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What’s up you guys welcome back to mychannel so for today’s video I have another Amazon favorites I’m superexcited for this because I feel like I’ve I always gather up like moremust-haves more Amazon favorites as the week’s go on I am embarrassed to say I’malways on Amazon I always

have a delivery literally ringing my doorbelland it’s just like the sticker Amazon Prime like I’m obsessed it’s a littlebit ridiculous to this point where like sometimes I don’t even remember what Iordered that’s how bad it is but there are so many items from Amazon that havebecome staples I’ve

shared with you guys my favorites last time and there’s justeven more than I’m absolutely obsessed with that I’m super excited to sharebefore me to get into the Amazon favorites I do want to give a quickshout out to top cashback because they are sponsoring today’s video so hugeshout out

to them if you don’t know what top cashback is you can pretty much getpaid for shopping which hello hi that’s everything listen the way I look at itis I’m gonna shop anyways so I might as well get some money back and somecashback back through top cashback wow that

was like a little mouthful you canshop everything from home decor makeup clothing there are so much variety ontop cashback so before we go any further I want to give a quick shout outs to thetop cashback browser extension make sure you guys go ahead and install this cuzit makes

it that much easier to get cashback while you shop now when itcomes to Amazon there are only certain categories that are eligible but there’sso many categories that are eligible to be honest with you you can actuallycheck out which specific ones are eligible on the Amazon page through thetop

cash back sites so definitely check that outI just think it’s incredible that you can and get money back because like Isaid I’m gonna shop anyways like if we’re keeping it real I am going to shopanyways so I might as well get money back in the process let’s be

real soI’ve been using top cashback for a few months now and what I personally loveabout them is just how easy it is to use because whenever I’m in the mood to shopI don’t know if you guys are like me but I get super laser focused and like Ijust

want to get right to shop it top cashback doesn’t feel like an extra stepthat takes too long it’s so easy to use it makes it very quick fast and easy sothat it can just get straight to shopping and again make money whiledoing it so if you guys want

to go ahead andfor top cashback through my link I will go ahead and leave it in the descriptionbox you will get $10 just for signing up when you spend your first $25 throughtop cashback so make sure to check it out I’m absolutely obsessed with themand I know you

guys will love them as well so let’s go ahead and get into thefavorites the first one that I have here is this sweater almost knocked over mylife I have this sweater here that I’m obsessed with I got to say I have togive a shout out for my sister

too for this one actually she got me this onefor Christmas and I’m just obsessed with it as soon as I opened it up I was likeyes you know me sis because this is such a me sweater I don’t know I really lovelike the zipper cuz then I can

pull it up or pull it down when I’m feeling alittle like I don’t know I love the variety and it’s just such a easy pieceto style up or also just be super dressed down and just literally runerrands in it or wear it around the house or you can

dress it up a littlebit you know wear some jewelry wear some cute leggings and some sneakers like Ilive in sweaters you guys who know that about me so I just loved this one andthis sweater is eligible for the top cashback as well so I think that that’sawesome yeah

I get mine in the size medium they come in different colors soright now I’m wearing the gray so I actually found these dresses on Amazon awhile back and I forgot to share them with you guys but they are so likeamazing look at that like how adorbs so originally

I was looking for like atight body con zip up neon pink dress but I came across this one and I fell inlove and then I saw that they had it in black so I was like oh I need the blackone as well and to be honest you actually

haven’t worn this pink one yetbecause I was so in love with the black that I ended up wearing the black onefirst but these are so nice you guys they fit so good and honestly they’rereally cute to wear in the summer with a pair of sneakers like I think

they’readorable you can just zip it down and show a little bit of cleavage to if it’shot like I just feel like it’s so cute I actually wore the black one and they getready with me I think in like July or something like that and you guys lovedit I

still have to wear the pink one it’s just winter came and snuck up on meyeah you guys would probably see me in this soon since spring is sneaking up onus now and I think I got these in so the next thing I have from Amazonthis is really random

but it’s like a favorite of mine is this shower caddy Iknow really random but it’s honestly a staple for me because I use this everytime I do like my full pamper routine my shower unfortunately doesn’t have like abuilt-in little shelf nope like you know those really cute like

