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Tico and today I´ll introduce you 5 Awesome Gadgets that you can buy on Amazon (Part 3) 1) Remington shaving machine XR1410: With its compact design, it fits perfectly in your hand so you can reach easily to the back of your head and around your ears.

Its stainless steel precision blades, cut easily even the thickest hair, reducing jerks and snags.

The blade adapts perfectly to your head, so it will give you a uniform haircut.

To wash it, just put it under the sink with water and add it some oil drops to keep a maximum performance.

Its rechargeable lithium battery, offers up to 40 minutes of energy.

Also, it could be use with a cord to have more versatility and comfort.

The 13 pieces kit includes: hand clipper, 9 length adjusting combs, a cleaning brush, a storage and travel bag, oil and an adaptable charger.

With this Remington machine, you will save a lot of time at shaving time.

2) Wyzecam: It´s a small and versatile security camera, with high resolution, which has special functions, that makes them ideal to your home or business security.

It has a 1080P full HD resolution, and it connects directly to your smartphone.

The Wyze app, which you could download it in iOS or Android, it helps you to manage and share multiple cameras.

Its night vision function covers up to 30 feet of distance, that allows you to see even in total darkness.

It has unlimited storage in the cloud up to 14 days.

It also has a magnetic base with sticky plates, that allows you to install your Wyzecam in any place you want, totally screwless It detects smog and CO2, sending automatic alerts to your phone if there is a fire.

If you want to offer security to your property, Wyzecam is your best choice.

3) Occer prismatics: They are a high potency binoculars with a 12X zoom, that allows you to see far away targets.

Its compact design, gives you a very comfortable vision even with sunglasses or reading glasses.

The eye cups are adjustable according to the user, allowing a custom focus.

Its glasses are design with a technology that reflects light, to keep a very good image and offer an excellent experience to the user.

They are shockproof and light waterproof.

It´s perfect to men, women and kids.

4) Discovery Planetarium Projector: It´s a dual projector for children with a 360° rotative lens which lights the walls and celling with stars and planets.

Includes 3 interchangeable discs with 32 pictures of planets, constellations, galaxies and more, that adapt perfectly to any of the two projectors that has, allowing awesome simultaneous images.

It requires 3 AAA batteries, which are not included.

With Discovery, your kids will have the opportunity to enjoy the mystery of the universe in their rooms.

5) Nebula Capsule It´s an image projector with awesome characteristics, that offers a unique experience like no other.

Its soda can design, makes it very comfortable to handle it wherever you go.

It is totally compatible with your favorite apps, like Netflix, YouTube and others.

This device is capable to project very gigantic images, up to 100 inches.

The Android system, allows Capsule to work as an image projector and as an entertainment system.

If you want to play any content form a iOS system, you could share your screen with Airplay or with a Lightning to HDMI adapter.

It could be use as a music player system, because it has equipped a very strong multi-directional speaker, with a 360° sound.

With a 4 hrs play time video, you could watch almost any movie completely, The audio play time is up to 30 hrs.

With its portable, fancy and compact design, Capsule offers a whole world of entertainment, that goes even further than your house boundaries.

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