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Hello sister hello hello surprise hello hello No I’ve seen it for a week.

I saw it I saw it I saw it.

Yes Oh, with Seungki Lee .



And Seulgi was very good, but even the news In today’s team practice game, we shot a resurrection flare with a cool two-point home run.

Sangwoo Kim It was said that they learned more than fighting actors That’s why you are learning.

It was yesterday.

It was different when I saw Mr.

Dean and Mr.

Seungki Lee.

I haven’t heard that you are stunned today.

Today I feel a bit like Yoon Gye-sang This is what I’m doing right now.

I’m surprised, it didn’t appeal, it’s so hard today What is this.

Will I still be insane today? It’s a bad time.

What is the topic today? Today’s theme is today’s theme Suddenly, Yoo Seung-ki is already completely similar, but you need to save Yoon Sang.

In today’s topic, Suka said that he couldn’t even do sbs.

Because Kim Yoon-sang saves I have to use that power in sns and keep doing what I have to do.

In particular, did you send me a little about being a platform company? The advancement has taken one step further.

Not playing the role he was playing, stretching his legs like an octopus Nowadays, companies are building an ecosystem.

That’s why Kim Yun-sam announcer If we build the Kim Sang-sang ecosystem, we can go well It’s hard for everyone to come to our nose these days.

It’s the best-selling industry these days, so think of where you go first.

Delivery companies Delivery companies Delivery companies are like e-commerce.

Office workers do what they eat or buy.

If we do a lot of adoption work, these days, we have put our information on videoconferencing.

The cloud service will be great on the day and what are you doing at home? Where is the sound of Uzi tea You say it’s going very well these days, like Ding Fleece.

If you invest these three reasons, one company comes out.

For this reason, Kim Yun-sang was so good and so fun I’ll be able to save Kim Yun-sang.

I’ll think again.

If you connect three things well, in fact, these three global companies Today ’s theme, probably You’ve missed a lot these days because of your nose.

Maybe Stock prices are rising now compared to the beginning of the year.

Oh really In America, the word Ding probably is It gives a lot of people a feeling that is indispensable already.

I heard it.

United States of Maybe when it’s not Merry Christmas America Usa is actually Rica America, not Aman.

There are also words these days.

Amazon is a vacation, so it becomes an Amazon artist.

Come and rely on it.

The first words you learn when babies are born are probably It’s bad at that time, but not today, probably not.

Have you seen the video these days? To listen to their favorite songs these days There is a secretary.

ai The secretary is the same as Alec Ding.

Oh right.

Go ahead and play a song for her.

Children are also very closely linked in their daily lives, probably because of How could this company achieve this? Have you already induced sales in this commerce market in this way, perhaps exclusive products? It’s similar.

To drive sales, but in our daily lives, It’s probably a strategy to make sure you can’t escape.

But you don’t see how.

There may be areas where you can escape once.

I ’ll show you.

It ’s different from three to one second now.

It’s 1200 trillion, but there are four companies that have hit $ 1 trillion.

I said mha That’s even once the market cap is different.

Now hit 1200 trillion These are almost the only memories.

Cut But more than 1000 trillion won wants 3 times as much as 300 e It’s quite large.

Even these days, the stock price of the corolla is missing.

Until last year, one tea company was bigger than Korea’s KOSPI.

It was an 20, 000 won accident overall.

I just came for 5, 000 won.

Apple bigger than Korea You can’t spoil it.

I like it too Then, why maybe we can’t get out of our back about our home? Probably the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to time is actually this commerce.

This commerce How likely do you think it’s coming from the United States? Isn’t 50% 890%? 50% 50% 50% There is a very important point.

The United States was not originally a country where eCommerce developed like that.

Besides, the land area is very wide in the United States.

So in fact, the most difficult thing is delivery.

It is difficult to deliver, but in Korea, it is relatively too sleepy The delivery is concentrated in the metropolitan area, but the United States There are so many big cities.

The sweat is too big Logistics delivery is a very difficult country, but in the case of Ding, it was a success with logistics and delivery.

Even in the United States, the big country ships the same day.

How is the delivery going today It will be damaged on the day.

Of course, not all regions are large, but there are big cities.

It looks like there is a meat center.

I see a lot of distribution centers.

Probably same-day delivery is 72% of the US population Gorgeous.

When we think of shopping in America, we are often American, As soon as I entered a mart, I never imagined that it would be shipped the same day in the United States.


You’ve been alive.

And once the order was placed on the Internet, the concept itself did not exist.


In fact, our country is really good.

Shipping On this commerce side, Korea is a very developed country, and why was the United States not even well? Since last year, in the US, online has finally gone off-line and has traded enough.

