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– So I think I wannaget something like navy.

Not anything too heavily patterned because I think that’s justgonna make it look cheap.

(laughing) Today we will be buyingsuits off of Amazon.

Not soups, suits.

– I’m gonna try a men’s suitand maybe I’ll fit into one.

I’m a little worried about a pants, because men’s pants theydon’t cut for bum and hips, which I have because I’mcreated to birth children.

– So you actually knowmore about suits than I do because you made a video where you got a suit, and it looked very good on you.

– Thank you.

– So you’ve definitelyhad more suit experience than I have.

– I want patterns, colors.

– So I should try toget a more normal suit.

– Let’s go order our suits.

– Okay, fashion.

– Fashion.

– That’s what we’re here for.

So we’ve got a lot of Suits DVDs.

Here’s Van Husen.

– $100.

– This is pants and jacket.

– And you can get it in two days.

– We got a yup, I found it.

This is like I’m sellingice cream on the pier.

Dark green double breasted.

This is a party tuxedo for men.

That’s exactly what I need.

I think I found my suit.

Your turn.

– So I would love some pattern.

That’s too much.

– We’ll leave a trail ofsequence wherever we go.

– No one will look goodin this, I don’t think.

The thing with floral printis, is it cute or is it ugly? It’s very hard to find an in between.

– That one.

– Really? – Yeah.

– All right.

I will add it to cart.

I’m gonna keep poking around.

I could look like a peacock conductor.

Annie, is this ugly or cute? Do you like this one? – I like the first one.

That’s very vampire weekend.

– I do like vampire weekend.

– I kind of want to getthat peacock jacket.

– The one that I got?- Yeah.

I think I’m just gonna steal yours.

This one doesn’t actuallylook like a peacock.

– Yes it absolutely does.

Do you like the red one and I’ll get the black one.

– I kind of want us toboth have the red one.

Should the exciting suits go well, it’ll be the most— sha-bang.

– Explosive display of clothing ever.

– It’s like Christmas.

Merry Christmas from the Amazon fairy.

– I see a sequin.

– Don’t people like unboxing videos.

– Is this doing it for ya.

– This is my sequent peacock.

– Nice bag.

– Nice bag.

Oh dear, oh god.

– Shinier than I thought it would be.

Oh, the lining though.


– This is an extra small.

Oh my god, what? What? – Hold them up for.

– I can put this over my clothes and it would still be too big.

This is an extra small.

– Is the rest of this videous going to clown college.

There’s some more stuff in the bag here.

– Oh good, a cummerbund.

There’s also a bow tie.

– Oh yeah.

– I do fit into men’s suits, I do.

But this is bonkers.

It’s like in Little Rascal’swhere they sit on top of each other and try to go to the bank.

– Maybe the peacock distractsfrom the ill-fitting nature of the suit.

– Really? I’m very disappointed.

We measured, too.

You know how everything in the90s was three times too big.

Oh god.

I’m curious to see how it’s gonna fit you because you got one size up from this.

Yeah that’s your, bud.

Those are your pants.

– Here are my pants.

They might be okay.

Yeah these are actually too tight on me.

– Here you go cummerbund.

– Cue Benedict Cummberbund.

I mean, this isn’t supposedto go over a t-shirt.

– Amazing.

– It actually fits me.

Look at this stuff.

– Is that supposed to flap off like that? – It’s definitely tight.

– Yours is a size bigger than mine.

This is so weird to me.

– There’s jewels though.

– Bejeweled.

– With the t-shirt, I look fully like– – [Niki] Maybe a stripper.

– [Andrew] A magician stripper.

Are there any magician strippers? – Let’s try the other ones.

Maybe we’ll have better luck.

Maybe I’ll have better luck.

You seem to be fine.

Okay go.

Yeah these are definitely better.

This at least kind of fits.

– One thing I notice is thatthese buttons don’t fit through the button holes.

– What? – Try to get that through there.

– They don’t fit, your buttonsdon’t fit through the hole.

What?- Like what are these for? – I mean, it’s double breasted.

– These pretty much nailmy nipples, by the way.

– You look very businessman-ish.

This color is nice on you.

The colors on the website made this look much more bold than it actually is.

These are pretty muted colors.

Like I can’t walk normally in this suit.

I should just always be dancing.

– I feel like I want tocheck a pocket watch.

– Oh you got your button to work.

– Yeah, I just jammed it through.

– See that, you look relatively charming.

You look charming.

Also, why is there a tag onthe outside of your pants? – Oh, the medium is onthe outside of my pants.

That’s just to let people know.

– I mean, we did paylike 80 bucks for a suit, which is like, good suitscan range up to like $1000.

So for $80 I have a suit that fits.

– I think suits are oftentaken a little too seriously.

This is like a very funapproach to suit wearing.

– If you need to looklike a cop for Halloween, you’ve nailed it.

A detective.

– Yeah.

What do you think? – [Niki] I’ll take that as a yes.



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