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– Hello, everyone.

Welcome back to my channel.

Today’s video, I’m going to be sharing 12 completely randomAmazon things that I love.

And I do these videos every few months-ish whenever I come up with new things that I’ve been loving from Amazon.

And I recently actuallycreated an Amazon store.

That sounds way cooler than it is.

I’m not actually sellinganything on Amazon.

But Amazon actually lets you put, like make a storefront ofall of your favorite things, and since I’ve made so many Amazon videos and I’ve found amazing, cool items I did decide to create that.

I’ll have that linked down below.

I broke it up into different genres like technology, kitchenfavorites, home favorites, beauty, just all kinds, like cool things you can’t find anywhere else than Amazon.

So it’s not sponsoredby Amazon in any way.

I just really enjoy shopping on Amazon.

So let’s jump into the very first thing.

Which is what I’m wearing.

Sorry, I’ve talked about this before.

But it’s such a go-to shirt.

I have it in a lot of colors.

I have it short sleeve, I have it in long sleeve.

It’s just something that I feel like it’s really wellpriced, it feels really good.

I can wear it around the house.

I can wear it, like, casually.

I’ve worn it to work.

It’s just such a go-to knitted top, and I just love it so much.

So yeah, I’m just starting off with it because I think I’ve talkedabout it in other videos.

I just wear it so much, itneeded to be in this video.

Oh my gosh, so I just filmed that intro, I walked around to the back of the camera, I decided to watch it to make sure the lighting’s okay, is the sound okay.

And I was like, “Why do I look so tired?” And then I realized, I forgot mascara.

Mascara’s crucial for me.

So one moment please.

(chuckling) Why does everyone look so weird when they put mascara on? Okay, I’m back.

(lashes chiming) Do I look more awake? Probably not, but that’s okay.

So, the next thing thatI’m gonna talk about is actually what I did my hair with.

And I know I talked aboutthis in another video, but I think it was actuallya travel essentials video, it really wasn’t Amazon.

But I did get it from Amazon.

And it’s this.

It’s like this cool hair crimper.

It’s not a crimper.

It’s not like from the ’90s.

It’s like a waver.

I think the price is pretty good.

I don’t know the exact price, but I don’t think it’s much at all.

But I just really, really love it.

It’s so easy.

You just take it section by section, go slowly down your hair.

This actually lasts a few days.

My recommendation though, if you do it, brush your hair first, and then use this, and then don’t brush your hair.

If you brush it immediately, it’s just gonna kinda get frizzy.

I just, you know, brushmy hair really well first, and then crimp it, and it lasts all day.

Even into the next day.

It just looks so good.

I just really, really, really like this.

So if you have medium to longer hair, even short hair might be cool, but I just think just tokind of give your hair a different look, you could try this out.

So speaking of hair, I’mgonna move on to this.

Which are super cute, like headbands, for when you’re doing your makeup, maybe you’re washing your face, maybe you’re doing a skincare routine.

They are so cute.

I’ve actually only used thispink one for a few weeks.

I’ve kept the othershere in this little bag.

So I’ll just kind of move on to these as this, I guess, gets a little ratty.

I don’t know.

But I’ve been usingthis for quite a while.

It’s so comfy, it’s so cute when I’m doing my makeup every morning.

I just feel like every girl needs this.

And I’ve never reallyseen ones as cute as these anywhere else, but I found them on Amazon.

And I really like them.

So the next thing thatI’ve been really enjoying is this weighted blanket.

So I’m sure some of you have tried it, maybe you’ve heard of it.

Maybe others have never evenheard of a weighted blanket, but it’s kind of exactlywhat it sounds like.

It’s a blanket that’s weighted.

It’s really heavy, and itkind of just makes you feel like you are, I don’t evenknow how to explain it.

It just makes you feel at ease.

It kind of makes you feel likeyou’re being held in a way.

I don’t know how to explain it.

But it’s been shown to reduce anxiety.

It actually releasesmelatonin and serotonin, which are hormones thatcan help you sleep better.

I know it’s been givento kids who have ADHD and it kinda just helps them refocus.

It’s just really good.

So if you have troublesleeping or you have anxiety, I don’t know, I’ll link it below, and maybe just check it out.

I don’t really have problems sleeping.

I just like it.

It’s just, I don’t know.

I just kind of enjoy using it.

I like feeling cozy.

