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hi guys it’s Brooklyn and Bailey and today video is going to beat the weird things that you can find on Amazon we were doing some research and we’ve got some really weird things on Amazon if we’re gonna make a pretty good video to show you guys some

of its just really outrageous things but before we go on to the video we have to count for you guys let’s see if you can click the subscribe button in five circle and ready by click the bell right next to the subscribe button that means you’ll be joining

the notification squad let’s see how many of y’all enjoins now let’s go awesome the weird things you can find on Amazon a bit Oh show me what you got I have what I call my dog kind of like a kind of girl yeah because I mean I thought

it was different that’s why we ordered it but it’s a piggy bank and when when you put your coin in the bowl the dog eats it and then it goes on the piggy bank so speaking of animals crazy cat lady action figure this is just should buy this

unless you’re an actual well you need to be honest try and connect people future cat lady’s might enjoy any ID the one can make more five cats plus the one on the lady’s shoulder right here oh there’s one pika no matter oh man one in your pocket –

so you don’t like Barbies and you like cats you can doesn’t get the cat that I actually think you’re gonna do this for you al I made this for your pet it’s a wig Caturday like they would probably need a but she would love it and that’s how

it matters is a little thingy look it’s the face oh my cereal marshmallows you know those what did it call like your favorite cereal when you’re younger lucky charm like me how am i surrendering the bowl and then you literally pick out the marshmallows this is a glitter

the giant bird bag of those yeah the only thing about this is it seriously has like a million five-star ratings so I guess people really love or DeMars my life is about what everybody wants their dream things like a cereal that’s just straight lucky charm ours but we

found it everybody knows what this is one of those things you can find on Amazon I just don’t understand but it looks really weird from the front look right yeah I can’t see anything so I’m just gonna you know alright we’re done that’s definitely a we out that

scares me they said you’re here right now like something that would like show up in my likes Matt or not that’s not verified I’m a little disturbing this is called the electrical yodeling pickles it’s like music it’s time I understand who would want on your way yeah I’m

going pickles all right someone little that is maybe eggs and doodling people makes a great white elephant get there you go yeah there ya go okay guys can curse somebody with this now I’m stop yodeling good yeah as you saw from my experience that never stopped yodeling our

next item is really I do not understand the one order the nude in the world of course this be like a prank things but that thing you put the toilet paper on it’s like the Twitter paper holder yeah it’s one of those except for when you pull the

toilet paper off it makes me so arty noisy it’s all mixed up if anyone can hear you in the bathroom it’s a major issue separate different gross loud disgusting fart sounds YUM oh good to know so if you want to print someone on it’s a fool’s day speaking

of disgusting things zombie jerk first of all I’m not like a giant fan of just regular Victor yeah but when you’ve got zombies whatever is up if you’re meeting this the zombie apocalypse this happen and it’s awesome they supply you with a delicious and nutritious Dom be jerky

snacks it’s a great snack for when you relentlessly chase down zombies or run from this yeah look fuzz on it you the texture know aerobic Oh basketball knows aerobics awesome okay and do you think your place I played knows aerobics festival it’s no trick okay [Music] here we

go I don’t know what this is [Applause] [Music] [Applause] that’s really hard our next item is cut the pizza pouch and it’s literally a pouch that goes around your neck so you can carry around a piece of slice for use later and KOAT to get hungry time can

you imagine walking around like school or something and just have a piece of pizza you may be like oh I can’t believe all these all the time and they don’t know me but now you can have everything in the beat sucker there you go so these are pretty

much there’s not much to them they’re just really there’s not weird socks okay so they’re called moosh walks and they’re just brown they’re extremely long so like fuzzy weird faces on them and you can years collects them all over there that we now have the one so actually

kind of cool I know next item is you know what to call it you know to be quite honest I’m the peanut butter tutor jelly oh yeah sandwich oh my aching was you put yourself in here and your dollars in here and then it’s a wallet oh man

no I think it’s a I think it’s sandwich pouch you know those lunches but are you like you can carry around sandwiches it’s a cool like pencil pouch watch sandwich holder but people are jelly on the inside yeah I use real word but I was where these okay

you ready it kind of like clunky can you guys see that they like light up then you’ve got the solid the red blinking the blue blinking the great blinking and so you can be like you can be like out with your friends you could have these on like

plain and then it could go get dark or something and you could be like a whip them out of no wires this watch creeped possum with tomatoes garnished in Coons bet gravy’s let’s just take a second Coon fat gravy gradient possum in the picture it’s even worse and

[Applause] for the hard to satisfy gourmet palate for it taste you’ll never forget from the hills of possum Valley oh it says that is not roadkill fresh possum we know prime roadkill possum you squish him we dish up I dare you to eat them oh you can’t turn

down that that was out there not right now it sounds like that’s styrofoam and dirt there’s no such thing as can’t fall so PSA for everybody’s information this was not really can’t possum it’s just a prick it’s dirt and styrofoam in a can it’s just supposed to gross

you out a lot they tricked Bailey and I hope you thought I’m legit was good positive but it’s not it’s absurd styrofoam so that’s what it meant by not true contents we just read that now we have instant underwear I don’t really understand why the objective of this

product why like I understand like you need underwear at all but why did you simply roll up underwear and packet why do you want instant Underpants why would you need it you add it to water and it just expands like this is just gonna be like one size

fits all and size fits all so I do like what if it’s really ugly underwear – yeah we don’t know what it looks like no it’s a generator it’s I don’t know I see beard like I don’t know why you would need it so that’s definitely like weird

that’s just weird yeah thank you guys so much for watching that video don’t forget to call us alone which item do you think was the weirdest if you guys want to subscribe our channel don’t forget to hit the button over there and if you guys want to see

more of our videos paint the button up here if you want to see more of our fall hit the button right below that we’ll see you next week love you guys



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