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All right y’all, I’m back.

Today we’re doing a back to school video, because I know everybody loves school and loves back to school.

Um, but this year I decided to make it alittle bit more interesting, where I (sucks in breath) try to order all my back to school clothes through Amazon.

I started filming this a couple weeks ago, so I’m gonna go ahead andshow you guys that clip, and now pretty much everything is here, so then I’m going to try it on.

So, let’s get started.

(upbeat music) Okay y’all so I’m (mumbling) shopping for my Amazon clothes.

I’m very nervous.

I have tried, actually I have bought a fewthings from Amazon before.

My mom does it all the time and we find some pretty good clothes.

But you do have to dolike a lot of digging.

Women’s high waisted jeans.

(upbeat music) Oh? I dig these ones.

Light blue.

Okay, they’re a little bitmore like boyfriend jeans.

But they look like they fit.

Okay I’m gonna head, I’m gonna go ahead and get these cause I like those.

I want like a good pair of basic sneakers that I can wear after this, and I know that they carry air force ones.

Cause I feel like theseare so easy to match it’ll be easy to match the rest of them.

That’s men’s.

I feel like these are way more expensive than they are on Nike.


Like how can they bethree hundred dollars? Uhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhh ooooh.

Okay well, Bailey actually saidshe was going to help me with this video.

So she made me kind of like a link.

Okay, that one’s not bad.

Okay, on a cloud, rainy day when we’re in school everybody.

These jeans? Oh, those are cool.

A little bit of ruffle ruffle (mumbling) Not bad.

Not bad.

Bailey found some prettygood stuff through here.

Okay, I like this dress.

It might, it looks like itmight come a little bit short.

But they do have it in my size.

So I am going to order this one.

Okay, so what I’ve done is, I’ve shopped quite a bit, through Amazon, and, found some different outfits through things that I think will come, so I’m going to showyou guys a little bit.

This is my first one, this one was so hard to find, just because they didn’t deliver for like months, but I did find one that comes in time.

And I actually did findsome air force ones.

I had to scroll like way down and it’s from like an”independent seller” so, hopefully they come correctly.

This one I really liked, it’s more of like anmom outfit I feel like.

But those jeans look very comfortable.

So this whole outfit looks comfortable.

Plus those shoes are Steve Madden.

I found a backup dress justin case this one is too short.

I was a little nervous about that.

And then this last outfitis more of like a .



I don’t even know.

I feel like a little rebel in this one.

Let’s hope everything comes in time and fits well.

A little nervous for that, but, we’ll see.

All right so here’s the shirt.

This one I actually feltpretty confident in, like, it looked like itwas a pretty solid shirt.

This looks huge.

Why is this so large? Okay these pants I really hope work out because I really liked them.

They looked really comfortable.

So I’m hoping.

They are okay.


These look like they might work.

Can you see? Like new jeans have a smell, and it does not smell good.

Any time you buy jeans, Bailey and I in like Brooklyn were always washing our things like, a couple times becausethey smelled so bad.

They smelled like new jeans.

My mom is like, “that’s not a smell, ” but it totally is so go comment down below, if you know that smell I’m talking about.

It’s like literally like a new jean smell.

That’s the only way I could describe it.


Now here’s where I geta little bit iffy is, they said I needed to order some jewelry.

It says, “Always be yourself, unless you can be a queen, then be a queen.

” It’s what it says.

So, okay, it looks, it looks cute.

I like this one ’cause it was layered.

It actually feels like pretty sturdy.

This outfit feels confident to me.

I feel like it’s actually pretty good.

All right so this isfinal look of this outfit.

Overall, I’m very happy with this outfit.

It was, so this shirt lookeda little big originally, but now that I have ittied, it’s not so bad.

I do love these pants, they’re super comfortable.

The only weird thing isthat these pockets are like, extremely large, which is not a bad thing.

– I think it looks cute.

– [Kamri] I know, it actually turned out pretty good huh? – What, that’s Amazon? – [Kamri] Yeah, see.

