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Peace be upon you and Allah is merciful Hello & welcome NewTech’s friends With a new video of online shopping series today we will talk about the Amazon store the idea can be summarized that if you don’t know how to purchase from the store and you don’t have any information about it.

I will provide you a general information after that, I will explain how to register then the last thing is the purchase experience The first thing is the sort of store Amazon began by selling books then it expanded to offer various products like electronics, equipment, furniture, household items, and clothes even vegetables and fruits Amazon is a general store that you can get everything you want online Amazon started in America and then it has expanded and has several branches around the world there is a branch in Britain, France, Germany, and other branches each store is customizing for a country with different products of other stores often these products are for the same country or the same market shipping will be to the same store’s country for example, you can’t order from British Amazon while you are in America except if products can be shipped directly and we will talk about it soon this is a general introduction of the Amazon store now I will explain the registration method and how to register your address then we will try purchasing experience together first, enter on Amazon website, I’ll put the link in the video description after that, go to the place of sign in, if you already have an account, choose sign in but if you don’t have an account and this is what we will assume now, you will find a new customer or start here Click on this option then the registration page will open the first thing is writing the name, preferably binary or triple then, add your email, and it should be a real email the third thing is choosing a password, which is composing at least six numbers the last field to repeat the password then click on create your Amazon Account now you have an Amazon account easily now we have important things to do before we start shopping the first thing to do is going to your account information then.

You choose the addresses to add your address for sure you can add more than one address first, we will add a Saudi address so products can be shipped directly to reach us on this address We choose the Saudi state, and the Saudi address needs three basic information from you (name, mobile number, and city) The rest of the fields, such as the street, neighborhood, and zip code is significant to register but it doesn’t matter if the information isn’t accurate.

now, I have entered the information for the Saudi address, and I will click on add address as we see the address was added then I will add my US address take into consideration there are orders doesn’t ship directly if you don’t have an American address, see the links in the video description which will give you a free title It will provide you a free address and there is a complete explanation for it about the US address, it’s important to fill the information accurately as shown in the shipping service box then click on add address we have finished the addresses, we shift to the payment option, and here you must add your credit and fill your information now your account is ready to purchase.

just check sections of the website and choose the section you want for example, a section of furniture or electronics or any section you want or to see the discounts on the website interface or use the search option and search for any product you want here I will explain the important information about the products.

If you see a product and want to buy it, the first thing when you see Prime logo on the product means this product is included in the Prime service If you are asking about this service, there is a link at the bottom of the video explain how to subscribe in prime freely secondly, you will find under each product the seller’s name and if the product is guaranteed by Amazon or not? and this is a good thing for you in the shipping process and solving problems you may be face the third and important thing is knowing if the product is shipping directly to Saudi Arabia or not go to the shipping field on the right side of the product and choose the shipping address which is your Saudi address if it ships directly, it shows you immediately the shipping price next to the product price and it informs you that this product is shipping to Saudi Arabia but if the product doesn’t ship to Saudi Arabia, you will find a written sentence: the product doesn’t ship to Saudi Arabia, so, here you have to ship product to your American address now I will try to purchase some products for sure I want these products, so I searched and found them unfortunately, all of these products don’t ship directly so that I will ship them to my US address for example, here is the charging cable as you see it offered by the seller and it doesn’t guarantee by Amazon Click on add to cart then go to the rest of the products and add them to cart after that I go to the cart, you will find the products that you have added now I have reviewed everything so, and I will go to the payment page at first, it asks me to select a shipping address.

I will choose the US address.

if I choose Saudi address, it gives me an error message says that these products don’t ship to the Saudi address now as we see, it introduces shipping options, if I want to choose express shipping and if there is a prime I will choose prime shipping, but I will let it as it is: standard shipping.

now we choose a payment method, and here I will choose my visa card but you should specify the currency of visa to the dollar instead riyal to avoid currency exchange fees then we choose Continue now we choose a billing address we will choose the same shipping address and follow the last step is a review of the order you will see the shipping address you have chosen and the method of payment if you have a discount coupon, you can add it here and you will see the products and shipping options.

if you need to increase or decrease the quantity, you can do it through this page on the right side, the total price and shipping price will be shown to you even if there are taxes everything will be clear here after making sure that everything is perfect, click on the place your order option finally, your order was successfully placed from Amazon from the account options, choose your orders field to track orders, know their status, and other things attached to your orders briefly, this is a purchasing experience the video is overI hope it is useful and the explanation is simple and the purchasing process through international stores isn’t complex, as some people said the points are simple and easy, as I explained, just needs to know some things more and be aware of the price, shipping, and other things I will talk about in detail in upcoming videos inshallah, when I receive this order, I will photograph of it to let you see orders, packing method, and other things if you have any questions or information, add it in comments Don’t forget to like and subscribeand publish this video everywhere See you in the next video& peace be upon you.



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