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– Clothes shopping on Amazon can lead to some incredible fashion successes.

– Or cratering, disappointing failures.

– But can Amazon stand up to one of the biggest clothes shoppingchallenges of all? Bra shopping.

– Suspenseful noises.

(screaming ) – It’s Ladylike and we’re gonna buy and try some Amazon bras.

– I love Amazon.

I probably shop on Amazon once a week.

– Am I an online shopper? I am, I am an online shopper.

– I have a pretty goodtrack record of success in terms of buying things from Amazon.

– Because there is a $50 price limit, which I imposed, I don’t reallyknow what I’m gonna find.

– Kristin gave me $50 tospend on my boobs today.

So I’m gonna buy a prezzy for my tits.

– You could get a winner, and you could get two sandwich bags tiedtogether with some floss.

Who knows? – All right, let’s go shopping.

– I’m gonna type in “bralette”.

Ooh, they have a lot ofreally cute, sexy options.

– Typically my bras area little bit inexpensive.

Just because I don’t have alot of boob to hold on to.

– What I want is a bra thathas foam in the bottom.

And it doesn’t seem likeI’m gonna get a lot of that.

– The first one I clicked on is Urban K Women’s Semi SheerFull Lace Sexy Bralette.

The prices range from $5.

99 to $15.

29, which is very inexpensive.

– I would like the brato make my boobs rounder, and to push them up and in.

Because right now, they’repointy and they look this way.

Like a little chameleon’s eyes.

Just like one over there, and one over there.

They’re happy, they’re perky, they’re looking around.

But they are definitely notfocused on one direction.

And that’s where we want to go.

– Here’s a pretty little bra.

It’s $29.

99, it comes in a40F, which is what I wanted.

It comes in three colors: winered, green, and bean paste.

I don’t know if I want a brathat’s colored after beans.

Mmm, beans.

– These are all like baby pink.

I want like a hot firecracker pink.

Ooh, I do see a nice fuchsia.

These are $13.

24 to $31.


I’m gonna keep looking.

– Oh my god, this is like a corset bra that pulls the girls together.

In the picture, thegirl’s like flirtatiously pulling the drawstringsand she’s like mm-hmm.

The only thing about thisone though, it does look like it has the foamy cup feel to it.

I’m tired of the foamy cup feel.

I just want to put my hands on my breasts in the middle of the day and feel me.

– I want to feel my nip.

That’s what I, yeah.

– Here’s an Elomi Women’s Plus Size Matilda Underwire Plunge Bra.

This isn’t really a push-up bra.

I don’t know why itshowed up on the search.

– For this corset boob, one of the reviews is Ahh! Listen, I went bra shopping with my mom.

I’m all for supporting your mom’s boobs.

But you don’t need to writean Amazon review about it.

– There’s a style inhere that I really like that’s just a simple triangle bralette, but it has two littlestrings that attach here.

So it will look really nicewith a V-neck because you’ll kind of get a peek of like, sexy bralette underneath.

That style doesn’t necessarily come in a poppy color that I really like.

But I think I like the styleso much that I’m willing to just go with somethinga little bit more subdued.

– All right, got this next bra.

It’s by Frugue, it’s aFrugue Women’s Full Coverage, Wireless, Non-Padded, Made in EU.

“A bra as unique as you, feelflawless, budget-friendly, “look great and feel nothing.

” Says no padding right on the tin, so I’m gonna move on to the next bra.

– Y’all, let’s write ourown bra reviews, okay? You don’t need yourhusband or your daughter to write a review for you.

– Ooh, it looks as though itcomes with matching panties.

It’s $12.

99 with the panties.

Can I get the panties also? Can I get the set? Are we just doing brasor are we doing sets? Like what’s the deal? – But I want a set.

And it’s so cheap.

(Kristin laughs) Please, mom? (Freddie cheers) – Parfait by Affnitas Women’sCharlotte Padded Push-Up Bra.

Okay, that is what I’m looking for.

All of the words in the tile seem to be speaking my language.

– Tee hee! It’s a nipple bra.

It’s literally a nipple-less bra.

I think this would be goodif you’re breasfeeding.

– So I have ski slope boobs.

I’ve talked about this before, but for those just tuning in, ski slope boobs look like this.

That leaves a lot ofspace above the nipple.

It’s just negative space.

Cup, ski slope, negative space.