– Is the necklace from Amazon, too? – [Kamri] Yeah it is, see.

– That’s cute.

Very cute.

– [Kamri] I know, it turned out good.

– Thumbs up, for me.

– [Kamri] It looks like a you outfit.

– I, maybe that’s why I like it.

– [Kamri] Yeah.

– I like the pants.

I like the sewing on the outside.

– That’s it? – [Rylan] And I’m prettysure mom has that shirt.

– Does she really, cause I don’t know, I, when I looked at it, I was like, it looks like a mom shirt.

So, Amazon, all of it.

– And the shoes? – [Kamri] Yeah.

– No, No, not true, not true.

– [Kamri] Okay, if youcould rate my outfit what would you rate it? – Um, – One.

– [Kamri] Dax! (Laughter} – [Paisley] A one.

– [Kamri] You don’t like this outfit? Dax, why don’t you like it? What do you like about my outfit? – It has jeans.

– That’s so cute! – All right, so, day two, I’m wearing a different outfit.

Okay, but this necklace, from yesterday, I got alot of compliments on it.

So Amazon, pulling through with the .




One of the things that I ordered was a jumper.

Actually, this is one of thethings my mom ordered for me.

It came a couple of days ago, and, just wait, I’ll show you.

There’s Paisley.

(door creak) This is one of the items that came, which was supposed to fit me.

So, pretty sure this would belike a little tiny tank top on me, it was supposed to be a jumper.

So instead, we thoughtit fit Paisley better.

So go try it on and goshow them how it fits.

So she has it on now, backup so you can see, so, like keep going, keep going.

[Kamri] Look at that everybody.

That was supposed to fit me, and it’s like perfect for her.

But anyway, for today’s outfit I decided to go for something a little bit more dressy casual, I guess you can say.

So, this shirt is a gray tank top.

I had a little bit of troublefinding one on Amazon, but.

That’s what it looks like, got like a little ruffle on the- – Done! (laughs) – So this was supposed to fit me, and it’s pretty much a crop top on her, so that’s great.

So, what I’ve been finding isa lot of the sizes run small through Amazon.

Clearly as most of itfits Paisley, not me.

Um, but I’m hoping thisoutfit works today.

So far the sizes look like they will work, and then, of course, my air force one.

So super excited when I found some that were my size on Amazon.

They actually came pretty fast and they look like they’re .



pretty good quality.

They look like they’re real so that’s good.

– This is a little too big.

– Okay, so maybe that one can fit me.

It’s quite large on her actually.

– I can’t even see my hands.

– Okay, you, you can dowhatever you want in here while I go change.

You can do whatever you want in here.

[Kamri] All right? – Good, I can’t wait.

So today, I’m Kamri.

(mumbling) (tropical music) Where is Kamri? – [Kamri] Thanks Pais.

(Paisley laughs) okay, well this is my outfit.

On the bright side, everything fits pretty well.

This shirt fits, but the pants fit pretty well.

Four shirts and a jumper that don’t fit me but the rest of it does.

All right, well let’s see what everybody else thinks of them, and.

What did you even do while I was gone? (atmospheric noise) (happy upbeat music) – I like it! It’s cute.

– [Kamry] Can you guess where it’s from? – No, H and M? – [Kamri] All of it’s from Amazon.

– It’s from Amazon? – [Kamri] Uh huh.

– Whaaaaat? – [Off Camera Voice] Sam.

– [Kamri] What do youthink of my outfit today? – Ten out of ten.

– [Kamri] Oh, you like thisone better than yesterday? – Yeah.

– [Kamri] Why? – ’cause, it has shoes.

– Hey y’all, it is day three.

Actually so far it’s been pretty good, not even going to lie.

I’ve had lots of good clothesthat actually worked out.

Here it is.

Okay, this looks like it’s gonna fit well.

(pop music) Okay.

And now, for the real question is this jacket because, in the picture, it looks like it’s almost a gray black.

Here’s real life, and this is the picture.

This definitely, it looks a little bitmore blue on camera too.

