all the benefits as mentioned before as well as get a major Discount since you’re paying for it all in one swoop while you can go the monthly route and pay just $13 a month Like I do and by year’s end you will end up paying about a hundred fifty six dollars if you go yearly you can save around 24% I hope my math is right makes me think about going the yearly route plan myself If you’re a student Enrolled in at least one course at a college in the US or Puerto Rico you can get the same package for about $59 dollars a year or the monthly rate of $6.

49 now don’t become a student so you can get a cheap Amazon Prime membership do it for you do it for you Quick side note.

I had this when I was going to school and it’s a great deal, honestly So, how do you join Amazon Prime or become a Prime member? You can do it the easiest and cheapest way by simply going to the link I provide which will give you a free 30-day trial membership The link will be in the video as well as in description box If you join through my special link, you not only get the free 30 day trial prime subscription membership as promised But I want you to have a special bonus package that no other online Amazon Prime reviewer is offering as a right Now this can be totaled up to be a bonus value at around $200 to $300 dollars and is for a LIMITED TIME ONLY Some of these offers that are included with this bonus are only available for a limited time and could be gone in mere days So if you wanted to take advantage of all of them Then you want to ACT NOW! FIRST sign up for Amazon Prime with my special FREE trial link to start enjoying prime today and Then check the bonuses in the description box or you can go to EverydayMarvinReviews.

com website to get the full list of bonuses there so I hope you have enjoyed my HONEST Amazon Prime reviews if you’re wondering is Amazon Prime membership subscription benefits and perks worth the money.

I definitely think it is.

I haven’t even gone over every single feature or benefit but you can definitely dig into that more at the special free trial link, which instantly gives you a code to take advantage of Amazon prime totally free for 30 days Remember, you can cancel your Prime membership any time if you don’t like it or use it.

I know this from experience So take that free leap and check out the link to start your FREE Amazon Prime 30-day membership today Also, you might say well I have had amazon prime in the past and I probably can’t take advantage of the free trial You might be surprised what you can still do my friend as mentioned earlier in my long history with prime I’ve had several times where I cancelled my prime membership for whatever reason and then amazon offered me a free trial after a period of time had passed I Have Amazon Prime now and I plan to keep it for as long as possible because I do truly see the value in the membership And there are just too many darn perks and features to go without them in my own opinion And they add new things every year.

It seems to benefit it’s members.

You can’t say that about every online subscription out there So go check out the link and then come back and get those special bonuses that I assembled just for you Leave a comment below and let me know about your Amazon Prime experience and I’ll get back to you as quick as I can also, feel free to share this video with a friend who might like to get a free Amazon Prime membership trial code or link too Again, this is Marvin of Everyday Marvin make sure you like and subscribe to my channel and hit that little notification bell down there So you don’t miss out on my future videos because I pretty much release them when I feel like it.



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