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let me find that you’re trying to subscribe but guys okay so in this video I do it in the restroom but tell me if you guys want to see this background you guys like I’m going to show this background but stay tuned for the video and let me know if you guys want this background or the next background what’s up you guys so today’s officially in the house comment down below if you like me so first off what I’m going to show you guys is the stuff that I got from t SW d SW if you guys don’t know it’s a designer shoe warehouse and honestly guys you if you don’t shop there you guys should shop there and let me just tell you when it’s your birthday they give you five dollars to shop and you can accumulate it obviously if you don’t want to spend the five dollars like that you can also donate any kind of pair of shoes that are gently worn and then they’ll give you points and then those points become like how cool is that honestly I love it it’s like an easy way to get pair of shoes if I shoot then I got it’s actually for summer that’s coming up or spring hopefully if this whole quarantine situation stops so I got these cute sandals this is how the Box looks this is how the Box looks honestly my opinion I did like them at the moment I don’t know now you know it would be cute with like sometimes or they’re high wet straight here and honestly what I don’t like about it my personally they kind of remind me of like the spiders do you see that I don’t know I mean it’s most amazing smells like leather I love this so it looks um again I don’t know how I feel about the rhinestones looking like a spider but yeah this is my first purchase for spring hopefully we get to wear these it’s not actually when I was telling you earlier they give you a lot of good stuff so from DW they give you like three items if you spend like a certain amount and it doesn’t have to be like the toy secret we have to spend like 89 dollars or a hundred dollars and you get like a small palette or like a big bag or whatever geez W you literally can only spend like $39 or let’s see you what this was actually three I forgot about that so this was um a year so okay if you refined up with DSW I’m not in right perfect they actually gave me this because whenever you are signed up with the SW they give you they give you a free gift so it’s either and believe ten dollars they give you $10 off of anything that you want anything they want in the store or you can get like a free pass so I just the back but it’s kind of I honestly was thinking about getting shelves because I my perfume bottles that are on my counter and you guys ever like do your makeup and then like the dust from the makeup gets on like certain products that you guys don’t want or whatever so I had this perfume bottle that I don’t want to get but not blush bronzer cuz you know I tend to break my bronzers a lot I see just on the floor so these are the shelves they were $14 I believe this is how it looks they come in three one two and three and for my perfume I believe I use the bottom oh I forgot to tell you guys okay so I have one more item W actually my mother mom gave this to me so their memory bit phone by dr.

Scholl’s they’re super cute I honestly wish that at the bottom of the shoe was you know more hard material so I can wear it like outside but I know that their house shoes and that’s not what they’re meant for but this all looks how freaking cute are these I haven’t not worn them yet I haven’t win them yet if you guys are looking for like a cute um cute you know in the house shoe I mean we are quarantine right now you want to get your fuzzy slippers and corns eating right definitely hit up yes W they do so another thing that I got from Amazon is okay so this is where you moms if you are a mom and you’re watching me so I actually got this off of tick tock and I thought it was amazing so it is a diaper rash spray so it looks like this and honestly it’s the best thing you’ll ever have if you guys are planning to have kids or if you guys have kids or if you guys know somebody that has baby definitely tell them about this you literally just spray it and there you go it’s awesome and I’m wishing you what this sooner unfortunately a lungful is a really one more month I believe so yeah I wish I knew but that seniors so definitely tell you your mom’s your uncle’s you know about I got these little tree looking for the water so I’ll show you to temple right now so with this on in amongst the water to go further this way and then they can reach you can also get like a spool on the floor but we don’t have a spool it yet it’s perfect for kids and you can still come guys honestly what we do if honestly is listen to music because time go faster music.



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