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Has Amazon marketing been baffling you have you been struggling and not getting the results that you want In this quick Amazon marketing makeover we’re gonna Go over are some of the most Important pieces of knowledge that you’re gonna need in order to be able to make your marketing on Amazon effective So the first piece in our Amazon marketing makeover is understanding Amazon listings Understanding how Amazon listings work is vital because it’s going to what be what really? Sells your product your listing is how people are gonna get found in fact more than 90% of the time They’re going to be coming through Search so it’s gonna be not just having the great listing that converts people once they get there But also it’s gonna be really important to make sure that your your Listing is optimized.

So you get the right people and that’s what we’re gonna be going over but before we do that We got to kind of go over the basics so how Amazon Prime works is you take an item and you? You’re gonna prepare it or prep it for Amazon so that might be bubble wrap that might need a box And then you’re gonna put a sticker on it It’s gonna let Amazon know that this particular item belongs to this merchant And then it also belongs to this listing on Amazon And it’s gonna help them connect those once you’re gonna do that you’re gonna set all of those items in boxes together And you’re gonna send them to Amazon’s warehouse down Then those items will be available via Amazon Prime having their item available via Amazon Prime makes itself so much faster So make sure you making sure that you have that little prime donation.

It’s incredibly important We can show you more about how to do that Then once that word customer order is it will be delivered to them that amazon will handle the shipping and customer Service because of the trust amazon has really garnered with customers.

That’s what really makes the magic happen There are a couple ways to sell on Amazon and so the first one is through vendor central or vendor Express This is what sometimes people call 1p This is when you sell directly to Amazon and Amazon handles the price thing and they handle all Sorts of different things and they’re going to ask for special negotiated rates And they’re going to be things like charge box and marketing expenses You need to be really careful with that because you don’t get in control over pricing There is seller central, which is the way that we primarily work with sellers I’ve been works best for smaller brands and that’s gonna be where you’re working as a third-party merchant Or you’re selling through a third-party merchant that will help you control and manage your items on Amazon There are a couple of pros and cons with vendor central You don’t get any pricing control, but you know once they order those items they’re gonna order them, and they’re gonna pay you within a 60 to 90 day period Amazon can return overstock And there’s gonna be marketing and shipping costs So make sure you build in for that the pricing and fee structure of them on that side is kind of complicated It’s still complicated on seller central where you sell through Amazon but you don’t sell directly to Amazon But you have more control over the pricing you’re the one that sets the pricing control as long as you control the distribution If you don’t control the distribution out who has your product Then it becomes really difficult to control your your your pricing on Amazon And that’s something that we have to work with clients over a long period of time to kind of rein in Amazon seller central has a couple of other benefits and that is quick that you have more control or revenger returns You’re going to have quick payments And it doesn’t take any invitation to require vendor central requires an invitation And you’re gonna get higher margins typically Because you’re gonna be selling directly to the consumer And cutting out the middleman a little bit if you’re selling direct wholesale to a third party It’s also a great thing and something that we can recommend With Amazon listings though what you don’t know can hurt your brand there have been brands like Sharon lectures Brad that are amazing They’re beautiful, and she’s done a really good job in curating a certain image for herself and for the brands that she has developed However, if she hadn’t taken the time to look at Amazon when I first met her and what I found was her board game Which is a wonderful game for teens and was was photographed a used game on a dirty bedspread? If you are not checking how your brand is being presented on Amazon.

There is a lot that you don’t know Your brand could be misrepresented.

You could be open to FTC claims There’s could be a whole bunch of different things that could be going on So you want to make sure you’re checking Emma’s on because anybody can create a listing on Amazon if your product is successful at all At some point you’re gonna have to deal with Amazon Mom sir It’s just if you can get ahead of it before it becomes a problem.

You’re gonna be so much more successful Now when it comes to Amazon listings There’s a couple of things that you want to make sure you look at that title is really important This title is great because it gives you all of those important keywords So they focused on key rich keyword rich title but it’s still easy to read for the customer They used all of their images And they made sure that in those images they include the you know the back of the ingredients of the products They made sure that they they gave you all the information that you need to buy and then they use these bullet points down here with some more Keyword rich information on top of that and you know they have the keywords that are really focused in on the background There are there’s a people sometimes people will only focus on the bullets But you want to make sure that you’re also looking at the description you need to fill out both and fill out both Wow And these bullets are indexed by search where the description is not But the description comes up first on mobile so they’re both important in different ways And you can see one of the best things that they did here is with these bullets instead of just saying you know 14 ounce jar of peanut butter they talked specifically about their product and about what it does and that gives them more Keywords and it’s a better selling point for people who are coming and they’re in doubt of whether or not This is the right almond butter for them This is going to be able to help answer their questions that they are worried about you know is this roasted is it cooked is It you know is it temporary temperature control? They’re answering the questions that customers are gonna have that are keeping them from buying in these These bullet points and the other thing that’s really Important if you have somebody else creating a listing for you is you make sure that they they fill in those attributes for you And they will know what those mean I can’t get into all of that in this one video this by box right here So you can see that this by box is being held by wishing you well So these is a seller central Vendor that if somebody’s using seller central we can tell because it has a name here and not the word Amazon So whoever it has their name right here when somebody clicks the ad to the cart It’s gonna come out of their inventory, so that’s you know something you want to think about You want to make sure you’re competing for the by box And we’re going to talk a little bit more about that in the pricing video This is a variation listing so if you have things that are red blue green different flavors different sizes Variations are incredibly important So make sure you take the time to learn about those and then with those reviews right there used to be reused super important We’re going to talk about why they’re not in the next video.

They’re still important, but not as important as they used to be and There’s a couple of things in the product details that are important for you to know you’ll hear Amazon sellers talk about a lot is This a sin number what this ISA number it is is this basically an identification number of where This product is on the Amazon catalog so this a sig number is going to be really important for you Another really important number down here is your bestsellers rank sometimes called BSR And you want to look at the one in the top category and so this is going to tell you how you’re doing Compared to other products in your category the lower the number the better you’re doing, but just remember if you’re a niche product It’s not important for you to be number one in your category It’s important that you be maintaining or lowering that Best-selling rank over time because that’s gonna tell you how you’re doing in comparison to others in getting those consistent Conversions that will help you with search The other thing to be checking on a regular basis is your dimensions And it will hurt your Amazon fees if these dimensions are wrong, so you want to make sure that you get those rights? Amazon search engine optimization has a lot to do with sales it’s mostly focused on bringing relevant traffic in and Converting listings versus pretty listing so some people can make really beautiful Amazon listings But they don’t do that the checking on the back end to make sure they’re actually converting something that they should be telling you and checking on for you is the unit session percentage and Telling you how that listing is converting compared to the number of people that are coming on it We want to see that that number stays the same or Rises over time so in the next video We’re gonna be talking about pricing and what you need to know about pricing on Amazon This is our bid it has been our video on understanding Amazon listings we hope that you enjoyed it make sure you check out the next video so you can get more information on how to grow your Amazon business.



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