You can go further.

You can see the meeting.

Almost all of this role Probably did and probably benefited from this rising share.

If you count it next year because of some corona or this year, it might be over this year.

Yes I will definitely go up next year.


I didn’t think there, either.

Where is the world’s # 1 cloud world? No, we are the first.

Amazon is first.

I think it’s aways, so let’s listen a lot.

It’s probably a web service, but if you look at Tor for a while, it’s probably the same as the cloud market.

I have 40%.

All you have to do is take the top of the market and you’ve almost captured it.

It’s probably half the size of Ding because the same case is going up 20%.

Then I was curious about you before.

No ott probably because I think so, but if you look at the front, it’s 2019 The market share forecast is high school video Second place.

Mother i think i’m wrong too big It’s similar.

In America, ott is doing very well at this time of year.

Then, can Americans even get out of the ecosystem and are closely related? It has to do with Amazon’s strategy.

I am called Amazon Prime, the Amazon Season Pass.

There’s a hospital, like a Digitech manager, maybe after opening Ding Rend The goal is to get people there.

For example, what do you need Turning round and round is putting the Philippines in there.

When you eat your expression, I put it down so I’ll buy it If I missed the train, I placed a squirrel frame and made a render.

I made it.

I haven’t heard of it.

I’ve never heard of it.

Americans are trapped in the land and don’t know where they’re going.

This is my example.

Maybe because of disagreement Buy membership and what role it plays, of course If you hear about membership purchases, such as shipping from eCommerce, it will be free.

I think I know what it is If you buy it, you can watch TV, and cloud services can be killed for free That’s probably because the strategy is that ecosystem strategy.

I think the securities are well written Season tickets are not cheap because of this flax.

It’s called a hundred red pepper I saw it together at number 100.

I went there.

That’s about 1.

23 million won a year.

But cut this expensive thing It’s free shipping and if I have a season ticket I want to hear ott If you go and see, for example, I want to do something again.

I want to listen to music.

If there is music, there is music.

Sometimes there is music.

Maybe because of the music.

Where is the world’s # 1 game streaming broadcast.

Twitter The tweets are probably Dan.

Oh really.

Really too much Besides, people like to play games, not just watch.

So these days Development.

There is a streaming game service.

As if we You can look at thank you cubes or something like that.

You don’t have to lay it.

Coming out there It’s not that you downloaded all the videos.

Games are not that As you can see in the video, I am developing something that just works.

I say it’s a streaming market, but of course I do develop it at times.

What else? What you want to do, for example, you like sports.

You guys like to watch sports.

Then you have to buy some live broadcast broadcast tickets.

I know one of the most expensive places to buy I’m also buying a relay ticket.

Wait a minute.

If you continue to have fans, I think the clothes should come.

They are very interested in health.

Then, of course, you’re probably interested in drugs.

of course.

Health care products are also open to health care.

If you come in front, Ding will probably buy you a lot of expensive money online.

Why buy online? Of course, it might mean making money here, but you’re more than making money You come here and you need some medicine.

There are people who want health and fitness.

It’s also sensitive, so I can’t run a hospital, so I buy a houle and put an online pharmacy.

I wasn’t thinking of apologizing, so it was probably what I was doing.

It’s like a book at first.

Yeah i completely forgot Original online photo so I am.

I thought I was mistaken for another company I remember going in there and searching for a book from that school.

I haven’t talked about bookstores right now, so I started at an online bookstore.

Now that people have their dreams unfolded, people can see if this base is gathered You can’t think.

Actually, starting there It’s harder than me now, as I put many things together and create their own ecosystem.

If you think about it again, we wanted to read a book because it was originally a bookstore Of course, this was very competitive.

If you want to read a book He told me to bring this weapon, King Ding, from the world.

Even if you want to read a book, here it is.

It cannot be escaped.

Also, how much money this guy must have.

It’s a world-class atmospheric trillion company.

If you need it, you’re buying it.

Anyway, if you sign up for Prime, it’s all free.

I have to pay a very small cost.

Then it would be much better to join the country.


I’m about too well The Ding-flix service, eat it for a long time in a month If you add an intermediary ticket cable to the music site, It is better to live unconditionally.

It’s better to live unconditionally, so it’s actually a deficit.

But what do you mean In order to get people in Rand to come in These guys come in with 120 minutes of comments, but they offer more than that.

If you come in like a real jungle, you won’t be able to go out.

if it goes like this Probably companies like Ding are actually from the platform companies It’s not just one platform, but spreading to these ecosystem companies When we come in, I’ll let you solve everything, even Bo I like makeup or I like beauty.