bougie likebuilt-in tiled shower shelves I want one of those I might in the future renovatemy shower and do like a marble and maybe I’ll like you know do a shower nichethis is called Nisha shower and in each shelf whatever I might do that in thefuture and be a

boozy but until then my only other option was to get one ofthose like shower caddies that you hang over the thing but I just don’t like howmessy they look to be honest with you I don’t like when the products are sittingout on display because it just looks messy

like look at how many differentcolored bottles I have here it’s messy I want my bathroom to be aesthetic at alltimes that’s just how I am so I don’t want my products to show in the futureif I did do a shower shelf that was all pretty I honestly would

buy aestheticbottles and put every although I different products in those bottles andlike label them so that it looked neat I’m just I cannot live with like havingall this showing all the time so I was trying to think of a solution and I’mlike I need something I can just

take and bring with me into the shower everysingle time but it’d still be convenient I didn’t want it to be like annoying orlike oh my god I have to grab this grand back so I figured why don’t I just get alittle shower caddy this is also great for

actually a lot of people advertiseit for like dorm use like if you’re a college student and you live in a dormor something this is actually perfect but for me my shower is right in frontof my cabinet so it’s really not a big deal I literally open the cabinet

grabit walk to the shower and there’s everything I need in here for my showerwe got my shampoos we have my foot scrub shaver body lotion hair mask likeeverything is in here and it doesn’t get damaged because it’s like made for waterlike an amine so I also love that

there’s holes in this one so it doesn’thold water doesn’t sit in there and then you have like a puddle of water in yourbucket so this is just the perfect shower caddy for those of you who kindof want to switch from having all your products showingto having it be

in a nice little caddy so the next thing I want to give a quickshout out to is my vlog hammock tripe vlog camera tripod if asked to be honestwith you quite a lot actually what tripod I use for vlogging and I alwaysuse this Joby tripod I just really

like the feet are very adjustable rotateslike any which way you need it to be you can like wrap it around stuff I’vewrapped it around my faucet my sink faucet right here when I was filmingI’ve also wrapped it around my car steering wheel like I like how I canwrap

around things I do also use the Joby suction cup when I am vlogging inthe car to stick it on my windshield it’s made for a GoPro but literally itcomes with all you have to do is take off the GoPro head and it comes with theregular tripod screw head

for your camera so yeah I love the Joby tripodsfor vlogging and I always just buy them on Amazon so since we’re kind of on thetopic of like electronics and tech and stuff like that I am gonna in the futuredo a full updated filming studio set up but I

just purchased these lights onAmazon and I am obsessed with them so I’ve been needing more background lightsum in the past I’ve always used one background light but now that I movedinto my new home my studio is pretty big it’s a pretty big studio especiallycompared to what I had

before what I had before was literally I’m notexaggerating it was a 10 by 11 yeah I was a a 9 by 10 I think it was 9 by 10room trying to remember the floor pan it was a 9 by 10 room and my new studio isa 12 by

17 feet foot room so it’s way bigger so there’s a lot of depth offield as well which leaves the background sometimes looking dark so Ireally wanted to light up my background so I had to go from one background lightto three background lights so I figured you know what

Amy like what’s the pointof going and buying like a thousand dollar lights just for your backgroundso I was like let me check out what’s on Amazon and see what has good reviewsthis one I had really good reviews this is the I think it’s just called go dogsthat’s the

brand yeah go ducks SL 60w light and I absolutely love it it comeswith the remote control which is always important to me I will no longeruse lights that do not connect to a remote control it’s just inefficientit’s inconvenient it’s just there’s no point in that when you can

easilycontrol it I can’t show you guys right now because it’s not plugged in but yeahthis is really great I have it set up on this little tripod that I also got fromAmazon I will link this down below this is very sturdy it’s actually sturdyenough to carry in this

light and sit up on a table which is really cool so yeahI really like this I did mention in the last few videos you guys are probablygonna be like but wasn’t this the light that was turning off and on this was thelight in one of my videos that

