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– Hey guys, this is Austin, and welcome to anothervery special edition of Mystery Tech.

This time taking a look at some very special items that Ken has gotten us that cost under $200.

Protection case for N3, (laughing) wait a minute, wait a minute.

Is this legitimately just like an iPod? Okay.

I have so many questions.

Why would someone wanna buy something like this when smartphones are getting better and better audio? Stuff like the LG V30 has an amazing headphone amp and you know, it does more than just listen to music.

Now let me let you in on a little secret.

Because Ken picks theproducts for these videos, I’m almost positive that he gets stuff that he wants to take after the video.

All of the instructions are in Chinese.

This is not helpful.

So I guess this mustbe reasonably popular, if they actually selldedicated accessories for it.

And I’ve gotta say, this leather case that’s a lot nicer than the little silicone one that it comes with.

Never be the same again? What? Nope.

Oh, it’s all in Chinese.


How do you even .



It’s not a touch screen, is it? No.


So loud.

This thing pushes some serious power.



It sounds good with theactual headphone jack, but honestly, it’s not a huge difference versus using AptX or Bluetooth.

Alright Ken, I think youactually did a good job.

TheiaPro? What? Is this Google Glass? Alright, we’ll see what we got here.

Oh wow, those are .



(laughing) Are you serious? For context, this is what normal human people glasses look like.

And this, this .



It even has plastic lenses for no reason.

Oh, is that a camera on your face? No.

What? What camera? These are my normal everyday glasses.

Oh wait, oh it folds, it folds.

That’s a look right there.




that’s a look.

Oh, wait, wait, wait, hold on, there’s even more.

So because this is just literallya giant chunk of plastic that sits on the side of your face, they helpfully includea tiny little cushion so that it doesn’t rub your skin off.

So to take a picture, Ineed to double short press.

Let’s try the amazing image quality.

I have no idea if it’s doing anything.

Did I just take a picture? Alright, you ready? So I’m gonna.



Alright, did it flash a bunch?- [Ken] Oh yeah.

[Austin]- Oh it did.


[Ken]- Just now.

[Austin]- We’re recording.

So this is what the qualitylooks like on the ThetaPro, oh sorry, TheiaPro.

Apparently it’s supposed to give you a whole new world of pointof view recording devices.

So, yeah.

Ken, if you tell me thatthis device was $200.

– 78.

– $78? – Yes.

– Okay, I feel slightly less terrible that you wasted all of our money on (laughs) on this.

A Jitterbug! (laughs loudly) It is the one and only Jitterbug Smart.

Oh, man.

All new easy to use smartphone with an all new larger screen.

It actually is a kind of big phone but I will say a little cheap feeling might be a decent way of putting this.

It does have a SIM card in it, at least.

Oh, interesting this is anAlcatel OneTouch phone.

Oh, there you go! Powered by Android.

(intense music) (phone dings) There we go.

It finally did something.

Welcome to your new Jitterbug Smart! Tap here to get started.


Oh, do we want to use Advanced Android or Easy-to-use Jitterbug? We’re clearly not goodenough for Advanced Android.

Give me some Easy-to-use Jitterbug action.

There are two ways to activate your phone.

Call us to activate or youcan activate it online.

– [Alma] Thank you for calling Greatcall, my name is Alma.

May I have your first andyour last name please.

– Yes, this is Austin Evans.

– Is this a new device, Austin, or a replacement? – This is a new device.

– Okay, and then for youor for somebody else? – This is for my dad.

– His name is? – Ken.

– Why did you decideto purchase this device for your father? – He just doesn’t have a smartphone.

– Do you think he’s gonna be more than 25 texts in one month? – I don’t believe so.

– You’re all set have a wonderful day.

Thank you so much for calling Greatcall.

– Thank you very much.

They just charged me twice for that.

Alright, so we just spent$80 on activation fees for a phone that’s gonna beactivated in two hours.

I hope you’re happy, Dad.

I hope you’re real excitedabout your new phone that’s gonna charge me $80plus another $30 a month.

Oh, it’s not activated.

They’re not kidding you.

You actually do need to waittwo hours to activate it.

So, because apparently ittakes twelve hours to charge my brand new phone andwait for it to activate, the full Jitterbug Touchexperience might just have to wait for another video.

Alright, next item.

Digital Home Karaoke? (laughs loudly) Well, okay then.

I think it’s time for some karaoke.

So, what did you guys thinkabout the $200 tech video? Let us know in the comments below.

And if you hated everythingyou can blame Ken, because it’s all his fault.

Anyway, thank you guysso much for watching and I’m gonna go play some karaoke now!.



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