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Amazon’s upcoming Lord of the Rings prequel is set to take place in middle-earth Second Age thousands of years before the movies take place but just what does that mean for the series here are a few things that fans want to see in Amazon’s Lord of the Rings prequel

one of the most tantalizing facets of middle-earth second age is the constant presence of the stories most iconic villain Sauron Sauron is actually corrupted my heir a kind of angelic spirit that existed long before the beginning of time itself early on in the history of middle-earth Sauron then

known as Myron was lured to the dark side by the first Dark Lord Morgoth during morgoth’s rain on middle-earth Sauron acted as his chief lieutenant at the end of the first stage however Morgoth was defeated and banished from the world after this hour on fled and hid for

several centuries it wasn’t until around 500 years later that sour on spirit began to stir first Sauron established his new stronghold on middle-earth by that point there were still many nations of men far away in the east and south that had been corrupted by Morgoth back in the

day hoping to utilize this power sour and chooses more doors his new stomping ground and work soon began on the Dark Tower about a door considering how important Mordor is to the Lord of the Rings trilogy story it’s pretty much a dead certainty that the region will make

an appearance in Amazon’s new series 1 elements of Sauron story that’s going to be fascinating to see is how he has portrayed earlier on in the second Age that’s because Sauron wasn’t always sour on the great and terrible sure the Dark Lord is most well known for being

the terrifying specter of death and destruction that appears throughout the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies but that isn’t what Sauron looks like for most of the Second Age not by a long shot in fact when Sauron first appears on the scene he takes on the appearance

of a beautiful elf named onit are the Lord of gifts and this isn’t just a flash in the pan disguise our own uses to trick the other elves he actually keeps up with his onit our masquerade for 400 years so it’s quite clear that when Sauron appears in

the Amazon series he’s probably not going to look like how you’d expect him to ok so this bit isn’t too hard everyone knows what the One Ring is it’s the fancy piece of jewelry that whispers at its owners turns him invisible and subtly tries to corrupt them to

do evil deeds it plays a key role in The Hobbit and it’s a central focus of the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy the rain and the Dark Lord Frodo he must never find it but where did the ring come from well long before the events of the

hobbits or the Lord of the Rings took place and long before Smeagol got his hands on it the ring was forged in Mordor by the Dark Lord Sauron put in a long story short Sauron crafted the ring in order to try to gain control over the elves and

although his plan backfired the forging of the One Ring is still a momentous event in middle-earth history as a massive portion of sauron’s power was poured into that little gold ring but how is this relevant to Amazon’s Lord of the Ring series well guess when the One Ring

was forged yeah that’s right slap bang in the middle of the world’s second Age so how did the One Ring actually work how was Sauron hoping to control the people of middle-earth through a tiny little trinket here’s how it started during the Second Age Sauron actually spent a

good chunk of his time helping the elves forge their own rings of power disguised as an elf name on ATAR the Dark Lord hooked up with a group of particularly talented elvish craftsmen who were then led by an elf named Kelly Bryn born under an Attar’s guidance Kelly

Bryn Moore and his elves forged 16 rings then using what they had learned from the disguised Dark Lord they forged for themselves three greater rings of power vilya Narnia and Nanyang once the great elves of middle-earth were suitably bejeweled Sauron returned to Mordor to forge the One Ring

into which he poured a great deal of his own strength after the ring was finished he tried to use it to exert his will over all the other rings of power unfortunately for him Sauron was unable to control those other rings and as soon as he put on

the One Ring the elves realized that they had been betrayed in rage the Dark Lord launched an attack on the elves beginning what’s known as the War of the elves and sour on over the course of this war Kelly Bryn Boras killed all but the three rings are

reclaimed by Sauron and more adores armies overrun practically every corner of middle-earth the entire story is dripping with drama and could easily take up a season or more of Amazon’s news show most of the Lord of the Rings centers around sarang’s attempt to gain control of middle-earth by

force even his pursuit to the One Ring is centered around the Rings ability to dominate the will of others that accelerates his ambitious conquests but the War of the ring wasn’t sarang’s first taste of conquest and during the main trilogy the Dark Lord is simply trying to regain

what he controlled during the second age after Sal runs attempt to conquer the elves via the One Ring failed he gathered an army of orcs trolls and other evil creatures and waged war against the elvish kingdoms he mostly succeeded too and drove the elves back against the western

coasts just before he gained complete victory though a powerful race of men known as the númenóreans showed up and saved their elvish allies from total annihilation while he didn’t quite succeed in annihilating his enemies once the war was finished sour uncontrolled practically all of middle-earth as is reflected

in his self-appointed title lord of the earth it’s at this point that he became widely known as the Dark Lord he ruled by force and fear and dominated the realms of men that lived in the eastern and southern regions of the continent in fact they soon came to