In real life it’s alittle darker than that.

That’s, that’s not the right color.

It’s supposed to be likea gray or a black so .



And then for the shoes I’mjust wearing the airforce one’s that I wore yesterday.

Which, by the way, held up really well, so I’m pretty impressed with that.

“Independent buyer” whatever that means.

I mean, I can’t really promise that yours will not be knocked offs or something like that.

So just make sure to do your research before you do buy the shoes off Amazon.

I don’t know how I feel about this one.

I don’t think, I don’t my vision came to life.

So if you can see like this roll.

To me it’s like very big.

But I do like that they’re a little bit longer length which is nice because shorts are like, pretty short nowadays.

The shirt ended up fine.

It’s kind of weird texture, it kind of feels like a sport shirt.

If that makes any sense at all.

But, these shorts, I do not like that.

(laughs) What do you think of today’s outfit? [Dax] I like it.

Nine out of ten.

– Okay, so not as good as yesterday’s did.

(sudden music) – These are gross.

– That’s what I said, okay she just pointed to the shorts and said that they were gross.

Yeah, no the shortsdefinitely are not quite what I expected them to be.

– Those shorts are cuuute.

– [Kamri] For real? – Yeah those are so cute.

– [Kamri] You like them? (cross talk) I don’t see what’s wrong with them.

– [Kamri] You like them? – I like them, yeah.

I maybe, I don’t know.

I like the big chunky rolls.

– All right y’all soit is Sunday now, and, I did order a couple of dresses off Amazon just because like literally Ihave zero dresses right now.

I thought it might be short, but I actually is surprised, it’s actually a little bit long.

Do you see it? Almost like, hits my knees.

But I am going to show you theother dress that I ordered.

It looks like a little bit wide, wider than I thought.

But this is kind of the pattern, looks like strawberries.

All right, so I just put this dress on.

Not sure how I feel about it.

It kind of has no shape here, it’s kind of pretty boxy.

I haven’t like founded anything that I really hate.

It’s just like the sizingis a little bit off.

This was a small, and itfeels a little bit big.

Now I’m going to likechange into another outfit, because, I don’t really want tostay in my dress all day.


I probably would notwear this in real life.

Tie dye is coming in but these colors are more neon than they were on my computer screen.

I might give it to Paisley, she’ll probably like this shirt, but, as far as it goes for me probably not.

But I do have one more shirtI’m going to try on today.

I think I’m going to like so let’s see.

All right so, this obviously needs tobe ironed a little bit.

See those wrinkles? But this is the shirt, sweatshirt, whatever you wanna call it.

Okay, yeah, so these are the shorts.

They are high waisted which I like.

They have a little bit of ripped, and they’re white, which like, I haven’t seen like whitejean high waisted shorts, cause like the big style of this year is paper bag shorts, and I haven’t seen any white ones.

So I was excited when wefound these on Amazon.

They fit really well, I’ve actually been wearingthem for a couple days, so, big fan of these.

I think I’m going to South Fronts today, fits the best out of the ones that we’ve tried on.

(excited fast paced beats) All right y’all, so today is my last dayof filming this video.

I have a few more outfit pieces to try on.

This is the definitely not my size.

It’s like, very tight.

Especially across the shoulders.

I’m trying to like scrunch down.

Actually, doesn’t look too bad on camera but it’s not very comfortable.

It’s very tight on me.

So, this one is a fail.

Changed into this one, which I think I’m gonna stayin for the rest of today.

There’s like this yellow face shirt.

And then these pants, these shorts are tight, I tied them wrong.

But, they’re like paper bag shorts which are really in this season, so.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video.

Have fun going back to school.

It’s the best thing inthe entire world I know.

But at least, I’ll have some nice clothes, surprisingly from Amazon.

Amazon pulled through in this video.

But yeah, hopefully youguys enjoyed this video.

If you did make sure youguys comment down below what your favorite part- (background noise) What your favorite outfit was.

Make sure you guyssubscribe to this channel, and I’ll see you guys next week.


– What should I do now?



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