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hello beautiful people out there how are you doing I hope you’re doing great because I am so today I’m going to take you on the review of Amazon FBA success and what is this it’s basically a full online course that will teach you how to become successful in

Amazon as a seller of course it will include ebooks and videos that will talk you all about the Amazon Sally so what I’m going to cover up in this video is the sales page damn of the products of course always demo then we’re going to talk about the

prices a little bit I’m then going to show you my custom-made bonuses that I made especially for you and you won’t find them in any other affiliates video then we’re going to talk about the bonuses that come automatically after the purchase of this product from the vendor so

I remind you that all the links are in the description well the first link will take you to the sales page and second thing will take you to my website we about which we are going to talk up a little bit later so what is done is success

it is easy to use step-by-step guide I want you in your you’re launching your very own successful Amazon FBA business and you know guys Amazon is huge and being a seller on Amazon can be super super valuable so what you basically do is the little trick scheme you

go to Alibaba or Aliexpress which is try a Chinese online stores and you buy a ton of cheap products there and then you resell that on Amazon in 2014 I needed money for my little brother like I want to make him a laptop as a gift for a

new year so I went and I ordered a bunch of you know Hello Kitty’s or something like toys like kids girls toys and I resell them on Amazon like before I bought them I think each for three dollars and I resell them for like $15 and I bought

my brother laptop for his you know new year so yeah that was awesome and the reason I’m not doing it right now because I was too overwhelmed by with my studies in high school so I quitted that but right now I’m thinking like why not start over again

because Amazon is great so let’s see now what you are going to get from this training exactly here’s what you actually get out of this course how to set up your own product listing on Amazon how to choose the right products and come right back in pricing and

profits how to pick products that sell right reliably and won’t get out of fashion quickly so how to create your own brand new products occurring extremely easy how to make store listing that get discovered easily how to market products create buzz and generate cells how to get amazing

reviews from customers leading to more visibility and more sales of course the best strategy is for effective marketing search and best tools and tips how to get yourselves you’ll say fail your business , a common pitfalls to avoid and so much more and as you can see there

are tons of things you are going to learn from this thing so why not right and it’s actually only cause let me tell you how much it costs it only cost $10 so watch what can you buy yourself for $10 like a tone macchiato in Starbucks along with

the donut or buy yourself video training yeah where is that oh no it actually costs $1 and the upsell costs $10 so guys it’s obvious that you are going to choose this beautiful course right here more than my quieto from it Starbucks right because this will make you

much much much much more money than you back yet well I know it’s debatable so now we’re going to have a look at the demo they go down below to my website and here you will find video demo video so just click on that and watch it we’re

going to just scroll through this one because you can watch it at your own time right so basically you will have like a zip file and it will be downloadable after your purchase in your account you will download it and open up and you can see here like

a licenses personal use licenses and all that beautiful stuff yeah so original dogs and the e-book is the like 70% of this course then you will get in the e-book you you see like here this is the actual ebook and here’s the models module 1 module 2 3

4 5 9 and 10 10 modules that you will get from this ebook that will teach you all about being successful in Amazon then you are also going to get some mind maps and oh that beautiful juicy stuff you see so yeah this is actually a demo for

the pure art product release of this product which was like a year ago and now they’re releasing it without fear so be sure to check it out so that’s that’s it with the demo and now we are going to talk a little bit about the prices I’ve already

said in the front and product costs $1 and what it will give you it will give you like the e-book and all that stuff I already read to you so yeah also it will give you like some videos to check out for training in Amazon the first option

is called ten point video training series so the first video is let me zoom in right here so first video is five Amazon FBA mistakes to avoid second video is 1010 must-have Amazon FBA tools an introduction to Amazon be how to co-create successful store flus integrated with Amazon

and all the others like you see 10 videos just for $10 it’s $1 per video guys and what you can get yourself for $1 well you can buy like orbit you know the gun or you can buy yourself a video training on how to make Amazon FBA and

that’s just crazy this prices are so good and you will be able to miss on that so yes that is it with the main a section of this video now let’s get on to the juiciest part the bonuses so the best bonuses I created myself no one else

helped me okay I then did them myself because like I said I have like little experience with Amazon and I gained a lot of experience and put it together from other courses so you will be good with this bonuses first bonus is how to sell on Amazon a

bit for beginners so if you’re like a newbie like this little chick right here you know you’ll learn fast how to make ton of money the second bonus is for step to start slowing on Amazon and it’s actually like the easiest the most simple guide that you will

get the second bonus I recommend you watch it first before starting reading the e-book because it just gives you the whole over you of what you are going to do when starting Amazon business the second the third bonus is a big fees on Amazon explained so there are

ton of piece like not a ton but the wrath is that kind of confusing that will Amazon will charge you for using their like stores and not to be confused in them I just inserted this bonus so you will be created clear in that and you don’t over

stand because it’s like easy to overspend it’s like with taxes you know when you don’t know what you’re spend you know if any of you are just like covering your taxes but there are actually ways to reduce your taxes in the same way is here the fourth bonus

is anyways – dropship on Amazon so amazon drop shipping it can be pretty challenging because you actually are working with physical products and you have to like ship them and pack them so that all makes sense and like they don’t break or something so this guide will go

in detail on the drop shipping it’s very important thank you and by the way guys you can click any of these buttons here on this website and it will take you to the sales page or in the purchase and after the purchase you get all these bonuses in

your account for download the vengers bonuses is the first bonus is fast action bonus number one point by point checklist it will give you the view or a print with handy checklist that you can use to check off each points so in the training you are going to

like we said first module is this right and this checklist will help you to check out to make sure that you cross the old trainings and you have all of the knowledge that you were supposed to get from this training the second bonus is a strip research cheat

sheet so it will help you to certain find like top blogs and forums for your products on Amazon top tools for Amazon tips and how-to on Amazon and much more then the third bonus and that it’s actually I think the most important one is gonna be like a

mind map what you get like it will be a mind map of what you’ll get like a major points issue you should cover when doing Amazon business so I think that is it for this video I think I recovered the doll and let’s just have a quick glance

of the sales page and as you can see Amazon is so huge actually by 2019 it was reported that 80% of people made online purchase at least once and 60% of those purchases out of 80 percent worldwide world wide online purchases were directed through Amazon so it can

be said like 60% of people on this world on the earth buy products through Amazon so guys if you are out there and you have like an e-book of your own or you just have your own product and you don’t want to mess around with all this like

reselling stuff you this training will be good if you only have your own product and you want to make something extra passive money because it is excellent passive income idea right here for eight bucks for you guys right in front of you so be sure to go down

below and check this product out and actually buy it of course I thank you guys for watching and I see you in the next video



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