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Whats up everybody welcome back to my laboratory where safety is number one priority and today we are going to put to the test 5 dog gadgets with Luke and Hugo.

lets check this out what I got today! For the first doggy gadget this is a cooling vest harness.

As you can see it has been used a lot, I need to put it in the washing machine.

but Hugo loves this thing Last week it has been really hot so Hugo has been liking this thing.

All we have to do is soak this up with water, and that way it will stay cool.

Let’s see how much Hugo loves this thing You see he don’t mind it at all when I put it on.

Luke get out of the way! *mumbling* I’m trying to, uhhh Give Hugo demonstration right now.

Right here you can tie this up a little bit, so it does not fall off but.



Boom, there you go what do you think Hugo? Are you much cooler now? you see he love this thing and he looks so cute with that thing.

Hugo so tell us what you think do you like this cooling vest? You look like you are happy At first he was funny wearing it but now he so get used to it he loves it Can you Sit? Good Boy, Can you give a paw? no? Paw? Good boy, good boy.

Alright lets check out some more gadgets.

Hey Luke.

Wanna show them the next gadget? Ok, let’s do this! Good boy.

Now let’s show them what this backpack is all about.

I have never used it before so.



Let’s see how hard it is to figure it out.

Right here there is a little strap.

And, there is another strap, looks like.

Comes off like that.

there we go, probably going to adjust it to the max.






And adjust right here for the neck I like that there is adjustable ones.

This one is medium because my dog’s are medium But you will have to size your dog first before you order one of these.

Hugo you already have a thing.

Lets Luke try it on.

Ok luke let’s put it on you.

Ooh good boy, ok.

get up.

stay Let’s show them how it looks like.

so Look for your strap, under here as you can see *CLICK* plugs in.

Right under.

And Another one between his legs.

I think I’m gonna extend it.

Extend it a lot.

*CLICK* We don’t want it to tight.

as you can see It’s not very tight.

And now, Luke has a backpack.

It’s so cute luke It looks like you have to put one leg through here so let’s do that.

So this is how you would do it.

Put one leg through here.

And then this goes under this leg.

and then *CLICK* plugs it into here and then the back strap.

goes *CLICK* under here.

And he’s got himself a little backpack.


And right here is actually a little leash that you can put on You can put the leash on right here or you can just hold it like that.

Thats Awesome What do you think? Do you like your Backpack? you look cute with this little backpack Llets see if he likes it Hey! He’s like ok Wow He looks really cool with that backpack.

What do you think guys? Luke! Look at that backpack.

He’s modeling.

Good boy.

I’m going to give him treats for this.

and as you can see here he don’t mind it, at all.

Let me show you guys how big this backpack is.

There is a big pocket.

You could put like a towel or something.

You can stick the keys in here.

I wouldn’t put anything super heavy you know? Even though huskies can pull a lot of weight.

I don’t want them to carry to much stuff but.



This is awesome! Like little horse.

And there is another pocket similar ones.


Lets see how hard it is to take it off.

I like how this plastic not rubbing on their skin as well.

and there are two little soft spots over here look nice and comfortable we’re going to take this off and then Paw right here and then take it off of his neck Boom! easy looks like he don’t mind it at all Good boy.

Hugo wants some.

Haha he’s like put it on! they are so excited about this new doggie gadget look they both like it.

My turn to try it on so this is googles I call them safety goggles but you know.

In the car a lot of times the dogs stick their heads out.

Stuff flies and it can hit their eye.

So this is like a Safety goggles for your dog.

lets se how well this fits for Luke.

I have no idea how to put them on.

Under and over as you can see.

Good boy, good boy.

So Boom.

Wow! Look how cool that looks.

hahaha That looks so cool! Now we can always adjust it.

Now Hugo wants, Hugo wants some of them glases.

Of corse he’ll have to get used to them after a while.

*bark bark bark* woah woah Hugo don’t jump! Sit! Sit.

*BARK* *bark* *bark* Can you guy’s *bark* sit? Can you catch them? Good Boy.

Here goes.


haha Luke.



Luke You know what? It looks like he likes them.

He just has to get used to them But i like how well they fit and do not all off Looks like he already got used to them as you can see.

And Hugo love his cooling vest.

He’s not trying to take it off that is for sure.

I’m surprised he is not trying to take them off He never wore one of those so they look and sit well on him.

Once he got used to them he probably wouldn’t even mind.

Alright lets take them off lets see how hard it is taking it off Boom, you see super easy.

Good boy, good boy.

Hugo come here boy Come here boy Come here boy Look he don’t mind them to much either.

He’s getting used to them This is cool.

I wouldn’t like put them on regularly on them Only when i’m driving and they try to stick out they’r heads out the window To protect they’r eyes’s because safety is number one priority.

Very cool Good boy.

Like this? Good boy, good boy.

Cooling vest off Boom see they don’t mind this vest at all.

this is a life jacket.

Hugo come on, you gonna put it on? Ohh look this is actually two giant straps that goes under them.

Open with the velcro Come on Hugo put it on.




Here you want to put it on? Hugo.

Come on, put it on.

Come on boy*kiss* I’ll give you a treat? Give you a treat? Good boy.

I’ll give you a treat later but you see? They don’t mind it look he actually went in it by himself.

Smart, smart puppy Put this in.

Some right here velcro, puts together.

Probably could adjust it a lot.

right here is also velcro for adjustments Will adjust it first.

ohh thank you thank you.

lock it up so it is not in the way as well beautiful Come here closer Also Not tight.

That’s perfect not to tight you don’t want it to be tight And boom we have ourselves a lifejacket And right here you can lift him up Just like that there you go Good Boy.

So we actually go boating all the time and Luke and Hugo sometimes jump off.

And, Sometimes even like when you hit the waves The dogs can fall out and out in the ocean, I would like for them to have a little swimming vest.

Because who knows.

You look beautiful! Hugo you look beautiful let me show you guys So basically these two straps right here is to lift him up.

And as you can see he looks like don’t mind it It does not hurt him at all.

Good boy, good boy.

Wow I’m surprised How well it sits on him So when I’m lifting him up, you see he is not squealing He is used to it he don’t mind it.

Let’s show you guys how to take it off Easy pop these two out And velcro right here and velcro right here and boom And it’s done! How cool is that I love that.

You know what next time I am taking them on a boat I’m putting it on them.

Yeah I understand they probably will not drown because they are really good swimmers But I love these two little straps it’s easy to lift them up out of the water into the boat.

Which is amazing Never seen like that before.

love this thing.

*whistling* come on boy There’s another gadget, another vest Come on Luke put this on Good boy, good boy.

And right here there is a two straps Hugo get out of the way.

*CLICK* Boom, and then you can make it tight and you an adjust it I don’t want to make it too tight And right here, this part you can adjust it as well.

and it comes with the pouches like this you can open it And anywhere you want you can put it on Hugo you are in the way, ugh They can not see it Put it through here, and put it through here Your being so patient good boy and then you just clip it in*CLICK* boom And *CLICK* boom.

And you’ve got yourself a pouch.

There you go And then I can also put this pouch in the back.

Right here You look cool with this military vest It looks like military anyways, but look at these pouches that you can attach.

There’s one right here.

Hugo is still, loving his little cooling part Come on, let’s go this way.

Let’s show them one more time come on.

What do you guys think I love that a lot There is a handle like that, that you can hold him.

Or you can hold him right here.

There’s a.



You can put on your leash right here.

Love it.

Hugo is jealous he wants to put it on now.

Haha Well guys that is pretty much it.

Let me know in comments below which gadget was your favorite.

Thank you for watching! And I’ll see you next time!.



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