I like feeling justlike kind of wrapped up.

It’s just, I don’t know, I just really like it.

So I wanted to mention it.

And this is super soft.

I put it on my bed and my couch.

I don’t know.

Different places you could put it.

But I kinda just move it around.

But, anyway, worth a try.

Next, we’re talking about this.

Because we are approachingthe winter months.

Ice scraping will be a thingthat is a daily occurrence, at least for me becauseI live in Pennsylvania where it is really cold, and it’s just, anyway.

I know that it snows a lotof places, in many places.

In some places, it doesn’t.

Like California, Florida.

Maybe you don’t need this, but I do.

And this is a really coolone because who out there, if you’re scraping your windshield.

It’s really cold and yourhands get really cold.

And it’s just hard, andit’s not fun, and I hate it.

But this thing is amazing.

So one of my friends had this.

No, not my friend, I think my mom.

I’m not really sure whohad it, to be honest, but someone had somethingvery similar to this.

And I was like, “I want that, ” but I never knew where it was from.

So I found something verysimilar to it on Amazon.

So it’s just an ice scraper, but it’s like a glove at the same time.

So you can, you know, stand out there, scrape, you get the gist.

I think you guys knowwhat I’m talking about.

It’s just like a cool, inexpensive thing that you can keep in yourcar and use all the time and keep your hands not from falling off.

Next, we have this.

See, this is what I mean.

Like, this video really is random.

Just random things that I really like.

So you might have seenthis in a recent video.

I think I first showed it just in passing in a Target hall vlog thing that I did.

So this particular fernfaux-plant is from Target.

I can link it down below.

It’s really good.

Like, it wasn’t too expensive, but I feel like it looks really realistic.

I don’t know.

I can’t tell if like onthe camera it looks real.

I don’t know, in the real life, I feel like it looks really good.

But obviously, you don’t have to water it.

But this macrame plant holderis what I got from Amazon.

I think it comes in a packof two or maybe three.

But I think it was only like $11.

And it’s just really cool.

It just looks kind of like boho chic.

But I just feel like plants, when you put them in your house, it just brings life into the house.

And I realize that’s very ironic considering this is a fake plant.

But it still gives the illusion that there’s life inyour house from plants.

I don’t know, oxygen.

But I just really, really like (chuckling) these macrame, the plant holder.

I just really like it.

I think it just looks cool.

It’s neutral, so I feellike it could go in, you know, a lot of, (exhales) my arm is tired.

It could go in a lot of housesand kind of match the decor.

And actually, I don’t really know if it would match your decor.

But I feel like it matches mine.

And I really like it, so it’s in this video.

Speaking of decor that I have no idea whether or not it willlook good in your house, but this is a very recent purchase.

I literally got this this week.

So that is why there is no real picture, and it’s still the standardstock photo in this.

But I still set it onmy, what is it called the stand, end table, in my living room.

I set it there, and I just really like it.

I’m just kinda deciding whatphoto I wanna put in it.

This was, again, pretty inexpensive.

It comes in silver, it comesin like a darker color.

Just a lot of different things.

And it just sits there.

I just feel like it’s a really cool piece, and I can tell it’s very, very well made.

I’ve seen like other types of, you know, just photo frames thatare cheap and chintzy.

And this doesn’t feel that way.

And I’ve only had it for a week.

So this is probably my newest thing, but I still really like it.

So in the video it goes.

(laughs) This is one of the easiestvideos I’ve ever filmed.

I’m literally just explaining why I really like random things.

The next random thing, garbage disposal drops that you stick in your garbage disposal, and it cleans it, it freshens it.

It’s cool.

Maybe you can buy theseat Walmart, I don’t know.

They’re called Plink.

I think someone recommended these to me, and then I randomly saw it.

You know how sometimes you can just like add things to your cart with Amazon.

I saw it randomly, and I was like, “Huh, I heard something about these, “and I have a garbage disposal.

” So it came in a two pack.

So the one that’s already openis upstairs in my kitchen.

And then obviously, this isone I haven’t opened yet.

But I don’t really haveto explain them much.

I feel like your garbagedisposal gets really gross and yucky in there, andoccasionally, I do smell a smell.

And I use these, and it smells so fresh.

There’s like citrus, orange, lemon.

There’s all kinds of scents that you can choose from, and it really works.

So anyway, totally random, like I said, but so cool.

Speaking of random, weird scents.