for some reason kept turning off after a fewseconds and I thought I got a bad light but I didn’t I actually I accidentallyhad a setting that was um making it set to turn off after like 15 seconds Ithink it was or something like that so that was like

totally my bad I reallyloved these lights they have amazing reviews on Amazon very good quality ohand best thing it’s like in my face best thing about it only two hundred dollarslike amazing and it does come with that little white diffuser to put on top sothat the light is

softer and not so like harsh and spot like EEP so the nextthing I want to share with you guys is this really cool ooh I should have likeyeah it’s like a little bit dirty okay so just ignore that you guys butwhatever this is my facial steamer I figured

I’ve seen a lot of people usefacial steamers to give himself like a little at-home facial and I kind of gotin the mood to try to give myself a little I own facial so I purchased thisand I really loved it it’s just a good old facial steamer it works

it’s a goodprice and I like that it’s all white so it matches my bathroom aesthetic thevibes the aesthetic is right and then it actually what I loved about this one wasit came with camera which one it came with of this one it came with the littleblackhead remover tools

which I loved because that’s what I kind of wantedbefore I want it so that I can be able to like remove pimples or whiteheads orblackheads and I did want more though like even more tools more variety so Ipicked up this from Amazon by a different brandwhen you open

it up it has so many different blackhead tools for you toremove any white cuts or blackheads what yeah I love that for like at-homefacials so I’ve never used to have plans but I kind of just really have gotteninto them I feel like they are one are super like

they match my decor and myaesthetic but two I love love how they purify the air and I feel like my homefeels so much more like the air feels so much more clean especially cuz we alsohave a humidifier built into the house now but anyways I got this water

canfrom Amazon which I love this one specifically because it’s clear I wantedit clear when a lot of them weren’t clears kind of hard for me to find onebut I really liked this one that I got it has a really long spout so I guessyou would call it and

I have a lot of large plants so I wanted one that waslarge enough I mean one of my plants literally takes 3 liters of water liketwo and a half liters of water and this is only one liter but I mean how big ofa job could I even really

carry so I love that this is one liter cuz then I’dleave to fill it up two to three times for the bigger plants and once for likethe medium sized plants but anyways I just loved this one I love the styleit’s black but clear so I can see how

much water is inside of it I feel likethat was kind of important for me a lot of them weren’t clear this is prettybasic it’s just like a little measuring a tool for me to see you stick it intoyour plants and it tells you if your plants are dry

or moist or if you’ve wetthem too much so I love that because sometimes I can’t remember when the lasttime I watered or I can’t like you don’t want to guess if your plants need wateror not so you just stick this in and if it’s dry then you water

it this isreally important I actually showed this on Instagram and I got so many messagesof you guys like obsessed and loving this this is actually a mist bottleready you guys are gonna see this well you could probably barely see that butthe the mist is so fine on this

bottle and I love it because I actually usethis to mist my plans plans really like to be humid and winter air tends to bepretty dry now my home does have a humidifier and it’s good enough for melike my skin isn’t dry my home is moistenough for me but

the plants want to be more moist so I will moist mist theirleaves and they love it so I use this a lot from my fiddly fig for my ficusGreen Island and for my peace lily sensation so yeah I love thisoh and a lot of you guys when I

showed this I actually have started using thisfor setting sprays so a lot of you about actually started putting your makeupsteady sprays in this bottle and using it to set your face and I’m like oh mygod it’s such a good idea because the mist on this is so fine

so so good youcan even make your homemade little concoction here like makeup settingspray that makes your favourite ones I don’t know it’s just I love it formisting my plants oh and I also actually I bought another set that’s like clearand it came with like a pack of three

