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Hello, hello.

Welcome to the Passive Income with Contentlive channel, live session, whatever it is you want to call it.

We talk about content and we talk about creatingreally quality content that makes sense and that eventually makes us passive income.

Not many people know how to do this.

There’s a variety of ways that we create passiveincome with content, we talk about them all right here.

We’re live right now on GoToWebinar and onFacebook, so hello in both places.

Thanks for joining me.

But let’s talk about book and let’s talk aboutthe evolution of book.

Right? So, when I first started, many of you knowin 2010, 2011 I made my first dollars online publishing book.

I was actually, every single year that passed, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and I was like, “when is this going to end? Like when am I going to find the day whereI can’t talk about selling books anymore?” It’s just never come.

Its never come.

Because whether the information is in theform of a book, or it’s in the form of an info product, or it’s in the form of a physicalbook or Kindle book, digital book in the form of a video, these are all just ways that wecan share information, right? We can share them for free and we can alsoshare them and have people pay, right? So at this time, I have no idea what pricepoint people are buying.

I have no idea.

I’m in this with you.

but I do know that there’s a huge opportunitystill with book.

And if you are interested in really hunkeringdown and learning the algorithm of Amazon and really what it takes, not only to becomea bestseller, because anybody can become a bestseller.

Like when I bought with my journals, to behonest with you, I don’t even try to become a bestseller.

It doesn’t matter to me because I know thatI could become a bestseller.

I don’t put my effort there because I justdon’t.

There’s other things that I’m more focusedon that make me happy, give me more money.

Let’s say I’m not going to push a book allthe time that’s like only 99 cents.

I have other things that I sell that makeme more money.

So I’m not always per bestseller but its notthat hard to do, it’s more about how to create that passive income so that your book becomesa bestseller and that if your income relied on selling book that your book stays at thetop and it doesn’t dip down.

So you’re after, you’re doing that type ofbusiness model where you’re publishing a book and you want it to stay up there so that Amazonwill keep sending you traffic, it will keep providing your book to people who are typingin the keywords that your book is about, then this is something that you could spend sometime on.

And I’m going to urge you to watch the workshopthat we did this week because I personally recommend, though, the one person that reallyknows what he’s talking about, Adam Hoagie and he has like [inaudible 00:03:07] out.

It’s called the fan base formula and I’m goingto give you a link that.



Actually I could put it in the chat rightnow, so some people are already asking for it.

Where is it? That’s it.



That stands for fan base formula.

So basically how you build a fan base andhow do you really learn the algorithm of Amazon and that algorithm actually changes everyso often.

So it changes with the time.

It changes with practices that perhaps Amazonhas found that worked better than others.

For a period of time, the algorithm was justridiculous.

It just didn’t make sense.

I think now, the way that Adam actually taughtit yesterday on our workshop at this link here that I gave you, it’s actually a lotbetter because I remember in the past like you used to have to trick Amazon and haveyour sales come in waves.

If all your sales came in on one day theywould penalize you or not give you the results that you potentially are looking for, or thesales rank, or things like that and it just didn’t make sense.

If you’re going to push your product, likewhenever I pushed one of my products, I’m pushing them hard and I’m pushing it aboutseven days or so.

Because you want people to get excited andyou want to get them excited about your intro price.

You want to get them excited about how newthe product is.

You want to get them excited about the reviewsthat you’re getting, things like that.

And also in the past, reviews used to be abig part of the Amazon algorithm.

They changed that throughout the years, too, because obviously people were getting fake reviews and they’re like, “well we can’t weighthis product more than another product just because they have a thousand reviews.

” They have to really weight that differentlybased on the, not only the star reviews because fake reviews can be five stars, but just toknow what they’re seeing over time, how those reviews are coming in and things like that.

So yeah, I mean that’s a really big deal tohave.

Let me tell you why.

I just said to you that Amazon is not goinganywhere.

Book sales is not going anywhere.

People are probably reading books now morethan ever, a period where they’re kind of able to.

For me, I worked a lot this week and I’m like, “let me just chill and read a book.

Get me away from the computer, get me awayfrom quiet time.

” These are the outlets that people are lookingfor right now.

And maybe I’ll ask Adam to do some kind oflike special session on maybe hot niches right now to go into because that can be somethingthat he could really add to.

I mean he does talk about niches, but rightnow is actually a very different time, right? So that means that there is an opportunity.

There’s an opportunity in any situation.

People will make money in every single marketand I believe you guys are way ahead of the curve because you already know, you’ve alreadygot a sense of what’s going on in terms of how to make content, how to create contentvery quickly.

Now we just have to get some other thingsright in terms of the right niches to go into and how to rank and everything like that.

I will say when all this is over and you’relike an Amazon optimization king or queen, then you will be in a great position.

And I think that pricing on these course isvery, very fair and it’s doable.

So that’s why I stand behind this.

[inaudible 00:07:04].

Pam, you wanted to create a membership site, that’s great.

You can create a membership site or furryon Facebook too.

It’s really cool.

They have like you set your site up for educationallearning.

You can have different units and stuff forFacebook.

And units are just like categories, and thenyou could have topics within your category.

So I can have like the topic of exercise, but then within that topic of exercise, I can have strengthening, I can have toning, I can have footwork, I can have stretching, So it’s really, really cool, the things thatyou can do with Facebook.

Yeah Mike, that link to watch the trainingfrom yesterday.

I’ve had had Adam on a couple of times andthis presentation was actually different than he did yesterday.

This training that he did yesterday, it wasdifferent.

So it has been updated, meaning that he changeswith the times and he knows exactly what Amazon does when they do it.

Because he’s really in the trenches with them.

So it’s really cool.

Let me know if you have any questions whilewe have our kind of last moments together.

[inaudible 00:08:19]Let me know if you have any ideas.

Thanks Margaret.

I’m going to have to check that out.

Slash Facebook.

I’ll copy that over and see.

Carol, I could ask him about that.

Carol says, “Does he provide resources forthose of us on FBA to boost our sales somehow for used books?” Okay, so I will ask him about that.

I’m not 100% sure.

All right.

So again, the training that we did this week, Debdrum.

com/fbformula, great skills to have and if you have some time to test them outbecause this is a great time for that.

Even the ability for you to help others inthe future with this because you’re going to have the most up to date information wheneveryou need it.

And that’s really, really important when itcomes to any type of system that changes.

So like Facebook is always changing.

Amazon is always changing.

YouTube is always changing.

So you want to ally yourself with people whoare on the brink of these changes.

All right guys, I hope that this was helpfuland I hope that you take some action, whether it’s this or whether it is just continuingon with whatever you’ve been working on.

I’m always here to help.

Join the Facebook group and hit me up on myhelp desk.

Let me know.

I want to hear from you and I’ll see you onthe next call we have.

All right, thanks everyone.

Facebook group.

Passive Income with Content.

I’ll see you there.

Bye bye.




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