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hi guys welcome back to my channel sotoday I’m going to be bringing you some amazing cleaning motivation but beforewe start cleaning I do want to do kind of like a mini Amazon haulI bought some fun new items to try off of Amazon for cleaning they’ve been justkind of like sitting in my cart waiting for me to bite the bullet and just buythem and so I did and so I’m going to show you guys what I got and I’m goingto incorporate them into my Power Hour today I’m gonna try to get my main upperliving area clean while my kids are napping / quiet time so let’s just jumpright into the hall okay so the first item I got were these cloths if you guyshear knocking in the background I apologize it is very windy outside Idon’t know if you guys can see that it’s super windy outside right now and I havedecorations on my windows and they’re knocking up against my door so sorrythat’s what you guys are gonna unfortunately hear so I got these clothbiodegradable washcloths I know that I saw this on Lauren Creagers channel upher channel down below but she got hers from growth collaborative I have not bitthe bullet on the girl collaborative yet I probably will eventually but I wantedto try this out because I think this is super cool just reusable biodegradableit tells you on the back here you know how to take care of them best way towash them so yeah they came four in a pack and it wasn’t super expensive so Iam going to give these a try instead of my typical washcloths and then the nextignore this you guys I have and this living with children I have ripped paperbook and this is for a Halloween costume I am super super excited for Halloweenyou guys we wrapping up the costumes anyway back to the haul so I had heard alot about this brand puracy and I wanted to try them out so I found thismulti-surface cleaner I’m gonna use it to clean my floors because as of rightnow I’m using mr.

clean and I’m totally down to try more natural type stuff sothis one is green tea if my freaking camera will focusthere we go okay it is green tea and lime non-toxic plant-derived so it’s gota lot of super cool things you can work on all of this stuff appliances tablestoys so I thought that was super super cool so we’re gonna see how it fares asa floor cleaner yeah and with that I got this one as well so I originally boughtthis one to try it’s the same thing you know except the fact that this is theconcentrate and this is not a concentrate but it’s the multi surfacecleaner and the fragrance is different so the fact that this is not aconcentrate and this one is this one’s green tea and lime and this one isorganic lemongrass so it comes in a box I’ll show you here so it came in a box right hereso I got two and each have their little spray bottles and the bottle is ratherlarger than the concentrate so this is gonna last me a little bit so yeah samething lots of places to use it here you can use it on fiberglass marble othernon-porous surfaces so we’ll see I’m gonna give it a shot so I’m kind of theonly thing is is when I put this spray nozzle on I smelt it to see what itsmells like and I’m a little disappointed because it smells likeWindex not that you know Windex is a bad thingbut it doesn’t smell to me like organic lemongrass would smell likeI expect kind of like an essential oil smell that’s what I was hoping for andthat is not at all what this smells like we’ll see if it smells any differentwhen you spray it but I’m not very optimistic about it but we’ll see how itcleans also okay and the last thing I got this o cedar promised max amicrofiber mop if you guys have seen any of my other cleaning videos I’ll link myplaylist up above here of all my cleaning videos I have been using yourtypical squeeze-out mop with the like floppy head and I just take that off andI wash it which is totally fine no big deal and I still like it but I kind ofwanted to try this one just because it comes with the reservoir here and youcan put any of your any type of concentrate in it it sprays out so ittells you right here just to fill the bottle with water add 2 tablespoons ofcleans Lucian spray and clean and then we canmachine wash the whole head which is super super fancy I’m excited to trythis out I’m gonna do some mopping on the floors you guys it’s my cameradecides to join the party here there we go you guys really can’t tell thesefloors I love them because you can’t really see how filthy they get but Iguarantee I promise you guys they’re dirty and they need a sweeping andmopping you just got to get real close and I promise like I said they are dirtyokay so with that being said I am going to now start cleaning and we’re gonnaget some clean motivation on so for today’s video I’m going to actuallystart in my lighting room usually I start in my kitchen just because it isusually the messiest but today I’m going to start anything living room because Ihad the best lighting with the living room done I’m going to no live into mykitchen and clean up all my counters you guys will see me have a sink full ofdishes it’s really not full but I just have some soapy water sitting in my sinkwith some dirty dishes my dishwasher was actually still running from this morningso I’m just gonna leave the dishes sitting in the scene but if all that heartbreak one two threethat you weigh on the four five six seven ready for that heartbreak I missedyou given that close to me I feel like so I’m new to this whole disposablewashcloth thing I thought this is really cool it was really firm and stiff andthese have got wet it felt just like a washcloth so I really really like thatthis spray unfortunately did not get any better using on the counter it stillsmelt like Windex so that was a big bummer three that you weigh on the four fivesix telling me where he bothered ha yeah baby yeah hot break my two-year-olds highchairgets so disgusting I finally just took the cover off of it because I was tiredof washing it so frequently and these straps by the way are completely stainedI’ve washed them several times and they’ve stained this gross color so ifyou ever buy a highchair make sure you buy one with dark straps because theystain this mop works really nice I’m justshowing you right here that it velcros on the head there so that you can takeit off and wash it obviously you press the button and little ball comes out andthis cleaner by the way does not smell like Windex it smells like a health foodstore if you guys know what I’m talking about it’s got tea tree oil in it somuch I mean that’s why and I put hot water in the bottle and now I’m going tostart mopping my floors I really liked the movement of the head of this mop youguys it reminds me a lot of the Swiffer but it feels like it’s more heavy dutyif that makes any sense and in this clip you guys will actually see the sprayit’s harder to see in this other clips but it really does a really good job atsaturating the area tomorrow you know you guys that’s pretty cool Ikind of you know I really like this I don’t know if you guys could tell oncamera but the easy it moved really really smooth and it cleaned I mean Ijust want my floor two days ago so there you go so the last thing that I’m goingto do before my kids get up from their nap is a vacuum mainly because it’ssuper noisy so it’s gonna wake everybody up up anyway so I’m gonna get thisknocked out and then we will be finished I hope you guys enjoyed this video ifyou did don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up and also don’t forget to hitthat subscribe button if you like what you see I will link all the items that Ihave talked about in this video in the description box below we will see youguys in the next one bye guys.



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