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rev up your engines, now these tools arecalled mass leverage, I’ve actually been using these for a year, an ex-marine inventedthese things in the United States and he came up with a really good idea, now ofcourse a lever is not a new idea Archimedes said give me a lever longenough and I can move the earth, so this is your earth moving tool when you’reworking on cars, now if you’re working on your car and you got a nice set of wrenches, but you get them on something and you just don’t have enough strength to pullsomething loose, of course you can go buy a larger set of wrenches for a wholebunch of money, but why not use your smaller wrenches and one of these tools, cuz that’s one thing that always bugged me about being a mechanic, I had to keepbuying tool, after tool, after tool and I’m cheap gets to be annoying after a while, but these max leverage is hey, in goes the wrench now it’s a gigantic fulcrumwrench, so you can get all kinds of power to get stuff loose, hey you by a set ofthese, they’re generally good for a lifetime their made out of stainlesssteel and they will fit all of your tools so that you can turn a smallset, into a medium set, or a large set without having to buy all the individualwrenches just these things, and of course a set of them comes in differentsizes, so you can get into the space you need to get to get you enough leverage, maybe you need small leverage, maybe you need medium leverage, or maybe the oldbunch of leverage, either way these things got you covered, so if you get aset of three like I have, hey you’re turning all of your tools into threesets of larger tools too, which when you need them you use them and when you onlyneed the small one you don’t need to use these, in my book that’s a pretty goodidea, hey if I can get three complete sets of tools by just buying these threeparts, it’s gonna save a lot of aggravation even just looking for thetools, hey if you’ve ever look in my garage sometimes it seems like I’m in the blackhole of Calcutta looking for stuff and I don’t know whereanything is anymore, but when I went looking forthese three it was really easy to find because I use them all the time, two ofthem were in a drawer where they live and the other was leaning inside thegarage door inside here, because it’s too tall to fit in the toolbox, I just leanedthat against the garage inside, I mean a lot of guys think, oh I can’t work on mycar not strong enough, well my little scrawny armsI’m not strong either, but with these that’s like having arms that are twiceas long to get twice the leverage to get stuff off, now the next product I’mtalking about are these Eagle claws they spell them wrong it’s Klaw but I guessEagle Claw was taken, so they call them eagle claws or a K, and now they’re notsome kind of ninja weapon that you whip at people, they’re cool littlefasteners that go on your rug mats and keep them from bunching up, sticking onthe accelerator, looking messy, look how easy these things are installed, nowthese mats already had holes drilled in them so you don’t need to drill holesbut if you do, the larger kits and these come with little punch that you punchthe hole, or you just get a drill bit and drill a hole in the stupid mats, then you screw the fastener in the hole, and then screw the other end in the bottomside of the mat, as you can see these little claws no wonder they’re calledeagle claws, their really sharp and barbed so when you push it down on the bottomof the car, they stick in place, here’s what they look like when you just stickthem in bare, they’ll grind right in and be nice and tight and they’ll never move, so when you have them screw it into the matthen they press right down, put one here one there, and if you want you can put acouple in the front too, so then it won’t have any jiggling back or forth or frontand back, and even I think, okay what happens when I want to clean the matswell this is a screw system with a little washer on it, you just unscrew itpull it out clean the mat, put it back in, being really hard plastic, Heyit’s not gonna rust, water isn’t gonna bother at all, it’s real easy to take themapart and clean them and put them back in againso if you’re tired of having your mats all over the place, then people make amess in your car, you might want to get carried away with these eagle claws, nowthe last interesting product I tried out that passed the muster are thereep mats, yeah just like the grim reaper, kind of an odd name but what’s it a nameif you look inside closely you’ll see, their made out of all these plasticstrands, kind of like electrical wiring insulation with no wire inside, it’sreally squishy and comfortable, now these things are custom-made for your car soyou know they’re gonna fit, but the coolest thing about them is, they’rereally good at wrapping dirt so you don’t see them, these things have beenhere a while and they still look clean to the naked eye, see all this weavestuff a lot of air in there, dirt can just go and it falls down inside, thisthing can get ounces of dirt in it and it still looks pretty decentI tried them out my wife’s car, she drove around for a while, I said so what do youthink of those she says, we’ll you know first I though theywere kind of weird but they’re really comfortable on my shoes, and they willclean all the time which is what she liked instead of a conventional mat where it’sjust flat and you see all the dirt this stuff is hiding inside, so you don’thave to clean it as much, but when you do clean it you can just whack it, hose itdown if need be, heck you can even use an air powered pressure washer if you want, it’s plastic, it’s not to get damaged by anything, you can just blow all the crudoff of it, I do have to say this is the most radical car mat design that I’veever seen, and since my wife likes it, hey I’m sold myself, I don’t have to clean itas often and she’s happy, not whinning at meto clean the car all the time, so now you know three new mouse trapdesigns that work quite well, and since this is mechanic Monday I’m gonna begiving away a set of these max leverage tools, to have a chance to win just placea clean non-offensive comment on the youtube comments below, and a winner willbe chosen randomly by computer to win a set of these wrenches, hey I love passingout free good tools to people, hey I’ll just pass it on, people are always sendingme tools.

well hey I’m gonna send themback other people too.

to balance the karmaout, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, to ring that Bell!.



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