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Hey guys, how’s it going.

It’s Justine and today we are going to be unboxing the new Amazon Echo Show I feel like everyone has already unboxed it and I’m a few days late, but hey, better late than never.

[UNBOXING] [GRABS KNIFE] There’s a pull-tab.


Why didn’t I just pull! [UNBOXING] Alright.

Well, here it is.

This is the echo show.

It’s a little tinymini TV essentially.

It kind of looks like one of those baby monitors or oneof the things that they have at the hospital where they’re like ‘here’s yourbaby’, like ‘nope’, that’s just breakfast.

Alright, what else is in here?Paper, paper, paper, cable.

Hope I don’t need any of this.

Let’s open her up! I’m tired.

This is actually heavier thanI thought.

It’s substantial.

The bottom has kind of like a nonstick sort ofsurface.

It’s, um, [Cameraman] nonstick or stick? Stick.

it is [LAUGH] It has a stick surface.

[LAUGH] [CAMERAMAN] It just slides allover the place! I know we’re in the kitchen, where I’m used the non-stick baking pans but this is, it’s stuck, it sticks to your counter.

So I went with the black because the whole front is black and the back Would be white and I felt like I kind ofwanted it to all match so that’s why I went with this one.

Let’s peel off this little tab.


Hey, did you know that there’s a thing on Amazon it will show you howmuch money you’ve spent total? [CAMERAMAN] Oh no there isn’t.

Yeah there is.

[CAMERAMAN] Oh no, did you access it?I did.

Hello your Echo device is ready for setup.

Alright!It is a touchscreen?! Yes! How does this know that it’s registered to me already?!Let’s see.

Alexa Show.

Hey Matt, I don’t, I don’t want it.

Leave it.

Oh I was going to give you like a nice cinematic shot of this knife pickup.









a I think it does like Alexa time.

I don’t thinkthat’s what it’s called.


Oh it’s updating.

[BORED] What do I do? This is taking a really long time! [MUSIC] So apparently you can voice to yourfriends and stuff? I sent some messages to Ed and he said it scared him.

Oh, checking for latest software update.

Oh! [ALEXA] I’m back.

Let’s continue.

I’m back ? You didn’t even go anywhere Heyyyyy Ed.

Just wanna say hi.

[Video Plays] Introducing Amazon.



Ahyeah, I get it.

Alexa, what are the new skills? [ALEXA] Here arethree new skills first his Clea new room chat with Alexa about all famed NeroKia’s first-ever hybrid crossover you can find a Kia dealership ask aboutlocal authors and much more no give that one a try no I don’t want to ask youabout a Kia dealership how much did Kia pay for thatsponsorship that’s what I’d like to know you said now I don’t know what to doit’s basically Alexa with wait egg prices hit 10-year low Alexa read thisfor me getting your book from audible resuming best seat in the house there’stwo minutes left in the book i’m todd grisham johnson Cotillard oh yes Alec’snot over being canceled Alexa plate imagine driving shuffling songs byimagine dragons I learn inside of the waving green bin I can only set your personal photos foryour home background tell me which photos you’d like to useOh God example set my photo album Hawaii 2016 is my home background how do youknow I have that hmm it looks like you haven’t added any photos yet downloadthe primes Photos app from your App Store prime photos God how many moreapps does you have Amazon no wonder you’re taking over the entire worldAlexa play me a movie here’s 13 hours the secret soldiers of Benghazi is thatlike in my I’ve never seen that okay can i buy that soon so if you don’thave like a TV or an iPad or a phone because this is basically the size ofyour phone you can sit here and do pretty much everything that you want todo alexa show me my photos ah Mady again Alexa next photo so these arethe photos that I updated look there’s you Maddie giving you kisses Alexa tellme a joke why did the banana go to the doctor because he wasn’t feeling wellshe didn’t give me enough time to think of an answer you gotta give me some moreminutes Alexa evening my friend of course we canbe friends you seem very nice Oh flatter me some more Alexa what’s thelast thing that I bought on Amazon there’s one item on your shopping list14 pounds of marshmallow butter okay what hi welcome to the Alexa prize auniversity competition to advance AI it’s early days for these social BOTSand you can help them learn just by chatting what would you like to talkabout I’d like to talk about my life his life is an interesting topic you may bewondering if this is a person or a computer responding yeah are you aperson or a computer I think there might be a few exceptions do you think thatyou might want to be my girlfriend I don’t think I might want to be hisgirlfriend I am a robot Alexa play the trailer for the lost city of these I don’t let’s uh stop I have nothingelse to do until I can find someone to call Alexa call Edie Palumbo okay edpluma I mean the I’ll go bed my video yeah oh thank youwait did I call you on the phone how am I talking to you your voice is going onat the echo my phone that is I left you and run around late oh well use yourcamera so you can see well here I’ll call you back and see if it works okayas paluma your videos off from bullying my videos thup your videos are my videois on but no wait I can’t see you oh I see it oh yes look so editing on thisphone hook this Nathan hey Nathan yeah what’s going on youdoing really good thank you dude you’re gonna you’re gonna want thisthis is a real ed thing oh I just woke up so my homiesmile wait what are you trying to show me a smile every every echo in my houseone because I think he’s going to get bunch of messages I did it computer playmessages six from Justin zero look at is here but what Matt Godit’s the best video ever this is great if I can steal my friends with yesfinally oh my god engine is favored huh yeah no this is not based on I don’tFaceTime I will echo show only now why are you just in your Amazon echo appwhat it’s kind of oh man show okay so I’m gonna say that the echo show ispretty cool even though this is something that isn’t really thatrevolutionary it’s like the way that you’re able to just drop in and I haveit turned on so you can drop in Annie I’m pretty good angles they should belike I’m not wearing pan but it’s mostly like muster up so like I could drop inand it’s the same thing Thanks ah yep thanks for showing Alexastop edy from talking so that’s it this is the echo show it’s pretty awesomeit’s actually a lot cooler than I thought and I’m thoroughly enjoying ityou basically saw me go from yeah this is cool to like I’m not sure about thisI’m not sure and then now I’m just all the way up here like I’m up here startedfrom the bottom here a little link in the description where you guys can checkthis out it also comes in oh I’m receiving another tamam wouldlike to talk okay ed Palumbo hey did you just drop it rightno I called I’m on how to drop it I don’t need it what what’s going onI was trying to drop in on you guys oh I was just sending my video this is goodnice fun well you heard I hear well we can be like making business togetherokay guys I’m here with my friend Edie today in my kitchen today we’re going tobe making murder pies burger art I said murder how I am to participate okaymurder pie oh this is great Jen come here look at this okay but look comehere real quick hurry up you got it you got to take a picture of this for meturn out a little for Nathan hi oh my goodness I am so into the echo show showme more whoo as I said I hope you guys enjoyed this very random video I’ll puta link in the description where you guys can check out more information about theecho show it comes in two different versions so this is the black version italso comes in a white version I’ll put a link in the description where you cancheck out Lamar’s video because he got the white one and they both look reallycool where am I going to put this it’s a question because I want people to beable to drop in any time of the day probably like over here alright see yalater getting this is a good new home like anybody can just say hey.



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