I’ll also link that down below but Ialso bought more because I use it for my hair now too whenever I need to wet myhair if I’m blow-drying it with the Revlon thingRevlon dryer oh I should have mentioned that has another Amazon favorite do yousee where I’m getting here

you guys yeah so I’m gonna link that down belowI’m obsessed also the Revlon hair dryer I have shared it so many times with youguys already I don’t have it with me right now it’s upstairs complete forgotabout it I’ve shared it so much with you guys but I’m obsessed

with that it givesme like an at-home blow out in under like 15 minutes and it’s very easy touse I will link that down below as well okay next thing I want to mention isthis grilling pan right here now this is a little bit of a weird favorite becauseI

didn’t get this from Amazon now I know you guys are probably like but this isan Amazon favorites girl you can’t do us like that I’m really sorry but thereason why I wanted to kind of sneak this in here I did not buy this fromAmazon I bought this from

home cents but I wanted to sneak this on here becausethere are alternatives that I found on Amazon so I’m gonna link them for youguys the reason why I wanted to specifically like really mention thisproduct is because when I showed this on my Instagram story I got so manymessages

like oh my god where did you get that pan so I figured you guysseemed to be really into it so I wanted to give it another shout out there’s alot of really great alternatives on Amazon Ilinked them I love how there this one also has the foldable handle

cuz it’sreally easy to store and I cook a lot of things on here i grill steak chicken youcan make growths in it with just like I love love love this I actually like thisI know a lot of you guys been following me for a while probably and used

to seeme use the dam I’ve been filming for a while the view the monitor says 28minutes um I used to use that at home indoor grill which was great and I likedthat but it was such a big piece and it was kind of hard to clean after all

youhave to clean the side you have to clean the top you have to clean the bottom youhave to clean the tray like it was just a whole thing you know this is so easylike I still get to grill I get the grill marks I get the whole grill

tasteand feel but just with one single pan a lot easier to store a lot easier toclean simple and does the job so I love this I will link it down below okay sothis is really heavy so I’m only gonna hold it up for a few seconds for youguys

because I cannot I have really been loving my instant pot I’m not gonna lieto you guys I have yet to like really experiment and try different recipeswith it but I’ve really been using it to make rice and I love that because when Iwas searching for a rice cooker

I found that it was kind of hard to find a goodvariety so I was thinking myself is rice cookersgoing out of style or something not out of style but like out of I don’t knowbecause every time I searched up rice cooker I found a lot of instant pots

soI was like ok so that’s what kind of made me buy the instant pot to make myrice in and I’ve been loving it because you have you don’t have to put as muchwater as you normally would with a rice cooker it’s like a one-to-one ratiorather than a 1

to 2 which that’s not even an issue but what I love about isactually cuts the rice cooking time down by 10 minutes I can make rice in myinstant pot in 15 minutes whereas with the rice cooker takes 25 to 30 minutesso I love that I can make rice

in 15 minutesso I’ve really been enjoying the instant pot for that again not gonna lie I havenot experimented and try it any other recipes in the instantpot which I definitely will I definitely well I’m gonna youtube somelike instant pot recipes I’m gonna check the recipe booklet that came

with it andI one day when I’m feeling you know explorative I will do that but not todaya lot people make some really great recipes in their chili stew slope bookto me like you can make so many things but I use it for rice and I love it alot

of guys ask me how I make my rice so there it is yeah we’re pretty muchending two words pretty much getting to the end of the video last thing I dowant to say is I did just MIT place an order on Amazon like two days ago and Iwas

hoping it was gonna come in in time so I could share with you guys but itdid not come in time so I actually placed an order for splatter screens I’mgonna stilling ad humble if you guys are interested but on Instagram sorry I wascooking and I was covering the

pot that’s still leaving some room for it tosteam so it didn’t steam up too much because I didn’t want the oil tosplatter everywhere and a lot a lot of you messaged me like hey they sellsomething called splatter screens and I was like I have literally never heard ofthat

so pretty much what it is it’s for you to put on top of your food so thatit doesn’t splatter all over your kitchen and get everything dirty but itstill lets the heat out so it’s not gonna create too much moisture inside soI was like wow that’s really cool

so I ended up placing an order for some so Iwill link that down below if you guys are interested but yeah you guys that ispretty much it for my Amazon must-haves so hopefully you guys enjoyed watchingthis video and don’t forget to sign up for top cashback I will

leave my linkdown below and yeah that’s pretty much it I hope you guys enjoyed and I willsee you guys next time bye guys



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