See, I enjoy doing this.

I feel like I have no idea what order I’m going to put anything in, and then I find ways tosegue to the next item.

So speaking of weird, disgusting scents, this, like, metal bar, it’s called Rub-A-Way.

This is like magic.

I don’t, it’s weird.

It’s just like this bar andyou keep it at your sink.

And say you are choppingonions, or dicing garlic, or making meat, and like using your hands.

Like any weird scent.

Fish, that’s a good one.

Say you’re dealing with fish.

Any weird, disgusting scentsthat get on your hands and they don’t come off, you literally rub your hands with this, like it’s soapeven though it’s not soap.

It completely takes away the smell.

It’s freaking weird.

Even when you go to put this in your cart, like if you’re looking at the Amazon page, it’s like, “Your moneyback if this doesn’t work.

” Like, it really works instantly.

It’s just odd, and I don’t know why.

I think it has something to dowith maybe ions or something grabbing a hold of, Idon’t really understand it.

But if you’re a kitchenperson, you can use this, and it will make yourhands smell normal again.

Okay, so I forgot that I wanted to talk about this really coolnightlight that I got on Amazon.

So this is, I don’t know the exact term, but it basically uses an amber light.

You can get it in either yellow or red.

But you plug it in, and it doesn’t disrupt your night vision.

So essentially what that means is when you’re going to the bathroom or maybe stumbling through the kitchen, you’re still using thevision in your eyes, I believe it’s the rods.

Josh is behind the camera.

Is it the rods? – [Josh] It’s the rods.

– It’s the rods, and ifyou start using your cones, then that wakes you upmore, and you’re most likely not gonna be able to go back to sleep.

But this doesn’t disrupt that.

So it’s perfect.

I’ve been using it in mykitchen and in the bathrooms, and I just really, really love it.

I don’t know of a good segue to this other than we’re still in the kitchen.

So this is called, I don’t really know.

Zulich, okay, it doesn’tmatter what it’s called.

This is a milk frother.

So I purchased this becauseI, it’s kind of weird.

I am in the phase of prepping and planning for my holiday gift guides, okay.

I have gift guide comingfor her, gift guide for him.

I’ve got gifts under 50, gifts under 100.

Like I have videos and content coming up.

So in my planning stages, I order a lot of things to see if, like, would thisbe good, would this be bad.

So I ended up ordering this, and I think it’s really cool.

And Josh and I have beenusing it here and there.

We have an espresso machine.

It was kind of expensive, andI love that thing to death.

And that does have like a milk steamer.

So this is similar to that.

I’m actually going to insertfootage of what it looks like.

It really froths up your milk in like 10, no, not even 10 seconds, like five seconds.

Hopefully you saw on the footage, like it just froths your milk, and it’s perfect for anybody that likes cappuccinos or lattes.

And it completely transforms your coffee.

And this thing is so inexpensive, and it works so well.

So if you’re a coffeeperson and you like lattes and that kind of a thing, you should try this.

And this is another thing that I purchased for potential gifts.

I thought this would be areally cool stocking stuffer, and I ended up really liking it myself.

So this is a little tiny mini-vacuum thing that you can just turn on.

And then you can just goover top of your countertops, you can go over top your kitchen table.

This is great if you have kids.

It’s just a really coollittle thing to have.

It’s white, I think itlooks good in kitchens.

And you just turn it on andit sucks up all the crumbs.

It took me awhile to get to the point, but it sucks up all of the crumbs on your tables or yourcountertops or wherever so you don’t have to, like, get out, you know, the big vacuum or the hand-held big thing.

Like this is just a quick little thing, and it sucks up all the crumbs.

It’s just like a cool little lifesaver.

It’s not like life-or-deathlike you absolutely need this.

I just think it’s really cool.

And again, would be a reallygood stocking stuffer, but also just good for yourself.

So I like it.

So that is my video.

I know, like I said, thesethings were super random.

But they’re just thingsI really, really like, and I’ve been enjoyingand using all the time.

And I’m actually going toinsert a complete playlist of my other Amazon videosbecause I have several of them, and they’re so good, and they’rejust really, really good.

And then also you can check out my Amazon store where everything.

That actually might be theeasier route, I don’t know.

You can see all of my favorite things in different categories.

So thank you so muchfor watching this video.

Subscribe if you happen to be new.

Give this video a thumbs up, and I will see you in my next one.




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