I’m going to put it.

I’m aiming to get inside anyway, so I’m real now.

It’s so easy to see for the first time There is .



You need this, you need some food.

It’s a restaurant accident, and the scarier thing is that the company The number of people entering their Randan until yesterday is really important.

Actually, ceo is over, but there are two kinds of companies in the world.

There are companies that want to earn more money.

Or there are companies that want to cut costs further.

It will be the second.

I think we will be a company that lowers costs Lower the cost so more people come in.

The deficit is okay.

When you come in, you use all this.

In a, even if I see a deficit, I use all bcdfg That’s because it’s just a profit if you come in.

This is a graph of sales and profits.

That way.

The picture comes out.

Amazon’s sales go up without knowing if the space is high There is a red one on the bottom.

You can see a little.

You can see below and below.

The difference is like that.


I am not interested.

I’m asking if you’re a real bully.

You can see why worship is called an ecosystem destroyer.

This is the 2018 news.

In 2018 It was 100 million people around the world.

100 million people came to this Amazon Land It was just two years later, and it was sometime in 2020.

100 million and in 2 years in 2 years in 2 years What about your own ecological strategy that your back is probably pursuing? It looks okay It looks okay This strategy is actually sweeping three.

It’s like a year.

I missed something, but what I thought about apples in the past is about apple companies Everyone is holding a smartphone.

How long will I live now? I think it will stop.

I’m holding it, I won’t go up that much, but I thought like this.

In the head.

I thought.

It was silly .



silly thought.

It’s over recently.

Too silly to congratulate Tim Cook.

I would n’t have said that In fact, the apple phone slowed down, but the profits were much higher in other services.


That’s the same strategy.

You can’t just do this with this smartphone.

When you create an ecosystem, you think about it.

So make something.

Ear sprouts Making things like this, making electronics, making pays, and making so many things, of course, the goal is to make money.

To keep people in love with the apples that keep them in their ecosystem Apples here and apples here Avoiding those strategies that keep the value.

Even after avoiding this strategy, there are many.

Actually, that’s typical In the case of the face when not like a face brush I am still three in the im market I’ve been sleeping like this recently.


I dropped 180%.

In the case of a watch or face book, the messenger is holding tight Stargrams use a lot, but the problem is It’s just a messenger application on the smartphone.

It cannot develop into their own ecosystem.

How do you look.

So I think a lot when I have a lot of worries when I can’t face.

Let’s join a lot of people around the world to see our biggest advantage.

Sign up and be connected, right.

Connection made.

It was crazy to think that it was the most connected company.

As I create a new ecosystem, I think about finance.

finance When the connection is established, the payment is actually what we want to do What should I do? Some things are different, so I have to go through several places If it’s all connected, it’s good to find it right then, so I have an idea.

Is it like a coin? I need to save B Card and Pay this side.

You should have saved it this way.

It’s called the Libra project across the lake and the lip.

Tongyeong from all over the world We are putting the life and death of Baek to make a cryptocurrency that can be made.

In the case of money, isn’t there a lot of regulation? They spoke by country.

Fighting incredibly, but fighting incredibly hard Why push this? When this pops up, it’s over.

That’s right, I can see the attitude of shaking the whole world together.

That can reach all over the world Because it is a way to build a financial platform financial ecosystem If you don’t have to give up on this and keep pushing it When it’s going to burst, it will become a financial platform around the world.

I make the financial ecosystem that connects people I’m not kidding.

If you think about it, Korean companies Benchmark this and Korean companies are doing it, but I’m trying.

Whether it’s Kka Ting or Na Ting, in fact, companies that want to create an ecosystem Are you looking at the strategy? In Korea, in fact, everyone is trying to build this ecosystem.

It’s running.

The ecosystem is still overwhelming I haven’t seen the company yet, but if you think about it, it was probably because of it.

Then, the value of memory at the moment of building the ecosystem Vertically.

If you think about this, we are looking around and at some point Someone considers our ecosystem It seems to be successful, it seems to be an instant investment.

I’ve heard about it so far, but I was able to build Korean companies again I am trying.

Advance into M Countdown, advance into the taxi business, There are all kinds of music.

I’m worried Where should I go.

I have to go new.

I’ll go to the celebration world.

Go to the congratulations world Let’s go with the color and suddenly you’ll meet this suddenly.

Also, our free redeemers are ignorant.

I haven’t opened it yet Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry Say goodbye to this, but I think it’s early to celebrate and leave the subscription.

Say hello.

See you next runner.

I have to come.

I have to catch it, I have to catch it.

I have to catch it.

Subscriber Shu.



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