So that’s why I’m gonnastick with the small because I wanna make surethe triangles are filled.

I want them to be full.

– [Kristin] This is kindacute, like this little detail.

It’s really hard tofind a padded pushup bra that also makes an effort to look cute.

Cause usually it’s like, here’s your beige foam sack.

Have fun! – This is looking pretty promising.

This is a red push up bra.

It’s got some underwire to it.

It is $29.

38 which seems good.

I think I’m gonna with this red one cause I don’t have a red bra and I think it might befun to get something racy.

– Just look at how cute she is! I love it.

– I’m gonna buy this bra.

It’s a 40, yep, available in my size.

This looks good, lets buy this bra.

Hopefully it serves thepurpose I want it to serve which is to push the girls up, give them a nice shape, make them feel roughly even, which is what I want.

– It’s a tits party and you’re invited! (ding) – I ended up getting abralette and matching panties because I was under budget.

– I’m going to put the panties on too.

Now, you all aint gon see the panties but imma put em on.

– Gimme, gimme.

– [Kristin] Okay, here you go.

– Oh.

I mean, oh! (laugh) – [Kristin] Here you go! – Such a small, flat package.

Like my boobs! – So I wanted a padded pushup bra.

I thought it was gonnahave padding underneath it to sort of do a little khch.

Get like a little high chair situation.

– This looks like a tissue.

A lace doily.

– Okay, I am a littleworried that it might be a bit tight around the underbust.

But I could just be eyeballing it wrong.

– Sort of a bit of a saloon girl look.

Also, there’s only two hooks.

I’m not a really big fanof the two hook lifestyle.

More of a four hook bitch.

– This is just such a tiny little cup.

It’s just fits around my face.


What if that’s a newmeasurement for breasts? – I’m just saying, it could be.

– It looks exactly the way it did online.

The color actually popsmore than I expected it to.

So that’s great.

But I’m interested to seewhat the fit’s gonna be like.

♪ Do bah do do do do do do do do do do ♪ – It does not have padding down here which is what I thought it would have.

But it does still lift somehow.

I don’t know how.

♪ Dah dah da da da ♪ – Hello! When I held it up, I wasworried that the underbust line was gonna be too short andtherefore be really tight.

But it actually fits great.

I feel like at the end of the day I’m not gonna have indentionsin my body, which is great.

– So, I think I may haveunderestimated myself.

– God damn it, hold on.

Yeah, this is very tiny.

I feel like I have to keep my hands here.

Or else you’re gonna get a nipple show.

– I don’t know, it doesn’tpush the boobs together.

I need a lot of pushing.

Also, this bra comes with two very useless pockets right here.

– I’m filling this part out really well.

I feel round, I feel complete.

Yeah, I feel like I can boogie down with nothing slipping out.

– My hands are the censors by the way.

Cause otherwise you’re gonnaget a little nipple show.

(camera click) And we can’t get my nipplesout on the internet, alright? – A nipple show.

– It’s just very similarto every push up bra where it’s like “it’s a push up bra.

” And it’s like you mean it’s a bra? Just say it’s a bra.

– I do have a fair amountof side boob poking out.

But it’s a bralette soI’m not mad about that.

– It should be like this, but it’s not.

You know why? Cause it’s trying to hold upmy whole boob with nothing.

Just stick some foam in here.

– No nipples.

(laugh) – I feel cute or whatever.

We’ll see how it works throughout the day.

– Tits on the internet, tits on the internet, tits, tits, tits, tits.

– What do you think of my boobs today? – I think they look regular.

– [Devin] Regular? – Mm-hmm.

– I was really hesitant tostart because it was just, it looked really tiny.

It looked like a bra for a teenage model.

But you know what, Ithink I might be singing a different tune afterwearing this bra all day.

They don’t look, like, special? – I mean.



– [Devin] Or something? – [Jazzmyne] I see nipples, but those are parts of boobs.

– [Devin] True, very true.

I bought this bra off of Amazon.

I’m gonna flash you, you ready? – Oooh.

That’s cute.

That’s real cute.

I feel like it would be something, like it’s okay to wear it with this but I feel like if you woreit with just a leather jacket.

Fucking show that shit.

– I liked my bra.

I really don’t have any complaints.

I actually am really excitedthat I wore this dress today because I think thelittle strings peeking out really enhanced the look.

