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oh my gosh everything basically about this dress is different from the picture this is for sure gonna be best dressed at Rome [Music] hey guys it’s Brooklyn and Bailey but before we get on to the video we have grunting we got an entirely new set too so we

have navy blue grey and yellow and then of course we have the set that we had before which is black red and pink which i think is super exciting now you’ll have more choices and what you can purchase which will be going live at the end of the

video so stay tuned you’ll be able to buy these pictures at the end there is a limited amount again so be sure to don’t check those out fast because they sold out in an hour a lot of time ours is now in literally an hour it would look

like we’ll want to make sure you watch all the way to edit this video so that you are one of the first people that can go and buy our scrunchies because they did really bad last time and they probably will again this time because we have a limited

amount now onto the real video we filmed a prom dress under $30 I know like you guys have you ever seen those where do they really cut hair like the online picture versus in real life but exactly my daughter’s disaster so I bought them all online and we

did like a broad range of dresses it turns out interesting you guys let’s get onto the video and you can check it out all right number one this is what they like to call the topical dress to be fair I wanted a good mix of dresses for what

we tried on and what we got so this one time I looked up like cheapest prom dresses and this one just came up I really wanted it to be kind of not something I would ever typically buy just so I got a good wide range of dresses online

alone a picture very what’s up notic in her picture too [Music] oh my gosh it’s so much fabric it’s like actually it’s actually like a pretty like dented a break like this track pretty good oh my gosh this what am I gonna that’s gonna not cover anything although

it has like a dramatic cape yeah and and the picture she was like flowy looks like she’s like holding out this huge dress Brooklyn gets China oh my gosh [Music] it is a pretzel seriously in this dress it’s so empowering to it’s like all accentuating the nips and

all the wrong parts of the body then please explain to me the fabric is it supposed to be a long dress or a short dress or maybe like a jacket of some sort of there’s like 20 different ways you can wear this dress and the one sleeve and

the one side with jewels and nothing about this just makes sense but the weird part is is that it actually really accurate to the picture online so that’s good so you know what you were getting at least we know this one was accurate okay dress number two here

yeah it’s which one is the fabric it’s probably not gonna be buried it looks like it should be tacky there like a dance costume not a prom oh my gosh this is nothing like the picture with actual jewels and it’s a whole top so it comes up and

around the neck this is a dance costume it is not a hologram has costed you the dance costume oh my goodness okay time to try it on I’m excited it’s supposed to be really cute but when we opened a was oh not so cute oh it looks like

dance costume [Applause] [Music] the smallest size it came in and it’s a little big just just throw it out there it also covers nothing so that’s always good everything basically about this dress is different from the picture which was actually a really cute dress or looked like a

really cute dress and it did not turn out that way I do think that this one is more comfortable than the last one but it’s also way less accurate than the picture there were supposed to be jewels all beaded at the top and it’s not even jewels it’s

tiny little sequins stitched on in swirly patterns and there were supposed to be like a sweetheart neckline and there isn’t that either it’s just kind of a straight-across neckline and it was supposed to be a halter top and it’s not it’s this weird tank top thing in the

back comes like crosses and hangs open and the dress is super staticky it’s sticking to my legs and like looks really funny and it just looks nothing like the picture online [Music] I would be the hottest key to prom now before we go see Bailey’s dresses comment down

below on which of my dresses you like the best and after you see Bailey’s dresses comment down below on which occurs you like the best then we can see kind of who wins so be sure to comment down below okay like puros I smells funny oh no oh

my god is stirring up like plat nothing sighs nothing it’s like oh I mean in the picture it is reckless and it is sheer but this is like just just doesn’t feel white in the background not quality version of it it’s just like these stuff you’d find in

your life dress up in yeah right in the picture it’s like all red and then like a cream it’s right see-through look it looks like mitosis and I feel like the bottom place and the top place are not even know there no I don’t think they honor look

at that they are like they’re not even the same way are you guys so we’re very impressed with this one we’re very feelings gonna go try it on it’s actually not that bad I think it’s not bad it’s a little interesting I would like to say this this

is probably one of the most uncomfortable dresses I’ve ever worn in my life the inside is just scratchy and itchy and anytime I move it just like yeah and this is like yellow no I don’t know if you guys can see it on camera but it’s like yellowy

but other than that it is not horrible because it actually fits in a decent way and it actually has like a decent look to it I think this year is not as bad as I was expecting but it doesn’t look like what it looks like in the picture

the picture looks like the super elegant gown [Music] all right so if your prom date showed up in a dress like this what would you do I don’t think my boyfriend I don’t think he would even know that it wasn’t some expensive extravagant dress he’d probably just think

oh you look beautiful and then just move on with the day I don’t know honestly I don’t know how people would react but doesn’t look that bad I’m slightly impressed but I definitely probably I mean I definitely wouldn’t wear this cipro okay here comes the last dress last

but not least the last dress this is for sure gonna be blown baddest dress at from Oh gotta be pretty open lace back like no clip and I know happening it looks like it’s gonna be massive and this is the extra small the in the picture it was

super elegance the girl looked like a Cinderella and the the blue I don’t need a flowy lighted no it definitely is not and it was actual lace this is like fake lace on top all right geography Cinderella Bailey’s gonna go try it on Tiwa to Isabella how was

your boyfriend feel he showed up to prom in that now let’s see what it looks like on cutest couple 2018 you know it looks like a piece of fabric like a rag yep this is the dress that was supposedly the same one it’s the picture which it absolutely

looks nothing like what was in the picture I will just do a little spin for you so you can appreciate how truly baggy and bigoted it’s huge and the lace is cheap and it it’s like super super super light it literally looks nothing like the picture you can

see there are two different colors the lace obviously is basically go down to my fingertips and it’s massively huge the lace at the top it’s different than one of those in the picture the back it’s definitely different than what it is in the picture this is just not

even close [Music] and sometimes dresses that are really really really really cheap are not what you’re truly hoping they will be and they’re not what they say they are it’s all right you guys I know those dresses a little deceiving didn’t end up turning out you back back

yet they better cut it worse they really could have been that’s true so you guys do not forget that we have large spreadsheets going on sale at San Antonio and we have a bready stuff you guys would definitely want to purchase there in a limited out box still

have to go buy them right now that fast that you can do that by clicking the link in the description box below or the merge button right down below us go buy it right now we love you guys we’ll see y’all next week bye bye Oh



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