look at him as both a lord and a God until navels affair a dream from the south listeners from the coast these times are known as the black years and it should go without saying that they’d be a fascinating setting for a portion of the show story while

a lot of interesting stuff goes on during the black years there’s one particular aspect of that era that is really worth exploring after Sauron defeated Kellum brim bore and seized most of the rings of power he began to distribute them to various other people that he wanted to

dominate he gave some to the Dwarven Lords but they were stubborn and uncooperative to saurons will and simply became obsessed with their treasure hoards but men turned out quite easy to control Sauron gave out nine rings through a group of men who became rich and powerful Kings Warriors

and sorcerers on top of that they also appeared to receive the gift of unending life unfortunately what didn’t work on the elves worked all too easily on men before long they began to feel the corrupting power of their rings and their intimate connection with the dominant One Ring

over time these nine men became permanently invisible living in a shadow realm in which only the Dark Lord could see them like the Living Dead they persisted in an unending life in which they only existed to serve their master if this all sounds familiar it’s because you’ve seen

these demonic servants before they are the nazgûl the Black Riders that chased Frodo and his friends out of the Shire and across middle-earth the Second Age is basically an origin story for these terrifying villains and be a real shame not to include them in the upcoming series the

second age isn’t just the cradle of middle-earth siebel though it’s also the time in which some of the world’s most important elvish settlements were established right from the get-go literally in year one of the Second Age the elvish dwelling of meet wand was settled on the northwestern shores

of middle-earth this Harbor is the continents primary connection to the otherworldly blessed realm of Alma in practice meatwad provides the elves with an opportunity to escape and join their kindred in the West should they want to leave middle-earth for good the harbour is also known as the Grey

Havens and makes an appearance at the very end of The Return of the King the other elvish town worthy of notes is Rivendell a stronghold that plays a key role in both the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings stories was initially founded partway through the Second Age

Elrond founded Rivendell as a refuge for his elves after he retreated from sour Ahn’s armies during the War of the elves and Sauron considering its importance throughout middle-earth history it would be a fine treat for fans to glimpse an earlier inception of this powerful elvish settlement you are

very welcome to stay if that is HUGE few faces are as familiar to Lord of the Rings fans as Galadriel the official leader is instrumental in helping the fellowship during the Lord of the Rings and she gets in on the action and Peter Jackson’s adaptation of The Hobbit

– but fans will know that by that point in the story Galadriel has had a hand in Middle Earth’s fate for thousands of years by the beginning of the Second Age Galadriel had already married her husband Kelly born and the elvish couple spent most of the Age slowly

moving around middle-earth wherever they went they usually ended up helping to lead some group of wandering elves or another they also spent time with Kelly primp or visited Rivendell and got caught up in elvish politics from time to time it was also around this point that glad real

was given Nanyang one of the three elven rings akela brim boar hid from Sauron she also gave birth to her daughter Calabria who went on to become the wife of Elrond and the mother of arwen needless to say it wouldn’t be surprising if at some point Galadriel or

Kelly Bourne made an appearance or two on the show Gandalf’s duel against the Balrog and the Fellowship of the Ring is one of the stories most iconic moments that confrontation takes place in the dusty remains of Moria but as you’d expect there was a time at which Moria

was populated if you whine thanks back to the Second Age this Kingdom known as cause of doom had already been around a very long time and it’s still filled with dwarves that are alive and well roaring fires filled tough abode and when the elves led by Kellan Brin

more settled down in the next-door region of Arabian they struck up a harmonious friendship with their dwarfing neighbors something that’s all too rare in Tolkien’s mythology overlooking their racial prejudices the Smith craft focused elves of Kellum brim borne the dwarves of Casas doom enjoyed a fabulous trading partnership

throughout the first half of the second age however this came to an abrupt end when Sauron attacked Kellan prim poorest people and the tours were forced to shut their gate they didn’t do much after this until the very end of the Second Age when they came back out

to help in the war of the last Alliance by the time of the Lord of the Rings few relics remain from the alliance between the elves of Aragon and the dwarves of Casa doom one of them however could make a surprising cameo during Amazon’s upcoming series the doors

of durin at its height Casa doom stretched from one side of the Misty Mountains to the other and on the western side of the mountain range it had one primary entrance known the doors of durin fans of the Peter Jackson films will recognize these glowing doors from one

of the fellowship the rings most famous scenes granted the Fellowship’s encounter with the doors ends pretty badly but in the second age the Gateway was a much happier place and the doors themselves are usually left open with elves and dwarves passing through with impunity the gates themselves were