Where do you think this bra is from? – I would go with the normalplace, Victoria’s Secret, but if not that then a veryexotic looking shop possibly? – [Fred] An exotic looking shop? – Yeah.

– [Fred] So something high end perhaps? – Yeah.

I mean I don’t, also, I wear sports bras.

– [Fred] Well, this bra is from Amazon.

– Hmm.

I wouldn’t have guessed that.

– [Fred] 12 bucks.

– Hmm.

– [Fred] A set.

And it was.



– So you got underwear too.

– [Fred] .



and a bra, for 12 bucks.

– Is it comfortable? – [Fred] It’s very comfortable.

– Does it feel cheapy or anything? – [Fred] It feels durable.

– Yeah? – [Fred] It does feel durable.

– Amazon? – I was not super happy with this.

I literally just sat at mydesk and was like, “well.

” I don’t hate this bra.

(laugh) That was really convincing.

Buying a quality, expensivebra is a little bit like flipping a house in thatyou’re taking boobs that may not do what you want them to do and turning them intomillion dollar boobs, baby! – I would really loveto see that HGTV show.

– [Kristin] Flip them tits? – Flip them tits.

– Okay, so now’s a really fun game where I walk outside in this bra and I see how long ittakes for me to get nipply.

For my nipples to show.

Okay, yep, I feel them.

They’re poking out.

There we go, 33 seconds.

So on that measurement, this bra isn’t really working out that well.

But it’s cute.

– This gives me actuallya little bit of lift.

– I could tell.

– Like I see some lift and I was unaware.

– I could tell.

– And I’m happy about that.

– You’re being graded on a curve.

(snare drum roll) (laugh) – I’m sorry, I couldn’t.

(laugh) – So how’s yours? – Hmm, not great.




– I think your boobs look great.

– I think this dress is helping.

It has a super cinchy waist so I think the dress isdoing a lot of the work.

– How do you ask peoplewhat they think of your bra without flashing them your tits? – You just have to do it.

– Well, you don’t have to.

Your bra straps were like.

– They’re here, but Idid flash them my tits.

Okay, so.

– Oh, oh.

– [Fred] I want you take alook at my bra situation.

(laugh) – It’s a nice bra.

I just was, I didn’t see it.

And then when you were.



It’s cute.

– [Fred] Where do youthink this bra is from? – This probably shows my class level, but the nicest bra place Iknow is Victoria’s Secret.

(laugh) So I would guess.

– [Fred] So you’re saying it’s nice? – Oh yeah.

It’s a very nice bra.

So I would guess somethingVictoria’s Secret or something expensive.

– [Fred] So this is actually from Amazon.

– Whoa.

– [Fred] Yeah.

– Whoa.

– [Fred] And it’s the bra and I have matching panties for $12 total.

– $12? – [Fred] Yeah.

– Lets get naked in the corner.

– Okay.

– Oops.

Do you see how like? – [Fred] It’s a very pretty bra.

– Yeah, but you see how like, it kind of does a little kch.

Like it kind of hunches over.

– [Fred] Ooh.

– If it was expensive it’d do this.

It was less than $50.

– Mm-hmm.

– But it was way more expensive than your bra or Devin’s bra.

– How much is your favorite bra? – My favorite bra is $75.

– Okay.

– That’s why I have four bras! (laugh) Eenie meenie miney and mo.

Mo smells like shit right now.

– My boobs look rounder.

I have a little bit more bouncewhen I walk authoritatively.

I did the west wing challenge where you walk down a hallwayas if you have someplace to go and my boobs actually bounced.

– Oh that’s exciting.

– Right! – Very exciting.

– It’s exciting.

– Did you vlog that? – I sure did.

So we’re in the west wing.

We’re walking authoritatively.

Now, lets see how this bra is holding up.



My boobs feel rounder and perkier.

– Ooh.

– Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce.

Okay, I’ll stop.

I wanna see how bad the bra line mark is.

Okay, yeah.

I got some redness.

– I think bras just bynature, by the end of the day will give everyone and anyone indentations regardless of what size it is.

But it’s definitely more comfortable than the bra that I tookoff to put this one on.

I enjoy this bra.

I’m into this bra.

It’s a comfy bra.

– Hi, I’m Freddy, I’mvlogging about my boobs.

(laugh) – I think you might be the winner.

– Oh is this a competition? – No.

– Wait, this is a competition? – It’s not a comp.




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