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the climate’s future lies in the hands of Brazil whatever happens there now will also have an effect on the environment worldwide why two-thirds of the Amazon forests lie within the political borders of Brazil consider the lungs of year without the Amazon forest global temperatures with sky rocks but

in October 2018 Brazil elected Gerry bull Senado as its president marking a dramatic shift in the country’s environmental politics watsonater came to power with the support of the country’s influential lobbies of agricultural mining and logging to whom he promised to exploit the Amazon forest for economic benefits indeed

only half a year into Bolton ardours presidency deforestation in the Amazon has gone up by 84 percent the large fires across the Amazon where the tipping point that finally sparked an international outcry it has even pushed the European Union to question whether to cancel the so-called Mercosur or

trade agreement which would lower expert tariffs of beef soy and wood between the EU and several South American countries including Brazil the possibility of this Agreement failing could have such a big economic impact on the Brazilian agricultural lobby that both scenario was eventually pressured to act and while

he finally did send help to stop the fires in the Amazon both scenario clings on to his view brazil’s forests are Brazil’s economic engine the fires have sparked a bigger question who is responsible for protecting the world’s rainforests [Music] rainforests are the world’s most important ecosystem sustaining life

in the planet alongside other tropical forests in Africa and Asia the amazon forest makes a significant contribution to pooling co2 out of the atmosphere at the same time when we look at local impacts through transpiration so through the passage of water through the trees that they’ve absorbed and

released into the atmosphere they create a significant local cooling effect but that local cooling effect doesn’t only affect the amazon basin but it affects participation patterns all over the world forests and rainforests particularly so on the direct basis of life for two billion people in the world for

the other six billion of us forests provide a vital buffer against global warming an increasingly fragile one imagine you had a house with four air conditioners and it is a very very hot day you are going to let’s say remove one of those four air conditioners what is

that gonna do to your house it’s gonna start to put strain on the other three air conditioners are there and starting to affect things in your house like the state of the plants in your house or your own personal comfort in your house and the danger that we

really have is that if we do change the Amazon no one person can pick that nearly two-thirds of the Amazon forests lie within the borders of Brazil in the unsettling hands of a climate change denying politician like bolson era since he came to power his policies have made

it increasingly difficult even dangerous for conservationists to do their work once a country with rich and intricate environmental policies both Linares government has weakened environmental agencies and marginalised NGOs from any federal decisions on conservation and forest management loss in pistas los pescadores la sociedad cvu la so any

hair’s loss ambiental estas las personas que que protein la la natural a certain enemies as soon a second opinion speak as soon no subpoenas because unless you’re not a casa camba c4c bindles a personal case it in audio Pune si habla de not to delays at the it

was naturalist case against unum lose that to seem difficult the bolsa narrow and the fires are not just about the Amazon between the Amazon and the Mata Atlantica a former rainforest on the coastal strip Brazil alone holds about 15% of the world’s biodiversity of plant and animal species

but to balsa narrow the Brazilian Amazon and any other ecosystem in his country is nobody’s business but Brazil’s in a very lucrative one to Brazil is the biggest exporter of beef soy and paper in the world to bolster narrow the Amazon forest is an economic treasure below that

forest by mining and logging opportunities and the possibility of agricultural expansion so what can we do the European Union is using one tactic threatening not to ratify the Mercosur trade agreement mycosis the Americana Tina Pasquale sayonara SIL Venezuela Bolivia ry y es una cuerda Kassabian negocio en el

pasado a negotiator intraluminal rupiah esto se say Isis America latina there’s a bend on use if ratified this agreement would create a market that comprises almost a quarter of the world’s gross domestic product but the agreement still needs to be ratified by the national parliaments of all member

countries of both blocks as well as by the European Parliament and the EU Council this process could take up to two years both sides the EU and the Mercosur countries would lose this agreement wasn’t ratified our facility Ramos primero que la carne Casey import a diversion no she

Akane giving up its own ass the deforestation illegal si que es donde I came here on a mutual master cow Akeno CM incentive Oh para asegurar todavía SAT medela deforestation cuando precisamente es una preocupación particular case ET en el camino come Brazil for Brazil’s agribusiness especially the trade

agreement is an absolute priority who would lose a lot of money if it could an export to the European market in other words the European Union has a unique tool in its hands to pressure bowl scenario to do things right in the Amazon and the agreement imports and

exports of agricultural goods are tied to the respect of international climate agreements see what I’ll see Disney principio in Manny Ramos were so narrow milk encinia per second from Italy I respect our los precios de la cour de priest named amento nocere muy bien como podemos yaar proceed

aircon ratification del acuerdo en los meses años que que que vienen so what might be left to citizens is to pressure their national governments not to sign off of the trade agreement until further environmental standards have been agreed upon in a legally binding way but even if the

trade agreement wasn’t signed this wouldn’t solve a larger and more nuanced problem how can we couple economic development with environmental protection perhaps both tsunade’s policies are an expression of the fundamental problem in how the world produces food farmers around the world are seeing how their lands are reaching

an ecological limit decades of farming and timber production have decreed to large parts of Brazil’s soils those same pressures are now endangering the Amazon forests as farmers look for ways to expand the very lands they depend on and so fundamentally people are degrading ecosystems for economic benefit many

of these producers are below the living wage many of these producers are in situations that we wouldn’t let ourselves get into and so why would we expect them to let themselves get into that situation in a warming planet mitigation measures like tree planting simply won’t suffice changes are

already happening to the environment the world needs to instigate the buffers to support those communities to face those changes we need to rethink our wealth [Music] movements like Friday’s for future have put the climate back on the political agenda there are choices you can make as an individual

to help how to policies that harm the environment eating less meat cutting down on flights or reducing plastic consumption but as global warming reaches increasingly dangerous levels that won’t be enough a structural change will need to come along worldwide no Esther Geva not what I said no I

said I mean tener una economía mass birthday in a new little pea Jakob aku carving finito then from the Emilio to Pam no tener on cambio it’s become your cynical self mañana pero el mundo de nos – Pilar eat La La’s ganas de consumo CNN a mundo es

una parte de evolution de cultura it will de consumo it will comportamiento que tenemos que conseguir and well Danielle but with both an error rejecting all foreign funds to help protect the Amazon forest and impeding the work of environmentalists at home who will take responsibility for protecting the

world’s most important buffer against global warming who is responsible for protecting the world’s forests



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