designed and built through an extremely rare cooperative effort between the ring forger Kellum bream bore and the Dwarven craftsmen narvi both of whom were recognized as the two greatest artisans at the age seeing these gates being built and ultimately sealed shut would be a welcome nod to the

events of the Lord of the Rings one of the most important facets of Amazon’s Lord of the Rings prequel can be found off the mainland of middle-earth out in the Western seas here you’ll find one of the iconic geographic locations of the Second Age the island of númenor

also known as weston s this island ends up playing a critical role in the later events of the age as the second age kicks off though the landmass doesn’t yet exist the first age ended with the catastrophic war of Wrath which led to a large chunk of Western

middle-earth being sunk beneath the ocean and the aftermath of this cataclysmic event the angelic stewards of the earth known as the Valar raised up a star-shaped island continent they also placed it far enough away from the shores of middle-earth to keep its inhabitants safe from the evils of

the mainland the Valar blessed the island themselves making an extremely fertile and offered it as a land of refuge to the men who fought on their side during the war of Wrath the island is technically called on door the land of gift but it ultimately becomes known as

Numenor named after the people that dwell there the group of men that ultimately found the island of númenor is led by a guy named el ros who happens to be el Ron’s brother due to some complicated family history the brothers and their children are given the option to

live as either mortal men or as immortal elves while Elrond chooses the latter el Rose becomes a mortal King although he still goes on to live for almost 500 years the line of Kings that comes from El Rose ultimately leads to none other than Aragorn himself and it

would be a cool through-line to follow in the prime series a descendant of númenor blessed with long life it was said that your race had passed into legend there are few of us left it was only the timely intervention of the númenóreans that put a stop to saurons

onslaught against the elves of middle-earth now on the back foot and facing defeat the Dark Lord willingly surrendered to the númenórean armies who took him back to their island as a prisoner what’s our on arrived in númenor however it didn’t take long for him to begin working his

charm over time Sauron weaseled his way up from prisoner status to that of an advisor to the númenórean Kings the last of whom was r4 as on one of the second ages most important players during his time on the island Souren set up a cult and convinced the

númenóreans to worship Morgoth as their God just for kicks he also threw in a little human sacrifice too but his greatest victory came when he convinced r4 is on to attack the bow on themselves in a foolish attempt to claim their immortality from them just as Sauron had

planned it the invasion backfired and our prayer is on and his army were ruthlessly destroyed but here’s what’s our on didn’t see coming startled by the númenórean invasion of their land the Valar appealed to arrow in Avatar the of nipa 10-count of the universe and asked for help

you know Vitara agreed and decided to intervene something that only ever happened a handful of times during Middle Earth’s history in ovet are sunk Numenor beneath the ocean turned the flat world into a round planet and separated Valinor from middle-earth forever only a few númenóreans who had been

faithful to the Valar escaped back to their colonies on middle-earth Sauron meanwhile had a spirit torn from his physical body and fled back to middle-earth himself it’s a heck of a story and there’s pretty much no chance it won’t make up a significant part of Amazon’s Lord of

the Ring series after Numenor sinks beneath the waves the narrative of the second age shifts back to the mainland sour and having lost this physical form in the chaos fled back to Mordor where he slowly began to rebuild his power in the meantime the few surviving númenóreans also

arrived on the mainland the refugees set about building a new light for themselves and in the process they settled two kingdoms each of which would become vital to the fate of middle-earth Gondor and Arnor it was these two nations that began to build and establish a number of

landmarks that Lord of the Ring spans should recognize pretty easily for instance they built the Tower of Orthanc which the wizard Sauer eventually uses as its headquarters they also built the White City of Minas Tirith although initially Minas Tirith is little more than a guard tower for a

larger city the capital of Gondor at this time was oz Gilliam which is the ruined city visited by fire Emir and his Hobbit captives at the end of the film version of the two towers the númenórean refugees also brought with them the scene stones at Saruman and Denethor

would use centuries later as well as the white tree at ministy resummoned here’s hoping Amazon Studios capitalizes on all these connections to the Peter Jackson films seeing that their enemy followed them back to middle-earth the númenóreans joined with the elves and dwarves and founded the last Alliance they

took the fight to sour on himself laying siege to Mordor and fighting the deadly Battle of dagger lad in the process eventually the last Alliance defeated Sauron and routed his armies from Mordor over the ensuing years the battlefield that dagger lad slowly became the swampland known as the

Dead Marshes a terrifying land haunted by the spirits of the soldiers who fell during the battle now the war of the last Alliance and its long lasting effects on middle-earth have been well portrayed in Peter Jackson’s film trilogy but with their new series Amazon has a chance to

tell the whole story from its dramatic beginning to its tragic end check out one of our newest videos right here plus even more looper videos about your favorite movies are coming soon subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the bell so you don’t miss a single one [Music]




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