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– Finding a solution totreat your hearing loss can be difficult whenyou can’t find an open audiology clinic due tothe coronavirus pandemic.

So in this video, I’m gonna show you the five best online hearing aid options that you can find onamazon.

com to tide you over until the lockdown is lifted, comin’ up! (upbeat music) Hi guys, Cliff Olson, Doctor of Audiology and founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Phoenix, Arizona, and on this channel, I cover a bunch ofhearing-related information to help make you abetter-informed consumer.

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So what do you do if you’rehaving difficulty hearing, but there’s no openaudiology clinics to treat your hearing loss due tothe coronavirus lockdown? Well, the answer’s simple, you find yourself another option to last you for the next couple months, until you can get into oneof these clinics to have your hearing loss properlydiagnosed and treated.

Now in my clinic, I’mactually working on a process to be able to dispensehearing devices remotely, but until then, youhave to be able to find some way to treat yourhearing loss on your own until you can get backinto an audiology clinic.

One of the best places tofind online hearing aids is actually amazon.


This is because they have afairly robust return system, so if you don’t like the devices that you order off of amazon.

com, it’s usually not an issuegetting your money back.

That being said, I’mgonna go over the five best online hearing devicesthat you can find on amazon.

com, and I will have a link to these devices in the description ofthis video if you wanna check them out for yourself.

First is the Pocketalker Ultra 2.


The Pocketalker is as basic as they come.

It is essentially a microphone that you hang from around your neck, and headphones thatyou put over your ears.

The microphone picks upsound, amplifies the sound, and then sends it up throughthe wires to the headphones.

It is definitely the cheapest option at just under 200 bucks, but works surprisingly well, especially for older individuals who are easily confused by technology.

All you have to do ishang it around your neck, put the headphones on, and turn up the volume.

Second is the OtofonixElite Hearing Amplifier.

The Otofonix Elite is one of the better behind-the-ear amplifiersthat I have found online.

It is generally suitable for mild to moderate hearing losses, and the company doesn’t make unrealistic claims about its performance.

It comes with a few differenttubing and dome options, which helps you find a good physical fit, and it’s pretty small, which makes it a good discreet option.

It doesn’t have many bells or whistles, but at only $250 per device, it is a pretty good low-cost option that can amplify soundsenough to get you by.

Third is the Eargo Neo HiFi.

The Eargo has been aroundfor several years now, and they still have the only rechargeable, invisible in-canalhearing aid on the market, which makes it very unique, and one of the mostinvisible devices out there.

The Neo HiFi can beconnected to your smartphone for minor adjustmentsto the default programs, and they can receivesettings from a hearing care professional that works at Eargo, which leads me to my next point, which is, when you buy devices from Eargo, they come with some professional support to assist with the initialsetup of the devices.

At 2, 700 bucks for the pair, it is definitely thehighest-cost option on the list, but they could actuallybe a longer-term solution if they end up working well for you, because they come with a two-year warranty and ongoing professionalsupport from Eargo.

Fourth is the Bose Hearphones.

The Bose Hearphones are great, because their smartphone app allows for more audio customization.

If you have trouble with speech clarity, you can boost the high frequencies more than you boost the low frequencies, not to mention the Bluetooth capability allows you to stream music and even phone calls into both ears.

While they are nottechnically hearing aids, I have been able to matchhearing loss prescriptions for mild to moderate hearing losses with a fair amount of success.

Cost-wise, they are veryaffordable at only $400, and at least in the Phoenix area, Amazon will get them to you the same day that you order them.

And the fifth hearingtreatment that you have on Amazon is the BeHear ACCESS.

The BeHear ACCESS is verysimilar to the Bose Hearphones, when it comes to appcontrols and streaming audio, but they also come witha few additional features that the Hearphones don’t have.

First, they have a telecoil, which is terrific for hearingbetter in public venues.

So once this lockdown is over, if a facility has is ahearing loop installed, you’ll be good to go.

Second, the BeHear app has abuilt-in hearing assessment, which allows for someadditional customization of the amplification that you receive.

Third, you can also get a HearLink, which will allow you tostream audio from your TV directly into your BeHear ACCESS earphones to dramatically help withhearing the television.

With a 13-hour battery life, they will also get youthrough most of the day before needing to be recharged.

And at around only $300, there is definitely a ton of value here, because there is a goodchance you will be able to use these deviceseven if you get an actual set of hearing aids in the future.

At the end of the day, none of these options are as good as a traditional hearing aid that has been precisely customized to your hearing loss prescription.

But they can help to tideyou over until you receive a proper hearingevaluation and professional treatment by a hearing care provider.

That’s it for this video.

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